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How To Live A Thousand Lives In One

I want to die having lived a thousand lives. I want to set sail in Indonesia and start a business in Paris. I want to write the next great American novel and direct a movie in Hollywood. I want to perform stand up in New York and push a Ferrari through Italy. I want to build a school in Africa and spend a … Continue Reading


How To Be Vulnerable

I lose myself only to find myself only to lose myself again to the regret that lingers behind the doors I never opened. Truth I never spoke. Words I never said. Love I never confessed. I'm not living it right. … Continue Reading


How Love Can Delay Death

Note: Linda and Kenny were my neighbors neighbor and truth be told I didn't know them that well. I was a child and I didn't comprehend all the events going on in my world. But I knew their story. They were legends … Continue Reading


The Greatest Man I’ve Ever Known…

His eyes are cold with untold stories of struggle. His face is ugly with wrinkles. His arms are cut with scars. His hair is thinning. His back aches with pain. His teeth are rotting. And I envy him. He turned $10 … Continue Reading