(47) Most Important Things I’ve Learned…

  1. Drink water first thing after waking up. 
  2. Take one freezing cold shower every day. 
  3. Meditate. It will rewire your brain. 
  4. No one cares about you.
  5. People care about how you make them feel and what you can do for them.
  6. Everyone desires to feel important. 
  7. Expressing gratitude makes you happier. 
  8. Money is just a tool. Use it. Don’t be used by it.
  9. Race is a man made construct. 
  10. Life has no meaning…until you give it one. 
  11. Visualizing your ideal life makes it come faster. 
  12. People want what they can’t have. Give them a small taste. Then take it away. 
  13. One consciousness: If I hurt you, I’m hurting me. 
  14. Don’t die where you were born. Travel. 
  15. College turns you into a robot. 
  16. Experiences over possessions. 
  17. The world doesn’t owe you shit. 
  18. Stress comes from giving too many fucks. 
  19. Hug your mother. 
  20. Put those you love in positions of power. 
  21. If you got it, share. 
  22. Life is controlled by our models of reality and daily systems. Change one. Change life. 
  23. Growing old is the best possible outcome. Why do we fight it?
  24. Everything you use was made by people no smarter than you. 
  25. The harder you work, the less money you make (not a typo).
  26. There is no difference between a person who cannot read and a person who doesn’t read. 
  27. Don’t take Tylenol to numb your hangover. 
  28. Listen to your gut. It senses danger before it happens. 
  29. If you hear something too many times, please don’t ignore it. 
  30. Business is all about trust. And trust is like glass. Once it shatters, it can’t be put back together. 
  31. You are nature. 
  32. Sometimes you have to lose it before you can appreciate it. 
  33. Either you’re growing or you’re dying. 
  34. We make our beds. 
  35. Cover your webcam.
  36. Life is sales. 
  37. Increase your value. Increase your wealth.
  38. Give roses BEFORE funerals.
  39. Only purple cows get remembered. 
  40. I don’t know anything. 
  41. You get what you deserve.
  42. Life is beautiful if you know how to live it.
  43. Value yourself based on your character instead of your bank account. 
  44. Journaling allows you to see and terminate destructive patterns in thought.
  45. Everything depends on your self image.
  46. Life is a movie. Every day we are recording.
  47. Don’t eat watermelon before bed.