(48 Laws of Power) The 7 Most Useful Laws For Business

I felt the poison of power enter my flesh. I knew life would never be the same.

For the child inside me had died. And the businessman was now alive.

I read a lot about strategy and warfare. It’s interesting to me. Not the terror and the agony. But the mental games and the thinking involved. Outwitting and outthinking your opponents – it helps in business. It helps in life.

One of the most popular books on strategy is 48 Laws of Power. I’m sure you’ve heard of it. This book gets a lot of love. And a lot of hate.

There are forty eight laws in total. But I only found seven useful.

Here are those seven:

Law One: Never outshine the master 

Make those above you feel superior. Do not show your talents too much, it’ll make them insecure. Make the master appear more brilliant than he/she is.

Law Eight: Make others come to you – use bait if necessary 

When you force others to act, you’re in control. Make opponents come to you. Lure with gains, then attack.

Law Ten: Avoid the unhappy and the unlucky

You’ll die from the misery of others – emotional states are as infectious as diseases.

Law Sixteen: Use absence to increase respect and honour 

Too much circulation makes the price go down.

Law Seventeen: Keep others in suspended terror: cultivate an air of unpredictability

They can’t control you if they don’t know your next move.

Law Twenty Eight: Enter action with boldness

Everyone honours boldness, no one honours the timid.

Law Forty Eight: Assume formlessness 

Stay adaptable and on the move.

Tej Dosa
11:26 pm
Vancouver, BC