The 10 Questions I Ask Myself Daily

There’s a thin line between crazy and insane and I passed that line last week when the McDonald’s cashier caught me talking to myself.

I was asking myself questions. It looked weird, but if I don’t keep these questions on the forefronts of my mind, I burn and fry. I return to bed feeling like a loser.

Life is one big opportunity to turn the images of my mind into reality.

If I do something each day that gets me closer to actualizing the dreams that set my heart on fire, it was a good day.

The ten questions below keep me travelling on the right road. It’s so easy to lose our way, but the right questions return you to your essence, they are the GPS to your life.

“Quality questions create a quality life. Successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers.” Tony Robbins

Below are the ten questions I ask myself daily:

1. What are the three tasks that if achieved will make today a great success?

I’m lazy. I don’t like to-do lists. They stress me out. I’m always stressed until I cross off the task. Then for a split second I am happy…only to get stressed out again because it’s time to focus on the next task.

To-do lists don’t work for me.

Sometimes I complete everything on my to-do list and I still return to bed feeling like a loser because the tasks were bullshit tasks designed to keep me busy. They weren’t the tasks I needed to complete in order to make real progress in life.

Some of us spend our entire life playing “fake busy.” We put off friends, family, and fun because we think we’re making moves in life. Most of the time we’re not. We’re deluding ourselves.

I don’t like to be “fake busy.”

I like to eat frogs.

Three frogs each day. If I eat three frogs, the day is a success.

After I eat my three frogs, I can focus on other things like taking in the breathtaking sun set with the girl of my dreams.

Frogs are a symbol for tasks that make you feel uncomfortable and anxious. The tasks you want to avoid. I wake up each morning and I write down my three frogs for the day and that’s what I focus on. Everything else I avoid.

Add up all the frogs you eat and you will have achieved in one week what it used to take you a month to do.

One of my frogs today was to write this article. Check. One frog has been digested. Now I got room for two more.

2. What am I grateful for?

I used to act from a position of want, “I want x, y, and z…and I won’t be happy till I get it.”

It didn’t work out too well for me because I always felt as if I was lacking something. As if I was missing an organ.

Now I attack life from a position of gratitude. I’m grateful for all that I have. This attitude leads me to acquiring more and more.

I try to ask this question throughout the day. Picking out things I am grateful for keeps me in a light and happy mood. It keeps me focused on how lucky I am.

One of the things I’m grateful for right now is you reading this article so thank you.

3. Are my actions in alignment with the strongest vision of the strongest version I have ever had of myself?

It’s so easy for me to live a watered down life. It’s my default option. If I’m not focused and aware, I live life like a plant that is about to die any day.

It’s no fun. No magic is ever felt. I’m a second class version of myself at best. I slouch, keep my hands in my pockets, and move through a black and white world with my forehead in knots.

It’s because I failed to take control of my state.

Your state is crucial.

Therefore, I always refer to the question above to reconnect me with the strongest vision of the strongest version I’ve ever had of myself.

We all have a vision in our minds of the person we desire to be. It’s in there somewhere. It makes us feel like King Kong.

Whenever I’m in a situation that calls for action and bravery, I ask myself the question above and it returns me to the vision in my head. I can then reap all the courage and boldness I need from the vision in my head.

I am free to move through life as a superhero.

4. If I loved myself truly and fully, would I allow myself to experience this?

We all have to eat shit sometimes, but sometimes we eat too much shit.

We accept things we shouldn’t accept.

We give up seats at our table to people we don’t need.

We bite our tongue, we retreat, and we surrender.

The question above keeps me from surrendering. It makes me fight for what I deserve.

5. If today was the last day of my life, would I do what I am about to go out and do?

This is a question best asked in the morning. It’s a question Steve Jobs asked himself every single day. He said, if the answer was “no” for one too many days, he realized he needed to make a change.

6. How can I help/add value in this situation?

The secret to success is to help other people. You help by adding value. The value you give to others comes back to you in the form of cold hard cash. It doesn’t always happen in the way you think, but it happens.

I try to exercise my value muscle each day. With each passing sun set, I try to become a little more valuable.

7. How can I put a smile on this person’s beautiful face?

We are all fighting a battle. We are all travelling upstream.

I try to bring color to the lives of others, even if it’s just for a split second.

Some days I give genuine compliments, other days I pay for someone’s lunch.

It doesn’t matter, I just focus on making you smile because your smile makes me smile.

8. If failure didn’t exist, what would I do right now?

I try to live without limits. It’s hard. The thought of failure is one of the biggest limits I have ever encountered.

It keeps me on the sidelines. It keeps me from trying, but it doesn’t have to be like this and by asking the question above, I can take off the limits and fly.

9. What’s working, what isn’t working, and how can I create change?

I wear an imaginary lab coat because in my head I am a scientist. I’m always forming hypothesis, throwing shit out there, and evaluating the results.

I conduct experiments and use the data from my experiments to alter my daily actions.

You can read and read and read, but you’ll never truly learn until you experiment.

Throw something up against the wall and see what happens. If it worked, keep doing it. If it didn’t, do something else.

10. What are three amazing things that happened today?

I always end the day with a smile.

When I’m not a scientist, I’m a miner. I’m searching for gold.

Three nuggets of gold to be exact.

No matter what happened, happiness exists and can be found in each day.

I pull out three nuggets of gold from each day.

Sometimes it’s something small and sometimes it’s something big.

Whether it be the hostess greeting me with a big fat smile or finalizing the deal of my life, there is always something to smile about and these are the thoughts I like to focus on before I close my eyes, retire the day, and drift away to a far away place.