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The Ultimate Self Improvement Guide

I was scared to enter my home. I would tiptoe across the living room while holding my breath. I was afraid I would wake him up. I always woke him up. No matter how careful or how I silent I was. He would scream and yell. Times were tough. And the easiest target to leech onto was me, the youngest. I knew … Continue Reading


The Ultimate Cheat Sheet To Life

If the sky is the limit, I am sixty floors closer to reaching it. My heart is beating the sweet sound of achievement. I'm standing on the top of the world and I'm looking down. I see people disguised as ants. I … Continue Reading


How To Turn Your Life Around

I found the secret to life in a bottle of whiskey. I never learned shit in school. I learned more about life and people and money and love at 2 am at the local bar. You learn a lot at 2 am. The hours on the clock … Continue Reading


How To Make The World Take Notice

I called a local business that specializes in picking up junk. They named their price. I hung up. I got too much cheap Indian blood flowing through my veins for me to be paying their ridiculous asking price. I … Continue Reading