52 Truths Nobody Wants To Tell You

Truth #1: If you were miserable without money, you’ll be miserable with money. But you won’t believe this until you get money and experience it for yourself. So go experience it.

Truth #2: People don’t care about you. They only care about what you can do for them.

Truth #3: The corporations who control the media, control your thoughts and viewpoints. Don’t believe me? How many thoughts, viewpoints, perspectives were put inside you? How many did you arrive at through independent examination? Not many. You were conditioned to view X to be superior than Y.

Truth #4: The mind is more powerful than you think. If you think you have a certain type of sickness and you Google the symptoms, you will begin to experience the symptoms in due time. Be careful.

Truth #5: If you want to live a long life, you need purpose. People who retire often die 2 to 3 years later. This isn’t a coincidence.

Truth #6: If you can make a person feel the idea is their idea, you can get anybody to do anything.

Truth #7: To your boss, you show up on his income statement as an expense. A businesses job is to lower expenses and increase sales. As soon as he or she can find a way to cut you, you will be gone. It’s not personal, it’s just good for the bottom line.

Truth #8: You don’t get wealthy working 16 hours a day. You get wealthy working 8 hours x [number of productive employees you have]. Leverage people to build your dream. It’s faster to build a skyscraper when you have a thousand people working, as opposed to just one.

Truth #9: A salary is the ultimate drug. If you want to chase your dreams, but think you should get a job first… be careful. Once your brain starts to grow comfortable with receiving $X every week, you’re in trouble. And it’ll be harder to give up… and pursue a dream… that won’t likely pay you much, at first.

Truth #10: Entrepreneurship is the only career where you can work 120 hours a week and still make $0.

Truth #11: If you don’t have the right habits, work ethic, and mentality by age 30 – it will become harder and harder to acquire because your brain is the most malleable from birth to 30. After that, homeostasis sets in and you are who you are. (but you can still change, if you’re determined)

Truth #12: The greatest power you have is the power to walk away. Most people don’t even know they have this power. Especially people who want you to buy something.

Truth #13: The path to a couple million by age 65 is already laid out for you and proven. Yet nobody will follow it because they want to get rich now, so the world will always chase “quick fixes” and “overnight get rich schemes.” This should give you a strong indication towards what types of products and services will make you the most money. At the very least, you should now be able to see why Amazon Prime makes a killing. People will pay more to have something today than tomorrow (forget about a couple weeks – that seems like years in today’s day and age).

Truth #14: “How to prevent [disease name]” will always get SIGNIFICANTLY LOWER VIEWS than “How to cure [disease name].” People don’t care for a solution until they have a problem. If you want to sell somebody on something, create a problem first.

Truth #15: Going off the last point, you may hate to read this next point, but the principle behind this is why some corporations (and governments) have you by the balls. If you want to sell somebody a high-end burglar proof alarm system, then get his next door neighbor robbed. Now, of course I’m not telling you to do this. All I’m saying is the principle behind this last sentence is why naive 18 year old soldiers will line up to go to war because they “think” their country is under threat. Think about it, oh why won’t you think about it.

Truth #16: Cigarettes are legal because it’s the government’s way to control the size of the population. In other words, resources are limited, the government needs X number of people to die each year. No conspiracy. It is what it is.

Truth #17: True love starts when the honeymoon phase ends.

Truth #18: Placebo effect is real because the brain is that powerful. You read about it in textbooks, but you never do apply it. Next time you’re feeling low, take a sugar pill and tell yourself it’s a “mood enhancer.” Watch what happens.

Truth #19: Intelligent people are likely to have hyperactive amygdalas, which means they’re more prone to stress and anxiety. Less intelligent people do not have hyperactive amygdalas. Instead, they are better able to take bold actions. This is the real reason why A+ students work for C- students.

Truth #20: Intelligent people are also likely to be more inhibited. Less intelligent people are uninhibited and are the ones who do very well socially. This, of course, has major drawbacks for the intelligent person because success in life often comes down to who you know, not what you know. Again, this is why less intelligent people with a supply of ambition are more successful than intelligent people, who can’t keep eye-contact to save their life.

Truth #21: When it comes to tech, it pays to be intelligent (to an extent). Business in any other realm, however, the less intelligent person with strong communication skills will win over the intelligent person (with a hyperactive amygdala) any day. This is why your friend with the high GPA who looks super good on paper never gets hired, whereas the person who parties all weekend has job offer after job offer.  

Truth #22: The most successful people are the intelligent ones who have learned to control and normalize their hyperactive amygdala, while simultaneously becoming more uninhibited, socially. Nobody can fuck with them. Money will never be as issue for these people. Ever.

Truth #23: Well intentioned parents tell their children the sky’s the limit, but when the children look at the lives of their parents, they don’t see it. When I tell my son or daughter the sky’s the limit, he or she is going to look at the lives of mommy and daddy and believe it.

Truth #24: Most people selling you “how to make money online” guides only make money by selling you these guides.

Truth #25: If you don’t want to become a Lawyer, Doctor, Engineer, or Accountant, there is no need for College. Unless you like alcohol.

Truth #26: If your closest friends at age 40 are still your pals from high school, you most likely failed in life. And didn’t reach your full potential. This is the bad news. The good news is you still have 60 years to correct course.

Truth #27: Predictable = Boring.

Truth #28: 95% of your actions are rooted in gaining approval of some sort from other people. This is why people reach their deathbed and are filled with regrets, they wish they had spent more time pursuing that which was in their heart.

Truth #29: Life starts slow, but then it moves faster and faster until you can’t control it. Make sure you have the right habits, work ethic, and mentality in place… so this process moves you towards success and not away from it.

Truth #30: Money isn’t the only thing that compounds. You’re compounding every single day, too. For good or for bad, is up to you.

Truth #31: The life you have today is what you deserve. It is the direct result of every thought and every reaction you have had up till this point. If you want to change the next 20 years, change your thoughts and your reactions.

Truth #32: Time isn’t real. It’s an illusion. There is no such thing as past or future. Everything that has ever happened or will ever happen is all happening now. Sounds crazy, I know. But science already proved this to be true.  

Truth #33: Human beings are so irrational they think they’re rational.

Truth #34: Every business, person, and relationship is based on value. The more you bring to the table, the more indispensable you are.

Truth #35: Confirmation Bias and Cognitive Dissonance are the real reason why you can’t win arguments.

Truth #36: Everyday is an opportunity to build a stronger brain. In fact, you can create new neural networks in just 20 minutes a day, new neural networks that don’t carry any of your old doubts, fears, and miseries. And in one year, you will be a completely different person. But most people will rather watch TV.

Truth #37: The meaning of life could be streamed live on YouTube, but Gangnam Style would still get more views.

Truth #38: Thoughts become reality because thoughts turn into words, words turn into actions, actions turn into the life you’re living right now.

Truth #39: Give me an illiterate, stupid, inferior man or woman with courage and he or she will beat out educated, smart, superior men or women with zero courage, every single time. Courage will take you places, money and resources can’t.  

Truth #40: In order to have, you must do, but in order to do, you must be.

Truth #41: The people that are the most successful are usually the most damaged. They are driven by insecurities and these insecurities are what motivated them to make it BIG.

Truth #42: You’re probably not going to make it. If this sentence doesn’t piss you off, then you’re probably really not going to make it.

Truth #43: Most dreams don’t become reality. In fact, most dreams don’t even leave a person’s mind.

Truth #44: Everything is a game.

Truth #45: Those who take life too seriously are trying to hold onto something that can’t be held onto. Let it go, and you’ll be free.

Truth #46: Forget money, forget opportunities, forget luck. You only need 2 things to make whatever you desire happen. 1. Good Health 2. The Courage To Live Fearlessly.

Truth #47: To be free is to be independent of the GOOD opinions of others. When neither praise nor criticism impacts you, you are free. Most of us are imprisoned, and we don’t even know it.

Truth #48: We don’t respond to another’s words, we respond to the images his or her words elicit. Become a master at creating the right images, and you’ll master the world.

Truth #49: Cut your own veggies. It’ll teach you self-reliance.

Truth #50: It is the depth of life, not the length, which matters.

Truth #51: Take your problems into nature. You’ll find your solution.

Truth #52: There are exceptions to every truth, including these ones. But if you spend your entire life looking for exceptions, you will remain ignorant.