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How To Murder Life

Fuck reading my blog. You don't need it. If you keep doing what you're doing, you'll be exactly where you are a year from now. This is the reality I want you to avoid. For I don't want you to grow older, but remain stagnant. It's a disease that cripples far too many people. And it keeps them confined to a … Continue Reading


5-Bullet Friday

Gem of the week -  A reader dropped a gem in my inbox after reading last weeks 5 bullet Friday - check it out below: Shout out to … Continue Reading


How To Make 6 Figures Without College

1. Start a blue-collar business 2. Become a freelancer 3. Start a blog 4. Create YouTube videos 5. Open a consulting business 6. Create an e-commerce business 7. Buy and sell products on Craigslist 8. Become … Continue Reading


Do You Have These 5 Success Skills?

It's all bullshit. Everything you were told is a lie. The thoughts you believe are false. The fears you have are planted in infertile soil. It's no wonder your garden is bare. I know it. You know it. We all know … Continue Reading


5 Bullet-Friday

Observation of the week -  No one seems to panic when things are going according to plan. Even if the plan is horrible. Blogs posts you may have missed - 61 Keys to Mastering Money, People, Habits, … Continue Reading