5 Characteristics of Successful People (And How You Can Learn Them)

Have you ever wondered what makes a successful person? Finding this information out would be very helpful since if you want to become successful then all you have to do is find out what made someone else successful and then just replicate that and you should be on your way to stardom as well. Now if only we had a list of the traits that make the successful, successful.

Well, after some serious studying of the VERY successful I have come up with a collection of 5 characteristics that are common among all successful people.

1) Confidence In Themselves

You knew this one was coming right? Well it’s a common trait almost every single successful person possesses on this planet. The level of success one encounters is almost directly linked with the confidence level he/she has. It’s quite simple; if you believe in yourself, you will simply not let anything get in the way of you and success. You will be able to defeat any obstacle and overcome any adversity. No matter what it is. If you study successful people especially in business you will find some strong minded individuals who are quite ruthless. Well this ruthlessness is directly correlated to their belief in themselves. Successful people are sure about themselves and they believe in their abilities 100 percent.

How You Can Become More Confident

If you don’t possess confidence, simply fake it till you make it. Just act like you’re the most confident person on the planet and your mind will soon begin to believe it. You should fake it in everything. Have a confident posture, talk confidently, walk confidently etc.

2) Successful People Hang Out With Other Successful People

You might have heard a quote from Will Smith that went something like, “You can tell how far in life you’ll go by the 5 people you spend the most time with.” Those are some powerful words and are VERY true. Successful people are very aware of this and they know that others mentality soon begins to wear off on them so they use this in their favor. They attract the very best and they spend time with them. Have you ever hung around someone so much that you soon began to talk like them? Well that’s a direct example of their mentality rubbing off on you. Therefore, if you choose to spend your time with individuals who have no hope for success, this will soon become your reality as well. Be careful. Use this rule to your advantage, not against you.

How You Can Find Successful People to Hang Out With

A rule of thumb here is to find someone who is a tad bit higher on the success ladder than you. You can approach these people in two ways. One is simply by becoming friends with them. The other involves some form of mentorship. Simply approach them and fill them in on how great you think they are and how you would like some pointers. The key to attracting a mentor is to offer them something valuable in return. I’m not talking money, something else. It can be something simple as your personality or something more complex such as insight on how to create better products. Whatever it is just make sure you have something to offer the mentor in return for their expertise. A mentor is much more likely to take you on if you offer them something in return.

3) They are passionate about their work

This really comes with no surprise as well. The higher level of success you are aiming for requires passion. Find a list of the most successful people on this planet and you will see that their success is directly linked with their passion for their profession. Take the late Steve Jobs for example, this man loved computers and as a result he became one of the greatest entrepreneurs and creators of our time. His success is greatly credited to his love for his profession.

Allow Steve Jobs to express this point with the following quote:

“People with passion can change the world.”

Therefore, it is vital that you are passionate about what you are doing in life. If the passion is not present, the success you encounter (if any) will be short lived. Find something you absolutely love to do and like the old saying goes..

“Find something you love to do and you will never work a day in your life.”
Think about it like this, you’re going to be working for at least 40 plus years. That’s a long period. Probably half your life. Would you spend those minutes, hours, days, months, and years doing something you absolutely despise or something you get up early in the morning excited to do? Simply put, it’s much easier to become successful in something you love to do because you will stop at nothing short of greatness. On the other hand, if you are not passionate any obstacle regardless of size with stop you. If you’re not passionate it will be twice as hard to become successful.

How To Find Out What You’re Passionate About

What do you love to do? Forget money, if you could do something every day for the rest of your life WITHOUT getting paid, what would it be? Got your answer? Well start doing that. Screw the money. Follow your heart and believe me the (BIG) cheques will soon follow.

4) They are lifelong learners

For most education ends when they leave high school or college/university. Well this is when life begins and this is the time when your real education should begin, not stop. Successful people spend hours on end trying to gain a competitive advantage by reading, watching DVD programs, listening to audio programs that make them better individuals. Today’s world is transforming into knowledge based workers. Knowledge workers are workers who are paid based on what they know. Knowledge is absolutely critical. However, I’m not even referring to that type of knowledge. Instead I’m stressing the importance of becoming better people. For example, if you’re lacking public speaking skills, go out and learn them. This will greatly increase your value. To be blunt, successful people keep learning and increasing their value. For instance, Mark Cuban the BILLIONAIRE reads 3 hours to this day.

How You Can Increase Your Value

Knock a book out a week. One book every week for a year. Are you up for the challenge? Let me do the simple math for you, one book a week translates into 4 books a month which results to 48 books a year. The key here is obviously to read something that is beneficial to you. From books on increasing your confidence to biographies centered around successful people. Think how better you can become if you do this. Your value will skyrocket.

5) They are salespeople

Holdup, chill out. By sales people, I am not referring to the snobby salesman who works at the local automobile dealership. Instead I’m talking about someone who knows how to sell themselves. They can communicate efficiently, and convey who they are in terms people can understand. If you think you don’t need to become a salesperson because you don’t sell anything, you are sadly mistaken my friend. You need to sell yourself. In a world filled with fierce competition, you need to convey why you are better than someone else. Think about any common life situation and it will involve you selling yourself. From job interviews to trying to get your point across with your children. You are selling. The better salesperson you are the greater success you will accumulate. In today’s culture salespeople have a bad connotation attached to them.

However, I don’t understand why. A trait that should be encouraged by the masses is criticized. Maybe, that’s why the wealth in America is held by only 7% of the population. Don’t fight it. Sales people are great, you need to learn how to sell, if not your products, you need to learn how to sell yourself.

How To Become A Better Salesperson

Get some form of training or read some books. This is entirely up to you; there are some great resources out on the internet. Make sure you don’t get so sucked up in absorbing information.

Make sure you apply what you are learning.

Well there you have it. Those were the five characteristics that all successful people have in common. Your job now is to learn these so you can build long lasting success in your life.