5-Bullet Friday

Insight of the week –

Fuck a tapeworm.

When I die, cut my body in two and you’ll find…

A full grown lion inside.

Blog posts you may have missed – 

My Uncensored Thoughts About The World  – We’re living in crazy times. Here’s my take on it all.

#CallOutTuesday – It’s easy to read, watch, and listen to motivational crap without putting it into action. This video forces you to take a step back, break a pattern, and take action.

How To Make Six Figures Fast – This is the single best way to make six figures fast.

The 30 Day Plan – Every time I lose control of my life, I follow this 30 day plan. Maybe it’ll work for you too.

One of my favourite videos – 

Tupac Sings Keep Ya Head Up In Classroom

Quote of the week – 

“I can control my thoughts as necessary; then how can I be troubled? What is outside my mind means nothing to it. Absorb that lesson and your feet stand firm.” – Marcus Aurelius

Practical tip – 

It’s my birthday tomorrow. And on each and every birthday…

I write my future self a letter.

I talk about my current stage of life.






I write it all down.


So I can reread my letters and see if I’m progressing or if I’m simply existing. Also, I’ll have something very cool to read once I reach 65 years of age.

I encourage you to do the same.