What Warren Buffett Can Teach You About Success

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Warren Buffett. The legend. The greatest investor of our time. This man has a lot to offer and it is a must that you begin to learn from the best. Whether your into investing or not, he offers pearls of wisdom that you may not be able to discover elsewhere. His story is remarkable and I advise you to check up on his biography if you are not aware of who he is. Anyways, below … [Read more...]

How To Increase Your Productivity By Relaxing

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It all boils down to how much you can get done in a day. The way you utilize the 24 hours you are granted each day will ultimately determine if you "make it." It goes without saying that hard work is the recipe for success in any endeavor, however contrary to perceived opinions, relaxation is also important. Before we get to talking about relaxation it is important to note … [Read more...]

How To Use Your Brain To Find New Opportunities

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There are numerous ways in order to put yourself above the herd and seek out new opportunities. This simple, yet effective way involves you to simply use your brain. Nothing more, nothing less. Simple as it can get. Most people aren't using their brains effectively. Instead they are running on auto pilot. This defines majority of the people in today's population. No deep … [Read more...]

Words Of Wisdom From Bill Gates To Those Who Are Graduating

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It's graduation season. Maybe you are on the verge of graduation or your graduation has long passed. Regardless, below are Bill Gates eleven pearls of wisdom that he believes that kids did not and will not learn in school.  I decided to pass this along to you for two reasons, one he offers his two cents on a variety of different topics and secondly it will be greatly applicable … [Read more...]

How To Increase Your Knowledge…For Free

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Knowledge is power. Knowledge leads to the spark needed to create new ideas which results in huge benefits. Knowledge serves out human beings and makes their minds unique. Your mind is ultimately defined by what is in it and this all comes down to the knowledge you possess. Therefore, since we are all equal and the only difference in us all is what is in our minds then it … [Read more...]

How To Build New Habits

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Habits. What type of habits do you have? I encourage you to take a step back from everything and analyze what you do on a daily basis. These are your habits. Now I ask you, are your habits constructive or destructive? Will your habits lead you towards becoming a better individual who will become successful no matter what, or are they keeping you from becoming successful? Brutal … [Read more...]

Top 3 Rules For Living

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Life is sacred. However, most people go about living life in all the wrong ways, they do not cherish life instead they treat life as if its a job. They live out a boring ass life and once they are on their death bed is when the regrets begin to pour out. This is very common in most individuals as they let life pass them by without doing what they truly want to do. With that … [Read more...]

Why Thinking Like A Bank Will Make You Rich

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Ask almost any human being alive if they would like to be rich and you will be overwhelmed with tons of YES's. It's a fact of life I guess that people want to strike it big financially. Whatever the reason for you wanting to become rich is irrelevant in the face of actually doing the necessary things to become rich. Many people say they want to become rich because of this or … [Read more...]

Why You Should Stop Buying Possessions And What To Buy Instead

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It's human nature I suppose to get a few bucks and go out spending. Many people have trouble keeping money in their pockets. That I cannot fix. However, what you spend your money on contributes to your success level in an indirect way. Everything you go through in life ultimately shapes your character and that character is what leads one to either become successful or not. … [Read more...]

Mark Cuban On Why You Need To Stop Chasing Your Passions

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A couple days ago, I stumbled upon a recent article written by the Mavs owner, Mark Cuban. The article, surprinsingly was written in a perspective not shared with many. In today's world when you ask for career advice, most people hit you with the same line, "follow your passion." Well, I turn it over to the words of Mark Cuban who will show you why this is the wrong advice … [Read more...]