3 Rules For Leaving A Legacy

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Lets face it. We all want to be remembered. No one wants to be forgotten after they have taken their last breath. Hence one of your goals in life should be to live a life that results in people remembering you for generations to come.

A legend never dies. A legend lives on. Death can not stop a legend from living because all those people that the legend has touched will never forget his/her presence. You don’t have to look too far to find some modern day legends.

Steve Jobs and Michael Jackson are perfect examples. They used the time they had on this earth to touch the lives of millions and that is why they are referred to as legends today.

So whether your goal is to be looked upon as a true legend like the likes of Steve Jobs and Michael Jackson or if you’re just concerned with leaving some form of legacy behind for your loved ones to remember you by, follow these three rules below and open up the doors to the formation of your legacy. 

Three Rules For Leaving A Legacy

1. Live Each Day In A Light That You Want To Be Remembered In

Each day is a snapshot. Live life in the manner you want to be remembered by. For instance, if you want to be remembered in a light that is characterized with the feeling of, “he or she was the greatest human being to ever live” then make sure your actions are in alignment with this. Live each day as if you are the greatest human being to ever touch foot on this earth and that is what people will remember you by.

You cannot want one thing and do another.

Michael Jackson lived each day as if he was the greatest entertainer of all time. He let this notion be known through his breath taking performances and that is what people remember him by.

Your actions determine everything.

2. Make Your Spirit Infectious

Don’t be another dull human being. Instead become the person who walks into the room and brightens up the mood. Be the color in the white and black movie. When people are around you, make them feel good. Don’t belittle anyone. Live with passion. Be enthusiastic. Let your presence be felt.

Life is a gift. Enjoy it. Cherish it. Live it.

3. Seek To Make A Impact In The Lives Of As Many People As You Possibly Can

PEOPLE are going to remember you. So what influence and impact you have on them determines your legacy. Point, blank, period. Nothing more and nothing less. It just comes down to that. Steve Jobs is referred to as one of the greatest entrepreneurs ever  because his company, Apple released products that went on to completely change the lives of its users in one way or another. Whether that meant making life a little bit easier or making life a tad bit more exciting, Steve exerted his impact. He aided people.

So aim to be apart of something greater. For instance the reason why Steve will never be forgotten is because Apple lives on even though he is no longer here. Every time you come into contact with an Apple product, you will remember Steve because if it wasn’t for him the world would view the term “apple” as a fruit and not one of the greatest companies this world has ever seen.

Therefore you need to find your niche and do the same. Seek to provide value. Live each day to change the lives of others. By changing the lives of others you will slowly, but surely begin to change the world. This is the recipe that will result in millions and millions of people honoring your memory after you are deceased.