My 2016 Yearly Review

I tried creating a yearly review for 2016. And I failed miserably.

I couldn’t remember shit. Besides the stuff that occurred in the last quarter.

Lesson: Write down and track EVERYTHING.


Here are some of the rough, holistic things I recall:

Health & Wellness

What Went Well?

  • Completed 90 day challenge.
  • Improved my posture by doing this 47 second exercise every morning.
  • Gained weight.
  • Traded soda for water (most of the time).
  • Significantly cut back on alcohol and partying (no more life-sucking hangovers woohoo – last week’s hangover doesn’t count…alright?).
  • Got at least 8 hours of sleep 80% of the time.
  • Took daily morning walks for three months straight. Then it started snowing. I stopped.

What Didn’t Go Well?

  • No set meal schedule.
  • Working on the laptop means I’m seated all day. Not good. At all.

What I’m Working Towards?

  • Learn to cook MORE than just burnt tacquitos and mediocre pasta.
  • Increase workout intensity.
  • Eat 6 meals instead of 3.
  • Take on basketball or boxing.
  • Run a marathon.
  • Go on more hikes.

Mind, Emotions & Happiness

What Went Well?

  • I killed the fear. Not the fear itself. But the thoughts that would follow, telling me not to do it.
  • Meditating and daily walks are the 2 most important things I’ve ever done for my happiness.
  • Laughed every single day. Best medicine.
  • Majority of the days were happy days.
  • Smiled in the face of adversity and stress and chaos.
  • Recognized negative thinking for what it is – thoughts not rooted in reality.
  • Silenced the doubter inside me.
  • Kicked the feeling of feeling alone in a crowd.
  • Thought of 3 things I’m grateful for every single day.

What Didn’t Go Well?

  • Letting emotions make decisions for me. (Don’t ever make decisions while angry, sad, depressed or low. Inviting trouble.)
  • Not working because I didn’t feel like it.
  • Giving in to the voice inside my head telling me to hit the snooze button.
  • Fell victim to pessimistic thinking. And let my brain harm me.
  • Skipping meditation sessions because I was too stressed/busy. (I’ve found the more busy you are, the more you need meditation.)

What I’m Working Towards?

  • Incorporating at least one twenty minute meditation session into my day. No matter how busy I think I am.
  • Getting back into writing morning pages. It’s dreadful. And I hate it. But it really clears your mind. And lets you start fresh.
  • Express gratitude to people. More often.


What Went Well?

  • This is one of the few areas I remember very clearly and that’s because I had the best year ever with my girlfriend, Heather. Too many laughs. Too many good times. Too much fun. 
  • More than half the things under all the ‘what went well’ categories were largely due to Heather. And that’s the value of having a great, supportive woman in your corner. I used to think I could run the world by myself. I can’t.

What Didn’t Go Well?

  • Letting emotions make decisions for me.
  • Not showing appreciation.
  • Letting life get in the way. And not following through on some of the ‘plans’ I had.

What I’m Working Towards?

  • Building something together that we can call our own.
  • Becoming a better man.
  • More adventures. More adventures. More adventures. Soak life for all the excitement and good times it has to give.
  • A lot more surprises in store.
  • Being more spontaneous. And just doing shit for the hell of it. It doesn’t have to be a special occasion.


What Went Well?

  • Took my sister to One Republic’s concert for her birthday.
  • Reconnected with old friends.
  • Learned to relax and not be so damn anxious all the time…in social settings.
  • More quality family time.
  • Remaining humble. Always.
  • Helping others whenever I could. (Greatest joy really does come from lending a helping hand).

What Didn’t Go Well?

  • Partied too hard. Got car sick while on the highway. Stuck head out window. Glasses flew off my face. Got crushed by the car behind. And so I was living life with my computer font set to 72 for a few weeks – tough times.
  • Self-sabotage. In all of its forms.

What I’m Working Towards?

  • New apartment.
  • Pulling off the lot in that black on black drop top.
  • Helping more people win. Especially the people in my immediate circle.
  • Building something for underprivileged children.


What Went Well?

  • Los Angeles & San Francisco with aunt/uncle
  • Week long stay in Downtown LA with my girlfriend
  • Dine out
  • Eating lunch with homeless people in Cali. Listening to their stories.
  • Grouse Grind hike
  • Trying new foods.
  • Flyover Canada.
  • Concerts, shows & outings

What Didn’t Go Well?

  • Regret ALL the moments I chose safety over adventure. It doesn’t happen often. But when it does, I hate myself for it.
  • I focused mostly on money and business this year. And if I hadn’t, I wouldn’t have done as well. I need to live an imbalanced life for small sprouts of time in order to create any REAL changes…but with that said…I don’t want to be just another person who lets their ‘career’ define him. Adventure and freedom are some of my highest values. And so I need to take more strides forwards towards creating a very interesting and exciting life. Stack money now. Use it to create a life better than the movies. That’s the goal. It’s always been the goal.

What I’m Working Towards?

  • Living life like a movie. Everyday.
  • Doing one new major experience a month.
  • Travelling to at least 3 new countries.
  • Stand up?

Finances, Career & Business

What Went Well?

  • Created new company. Grew it to LOW 6 figures (profits) – I had to emphasize LOW…because I’m still taking the bus bro.
  • Very high close rate. Proud of that.
  • Finished book draft.
  • Mastered the most important skill in the world: sales
  • Got a shit ton of business experience in a variety of different industries – everything from real estate to info-products to SAAS.
  • Read 25+ books
  • Hired the best VA ever.
  • Worked with some top notch entrepreneurs.

What Didn’t Go Well?

  • Really didn’t follow my morning routine. At all. I would get up and reach for my laptop and start working…while still in bed. Hours would pass. And I still wouldn’t have ate or showered or whatever. Not a good start. At all.
  • Worked basically every single day. I should have found more time to relax. And regroup.

What I’m Working Towards?

  • You’ll have to wait and see.

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