The 3 Areas Of Your Life You Have To Master

Everybody wants happiness and we all want fulfillment. However not everyone will get this. People may come close, but will not make it all the way.

You have probably heard it all the time. The rich billionaire who has all the money in the world yet is still miserable. There’s a reason for this which I will explain later.

The simplified reason behind why people don’t achieve happiness in life is because they chase the wrong things or they spend too much time on one area and disregard others areas that are directly related to ones happiness.

To put it simply, there are just three areas in life that you have to master which in return will result in you being fulfilled. Quite simple. Once you know these three areas you can begin your quest.

The 3 Areas You Have To Master

1. Health– Characterized with the general condition of your mind and body. Are you in shape? Are you psychologically healthy? Do you know how to deal with stress? Do you know how to deal with anger? Are you psychically active? Are you eating right?

Basically anything related to your health and well being will fit under this area.

2. Wealth– Money is needed in life. In order to live a rich and eventful life, you need money. You need money in order to put a roof over your head. You need money to get your health right. You need money for your relationships. Money is a tool that you need in order to improve the quality of your life.

3. Love– Your relationships. We humans are social creatures and we crave to belong. Your happiness is hence directly correlated to your level of relationships. If you have rich and meaningful relationships, you will find yourself satisfied and fulfilled on the other hand if you do not you will always feel as if something is really missing within you.

Those that go on to achieve tons of money are usually left feeling lonely because they have neglected this area in their life. They sacrificed their relationships for money and hence once they did get all that money they were not as fulfilled as they thought they would be (You can have all the money in the world and be fulfilled, you just need to focus on love and health as well).

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These are the three areas and every time you achieve success in any of these areas, your mind rewards you with a deep feeling of fulfillment and happiness.

All of these three areas work together. They move in the same direction. Usually if you get an increase in one area of your life, the other two will follow as well. For instance, if you increase your wealth, you can use that money to buy health equipment to increase your health and also take better care of your relationships.

On the other hand if you neglect one area, the other two areas will also diminish as well. For instance if you neglect health, you will experience a loss in productivity which will directly interfere with your wealth and love sections.

Therefore you need to focus on all three. Get your health, love, and wealth handled.

It’s important to realize where you are right now. If you are like most people you are probably neglecting at least one of these areas. Well if this is the case figure out which one it is and focus on it and increase it.

Always remember that if you neglect one, you are indirectly neglecting all.

We humans are superior when we have all three of these areas of our lives handled and that is when we feel unstoppable so go out there and get these three areas of your life handled.