5 Things You Have To Do Every Day

I got demons driving me. I got angels protecting me. And I got myself to blame.

For it all. In the end.


They define you, make you, break you.

They will have you standing at the top of the free world, beating your chest in victory. They will have you broken at the bottom of the ocean, crying your heart out in defeat.

Oh… the thrill… of where I will lead myself makes life so interesting, so intriguing, so worth living. The rush. I live for it. Heck, I might even die for it. In the end.

But until now and then, I got some choices to make. Some are hard. Some are easy.

Yet here are the 5 things I choose to do every day (or at least, I try).

1. Wake up early

Look, I’ll admit it.

Each day is a race against the morning sun. There was a time when I used to beat it. There was a time when I couldn’t even greet it… until the afternoon arrived.

Today I woke up at 6:33 am.

Sunday I didn’t get up till 11:07 am.

Yeah, I know. The struggle.

Still, I think waking up early is the foundation to everything. Flipping through the pages of my journal, the days I woke up early were the same days I performed magic. The same days I elevated and conducted works of colour.
You know the feeling of achievement, of accomplishment, of pride flowing through your veins at the end of the day? Well, that’s the feeling I get only IF I wake up early. Other days I return to bed, defeated. Like, oh what was the point.

How early should you rise?

No clue.

I’ve lived a few years waking up at 5 AM. These were insanely productive. But I also think they left a huge hole in my brain. From not enough sleep. You know. But, oh well. Some years you have to live out of balance to get what you want. Crazy talk, I know.

Optimal Time: Wake up at or before 7.

2. Think

I like to get up early for one reason. And one reason only.

It gives me time to think. It gives me time to strategize.

For so many years, I lived life on the hamster wheel. No strategy in mind. No long term vision. I would run. Not knowing where I was going. It didn’t work.

Then I sat down. And thought through problems, strategized, and came up with strong points of attack. It made the difference. It worked.

You need time to think.

About life, business, health, love, and career—big picture stuff. Every day.

How are you going to go from A to Z? What obstacles are in your way? How can you beat them? Etc.

Blind hustle may get you there. But strategy will keep you there.

Most of us spend our entire life in the dirt, in the day to day. And then we arrive at the end of our life. And wonder if it was worth it.

I’m not going to wait till the end.

I think about it every day. And I come up with plans and strategies accordingly.

3. Sell

The world is a venture capitalist. And I’m here to sell it.

Sell it on…

My ideas. My businesses. My strategies. My value. My vision. My worth.

And above all, sell it on myself.

This is what I do. Every day.

I sell.

You do too.

And so does everybody around you.

They just don’t know it yet.

4. Learn

Some days I win. Other days I lose.

Regardless, I learn.

From success. From failure. From you. From me. From everything. And anything.

Open vessel.

Fill me up with experience, please.

5. Reflect

Grow or die. The only motto I believe in.

For I am nature. And nature is change.

You either grow weaker or stronger. Leave the nest or die. Grow up to be a conqueror or a burden. A fraction of a fraction of a fraction of the person you once were…

I see glimpses of the old me. I see visions of the new me.

Which one am I drifting towards? Which one are you moving towards?

This is where reflection comes in.

Taking time to think about not what you’re going to do. But what you did. And making moves accordingly.

For the world is just one big game of chess.


Your next move depends on your last move, Tej.

Tej Dosa
7:15 AM
Vancouver, BC

  • Carl Phillips

    Well done, Tej!!!! and I really like the format!!

    • Tej Dosa

      Thank you so much for the continuous support Carl!

      • Carl Phillips

        You are so right about getting up early. It sets the tone for the whole day and allows me to strategize and get paperwork done. On a day that I don’t get in that extra couple of hours, I spend the whole day reacting. In other words, outside forces do all my thinking for me.

        • Tej Dosa

          Exactly, Carl! Well said.