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How To Deal With Naysayers

She asked, "where do you see yourself ten years from now?" I said, "retired." She laughed. I wasn't joking. She repeated the question. I replied with the same answer. She didn't like it. She was a nice lady. She asked another question. "OK. Where do you see yourself five years from … Continue Reading


How Fear Almost Ruined My Life

This was the moment. Where champions are made and losers are defeated. Next to me sat the prettiest girl I knew. OK, I didn’t really know her. I wish I knew her. The only thing I knew about her came from the … Continue Reading


The 5 Year Old Boy

  I have spent majority of my life trying to get in touch with my five year old self. Because life was perfect when I was the five year old boy. Sure we were on welfare, but it didn't matter … Continue Reading