The Only 3 Traits You Need To Be Successful

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The self help industry as a whole has made billions and billions of dollars giving out advice on topics such as success. New products are pushed forward, day in and day out. Some are great and can really impact your life in a positive way, whereas others are just complete BS.

As a result, ask any one of these self proclaimed gurus and they will rattle off a million and one things when asked, what does it take to succeed?

Regardless of what they say, I believe there are only three traits you need to succeed. I’ve studied successful people from a variety of different fields and they all share these three traits. Whether they were entrepreneurs or comedians.

I now present to you these three traits…

1. Drive

Before you even begin, you have to be hungry. You have to have a ridiculous drive.

What does it mean to be hungry? It means you’re willing to do whatever it takes to make your dream a reality. It means you’re willing to give up pleasure. It means you’re willing to go days without sleep. It means you’re willing to let the pursuit of success take over your entire life.

This desire is mandatory. Without desire, you are nothing. You’re just another aimless person walking around hopelessly.

Desire is definitely a prerequisite.

Your hunger has to exceed the need to stop. Your hunger needs to exceed the joy you get from watching TV. Your hunger needs to exceed the desire to procrastinate. Your hunger simply needs to exceed EVERYTHING.

Be hungry.

If you don’t have a flame burning inside you to make your dream a reality, it’s going to be very tough to do so. Let’s be real. This journey is not a walk in the park. I don’t care what your dream is; this world will beat you to the ground.

It takes a real thoroughbred person to beat the forces of life. It takes a driven person.

So find out what you truly desire and make that your focus.

Can you live your entire life without making your dream a reality?

Be honest with yourself. If you answered with a definite NO, you got all the hunger you need. Go translate that into success now.

You do that by possessing the next critical quality…

2. Sickening work ethic

Successful people simply work the hardest and the smartest, that’s why they’re successful.

Name one successful person who “made it” without putting in the work…it’s OK, i’ll wait…

There are none (besides people who have inherited their riches, in my eyes these folks aren’t ‘successful’).

The bottom line is it all comes down to work. You can read a million and one books on the topic of success and you can be motivated to the utmost degree, but if you never put your nose to the grindstone, you will NEVER MAKE IT. You will never have your name up in lights. You will never hold that cheque with your name on it which sets you up for life.

Think about it.

Where you stand today is called point A, where you desire to be is called point B. The only means of transportation available when going from point A to point B is HARD WORK.

Greatness, success, and/or money just doesn’t land in the laps of people. They worked for it. Every successful person you know or see on TV is the testament to this rule.

So get real with yourself…

How’s your work ethic?

Does your work ethic resemble that of a successful person or a future failure?

Be real.

Successful people work around the clock.

You only got 24 hours, do what you please with these hours, but remember one thing…

Your future is created in these 24 hours. It may just seem to be another 24, but it’s something much more. If you set the foundation right, your future will shine bright. 

Consistency is the key to the lock which holds your dreams.

An average person works when he/she feels like it, a successful person works regardless of how he/she may feel.

Mind over matter, baby.

Success over failure.

Greatness over mediocrity.

Extraordinary over ordinary.

The third trait you need is the following…

3. Persistence

Desire + Hard work does not always equate to success.

I’m sure you know a lot of people who work hard, but never do make it.

As a result, the third crucial trait is persistence.

Success usually doesn’t come the first time you do something. For instance, think back to the time when you learned to ride a bike…were you successful the first time? A majority of us fell off the bike numerous times before we got the handle of it. The same principle applies to success. You have to persist in order to succeed. You have to make it over the hurdle. A lot of people have stopped and have settled for failure when they could have simply persisted and succeeded.

The more you persist, the luckier you’ll get.

If something isn’t working, assess the situation and change your approach and persist again. Don’t be that dumb ass who goes with the same approach again and again, you have to change it up. It’s about trial and error. Keep at it. If one path doesn’t lead to your dreams, try another.

The person who persists is the person who succeeds.

Right before success will come your biggest test, this test usually results in a ton of people throwing in the white towel, but if you can just make it through, you’re golden.

So with all of this stated, these three qualities are essential if you want to succeed. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you’re trying to accomplish, mix desire with a sickening work ethic combined with persistence and you’ll make it to where you desire to be.

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  • David Clark

    I am LOVING this site! It speaks truth in simple terms! Excellent work!!!

    • Amtej Dosanjh

      Thanks David! Appreciate you taking time out to read.

  • Success Chaser

    I’m still chasing success… I totally agree with what you said about persistence. There is no point working hard if you give up,

    Consistency + Desire + Insane Work Ethic = Formula for success.

    Consistency Is Everything


    I like this article but I don’t really agree with it that you only need those three traits. What happen to “Belief?” From 2009 I have been studying the top billionaires, top millionaires and greats of the world, from the past to the present and I observed all of them believed in themselves and in their idea or vision, from Alexander the Great to Muhammad Ali, to 50 cents, Jay Z and President Obama. All these successful people in no matter what field or business or politics they believe in themselves and that they could win. They believe and have faith that something great and different will happen in their life no matter the current circumstances in their life.

    • admin

      You are absolutely correct! Belief is mandatory, I just made the assumption of belief fitting under the drive/hunger category.