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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet To Life

If the sky is the limit, I am sixty floors closer to reaching it. My heart is beating the sweet sound of achievement. I'm standing on the top of the world and I'm looking down. I see people disguised as ants. I see dirty rooftops. I see cars stuck in traffic. And I see the fall that soon awaits me. I … Continue Reading


How To Be Vulnerable

I lose myself only to find myself only to lose myself again to the regret that lingers behind the doors I never opened. Truth I never spoke. … Continue Reading


The Greatest Man I’ve Ever Known…

His eyes are cold with untold stories of struggle. His face is ugly with wrinkles. His arms are cut with scars. His hair is thinning. His back aches with pain. His teeth are rotting. And I envy him. He turned $10 … Continue Reading


An Ode To The Boy I Used To Be…

I was digging through the vaults of posts I never published and I found a poem I wrote in 2011. A time full of misery because I was working tirelessly to help build someone else's dream...at the expense of my own. I … Continue Reading


If You Are Broke, Try This…

I went away to college in California and expected the world to bow at my feet. It didn't. It fed me hot pockets for breakfast, lunch, and dinner instead. Actually that's a lie. I ate Lucky Charms for breakfast … Continue Reading