3 Businesses You Can Create For Less Than $100


We’re living in the era of entrepreneurship. And everybody is dressed in hoodies, drinking overpriced energy drinks with dreams of creating the next big thing. 

If you’re one of those people, I applaud you. 

But this article isn’t for you. 

This article is for the people who want to make a little extra money every month. 

Maybe it’s $100…

Maybe it’s $1000…

Maybe it’s $10,000…

The number doesn’t matter – the road will be the same.

Here are 3 businesses you can start to make a little extra money (or a lot) each month:

  1. Service companies 

Everybody wants to sell a product. And that’s understandable…

It’s easier to scale. And you’re likely to make more money selling a product than a service. 

But it’s really hard to create a good product. 

Delivering a service is much easier – it’s also the fastest route you can take to making six figures. 

In fact, you can become profitable the very first day. 

You could either pick a knowledge based service you can provide:

  • SEO coach
  • Lifecoach 
  • Business coach
  • Freelancer 
  • Tutor 
  • Etc.

Or you could pick a physical service you can provide:

  • Carpet cleaning 
  • Painting 
  • Power-washing  
  • Etc. 

It doesn’t matter. 

Pick one thing.

And get really good at marketing. 

Most local service providers have horrible marketing.

If you spend the first few months figuring out how to best market your service – you’ll kill it. 

2. Craigslist hustling  

I made a killing on Craigslist. 

And I didn’t invest a single dollar. 

Here’s what I did:

I found products at wholesale prices. And I uploaded the pictures onto Craigslist with a markup. 

Then I sat back and judged demand by seeing which products would sell and which products wouldn’t sell (BEFORE I PURCHASED ANY). 

There were a few products that generated A TON of interest – I’m talking hundreds of responses. 

Once this happened, I knew I was onto something. 

Then I ordered a bunch of those products. And I sold em. 

You can do the same. It’s really easy…and it doesn’t cost you anything. 

3. Uber 

We don’t have Uber in Vancouver…yet. 

But I went to Los Angeles with my girl. And we Ubered everywhere.

It was cool. 

We talked to a bunch of our drivers, from students to dads to full time drivers. And they were all killing it. 

From making a couple hundred dollars to making $5000 a month.  

If you have access to a car and a few hours to spare – Uber is one of the best methods to making a little extra money each month.

Tej Dosa
8:25 pm
Vancouver, BC


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