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5-Bullet Friday

Lyrics of the week -  "I used to wonder why people never believed in themselves and then I saw how they portrayed us to everyone else - they cursed us and made us only see the worst in ourselves. Blind to the fact all this time we were only hurting ourselves." - Immortal Technique Blog posts you may … Continue Reading


Forgive Yourself

I closed my eyes for a very long time. I saw glimpses of a life half lived. I reopened my eyes and tore out a new piece of paper from my … Continue Reading


5 Bullet-Friday

What I'm listening to - Make time for reflection each day. See what you did wrong. See what you did right. Music can put you in the right mood. I throw on this song and it takes me places planes could never … Continue Reading


A Diary of a Broken Man

I wrote a fiction book about the trials and tribulations of a life full of love, betrayal, terror, heartache, and pain. I never finished it. In fact, I only wrote 1000 unedited words. Then life happened. And I … Continue Reading


How To Measure A Man

He murdered 3,000 people. He filled the streets of America with cocaine. He brought terror to the city of Medellin. His name was Pablo Escobar. And he reminded me of something I had forgotten, something I had lost, … Continue Reading