5-Bullet Friday

Observation of the week –

Inaction is more painful than action.

Blog posts you may have missed – 

The Dark Side of Human Nature – Success brings both beauty and pain. Don’t bloat. Keep your head down, deal with it, and keep hustling.

PSA| 8 Cancers You Need To Avoid – If you’re suffering from even one of these cancers, your chances of making it are slim to none.

Are You Abusing it or Consuming it?– Time. It’s the one and only currency of the world.

95% of People Won’t Do This, But Will You? – If you want to put yourself ahead of the fierce competition, do this one thing.

Video I’m rewatching –

Dave Chappelle Explains Why Calling Someone Crazy Is The Worst Thing You Can Do

The only skill you need to make money – 


Books I’m reading –

Emperor of Rome Marcus Aurelius: Meditations : A New Translation (Paperback – Revised Ed.); 2003 Edition

What Makes Sammy Run?

The Moviegoer