5-Bullet Friday

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Tip of the week – 

The most productive time of the day is EARLY in the morning or LATE at night – zero distractions. 

Use this time to pursue the impossible. No one is awake to doubt you.

Lesson of the week – 

Keeping control over your mind, energy, and time is everything. If my day is dictated by someone else, I experience unnecessary stress and anxiety. One of the reasons I don’t like having a ‘normal’ job. 

Randomness –

I’m going to start using this blog to document A LOT more adventures.

Food for your goals – 

Warren Buffet’s 5/25 rule granted me the clarity to see. 

Today I want to share it with you. 

Step One: Write down 25 things you want to do professionally. 

Step Two: Go through your list and circle the top five. 

Step Three: Devote every breath to the five things and forget about the rest. They are merely distractions. You can only be a master of five things. If you want to be great, focus on five things (or less). If you want to be average, focus on more than five things. 

That’s it.

Goodbye! Have a great day.