The #1 Belief That’s Holding You Back

I blame myself for believing it. It almost ruined me.


And I never thought it would because…


My parents told me it was true.


My teachers told me it was true.


My employers told me it was true.


And heck…


I even told myself it was true.


It wasn’t.


The more I believed in it, the more depressed I grew. The less of it I consumed, the more free I became.


Until one day…


The curtain fell down.


And I watched this one belief leave me – for good.




I was free.


And with that freedom came the life I always desired to live.


Yet it would have never come my way if I hadn’t kicked this one belief to the edge of the curb.



So what’s the one belief that’s holding you back?


It’s the belief that money doesn’t grow on trees.


Really Tej?




It’s a saying we’ve all heard. It’s a saying we all repeat.


Yet it’s a saying rooted in scarcity.


It implies money is scarce. And limited. This is bullshit.


And what’s even worst is this worldview is setting you up for failure. Not having enough money is thus all but guaranteed – if you view it to be scarce and rare.



Money is abundant.


And there’s a billion hundred dollar bills with your name on them.


The moment I took on this belief, I experienced a DRAMATIC increase in fortune.



The moral of this all, but shitty post is…


Take on an abundance mentality and you’ll soon have more money than you know what to do with.


It’s the first step.


And arguably the only step, my soon to be rich friend.


Tej Dosa
11:10 pm
Vancouver, BC