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The Simplest Definition of Business…

I don't know why these confused you. Maybe it's Silicon Valley's fault... Maybe it's WallStreets fault... Maybe it's my fault... Or maybe the thoughts running inside your brain are to blame. I don't know. But business isn't complex. It's quite simple. And here's the most simplified process I … Continue Reading

5-Bullet Friday

Observation of the week - Inaction is more painful than action. Blog posts you may have missed -  The Dark Side of Human Nature - … Continue Reading


Are You Abusing or Consuming?

It seems like it will never leave. And you'll be here forever. You breathe in. Soak in the environment. And let it out. Continue walking. One foot before the next. Down the beaten road with a million … Continue Reading


PSA | The 8 Cancers You Need To Avoid

People spend all their FREE TIME (myself included...some days): Complaining Gossiping Worrying Envying Hating Watching TV Doubting Partying ...and once their life flashes before their very eyes and death … Continue Reading