5 People Who Will Never Succeed

1. The pessimist

Success requires an open mind, a positive mind at that.

Succeeding in life is hard enough, why make it any harder by possessing a negative attitude?

Pessimistic people see the world through the eyes of someone who always sees the bad, never the good and that is exactly why they rarely go on to see success.

If you want to achieve massive success in life, you have to kill the pessimist inside you.

I used to hang out with a certain crew and they were all pessimistic, they would always worry about why something wasn’t going to work, instead of why it could work. Needless to say these people’s viewpoints soon began to rub off on me and when I realized that, I cut them loose so I suggest you do the same if you’re surrounded by pessimistic people.

2. The complainer

Life’s not fair, face it.

You’re lucky to be alive; you have no right to be complaining.

Sure, you may not have got the best hand, but you still have a hand, play it to the best of your ability.

The complainer never wins in life because change does not come from complaining, change comes from taking action.

3. The procrastinator

“I’ll do it later.”

If you’ve said that before, you are suffering from one of the greatest diseases that keep great people, mediocre…procrastination.

You can’t procrastinate on the road to success.

There are a lot of things that need to be done and they need to be done now.

Stop putting things off for tomorrow or later.

I know you don’t feel like doing it, but sometimes you just have to.

You have to possess that self discipline to make yourself do something even when you don’t feel like it.

You think professional athletes, professional musicians feel like putting on a show each and every night? No. They don’t. But they’re professionals, regardless of how they feel, they must perform and you have to do the same.

Stop going half in, go all the way or don’t go at all.

Hold yourself to a high standard, you have people counting on you.

4. The dreamer

Dreaming is cool, but the person who dreams and never puts his/her dream into action will always fail.

Sometimes we confuse ourselves, we think by having a dream we are doing something, we are on the road to success, but we’re really not. You’re only on the road to success when you put your plan into action and take the first step that is required in order to translate your dream into reality.

So get real with yourself, are you dreaming or are you doing?

If you watched, Pain and Gain, YOU GOT TO BECOME A DOER.

5. The waiter

How many people do you know that are waiting for a hand out? Waiting for money? Waiting for help? Waiting for a favor? Tons I bet.

The interesting thing about these people is for the most part they will die, waiting.

No one owes you anything in life. That’s the curse and that’s the beauty of life.

Everything is contingent on you. You say you want success? Cool. Stop talking about it and be about it.

If you found yourself to be a member of one or more of the categories listed above, you have to break out of it. Do away with your bad habits and you’ll have the odds of succeeding on your side, keep them and you’ll sink before you even had the chance to swim.

Every single day someone brings their dream life to reality, the only thing that is stopping you is you so from now eliminate each and every excuse, put your head down and work, it doesn’t matter if the game is on, it doesn’t matter how you feel, it doesn’t matter what the circumstances are, work.

Keep your head down and continue to work. Before long, you’ll look up and you’ll be standing at the doorstep of your dreams.

Keep faith and grind hard.