Your 7 Biggest Enemies…

On the road to success, you are bound to have some runs ins with enemies. When I say, enemies I don’t mean enemies as in people, I mean enemies as in temptations that are designed to get you to take your eyes off the prize. When these enemies win, you lose.

So in order to avoid falling victim to the enemies you are bound to see on the road to success, peep the list below of the seven biggest enemies that you need to avoid.

1. The temptations that a mediocre, safe life brings forth

The greatest threat to greatness is the temptations that come with a mediocre life.

Chasing greatness brings forth an uncertain life, you may make it or you may not.

Whereas, if you settle for mediocrity, you can accumulate a reasonable level of success and live out a mediocre life.

Hence the temptation to take the exit which leads to mediocrity is an enemy indeed.

You have to avoid this temptation, however.

F mediocrity.

A mediocre life is boring.

Life is supposed to be a thrill, lived on the edge.

Besides the idea of a mediocre life being a safe life is an illusion. People think if they have a 9-5 job, they’re good, they’re safe, but in all actuality they’re not safe, what happens if your boss fires you tomorrow? Where’s your safety now? It’s just an illusion so avoid falling victim to the perks a mediocre life presents you with.

You’re destined for something greater, it’d be a shame if you let the coward within win and in return let a mediocre life prevail.

2. Distractions

If you want to succeed, you have to put your head down and work consistently and aggressively without letting the distractions get in the way.

You can’t let those shiny objects distract you from what you’re trying to do.

When it’s time to work, work.

When it’s time to play, play.

3. Naysayers, doubters, cowards, and mediocre minds

Their sole job is to get you to stop pursuing your dreams.

People can’t do something themselves so they want to keep you from doing it as well.

Never let the words of others influence your vision and how you view your dreams.

F what they say. Screw them.

If they say you can’t do it, don’t become discouraged, instead rise above and take on the, ILL SHOW YOU attitude.

The world wouldn’t be where it is today if the extraordinary people had given in to the naysayers.

There would be no Steve Jobs.

There would be no Richard Branson.

There would be no Jay Z.

There would be no Oprah Winfrey.

Fortunately, the peeps mentioned above realized that naysayers, doubters, and mediocre minds are just people with an opinion, everyone has an opinion and an opinion is well just an opinion. So never let someone else’s opinion keep you from doing what you desire.

The only opinion that matters is your own.

4. Comfort

Living in a state of comfort is a sure way to never succeed in life.

If you want success, be prepared to be uncomfortable.

Find pleasure in being uncomfortable.

If you’re comfortable doing what you’re doing, the chances of success are low because rarely does success come from comfort.

Being comfortable implies that you are playing it safe.

You can’t play it safe.

You have to be on the edge, after all that is where success resides.

You got to be prepared to take risks.

Every great endeavor started with a person who had the balls to take the risk.

5. Fear

Fear keeps people from reaching their true potential.

If you are afraid, you will never move forward.

Fear is a test that you must pass.

Everyone feels fear, but how you act in spite of fear determines if you rise or if you fall.

Feel the fear, but do it anyways.

6. Doubt

Your doubts will keep you from reaching that extraordinary level. For ways on how to handle your doubts, peep this article: 7 Ways To Conquer Your Self Doubts

7. Envy

If you become envious of the success of others, you are doomed.

A lot of people look at the people around them and become jealous of them when they start to see success.

When you chase greatness and an extraordinary life, the results come slower than the results come for those who live a mediocre life, as a result, it’s absolutely normal to become envious of others success.

However. you cannot fall victim to such a predicament because it blurs your vision and it begins to take you off the right path.

I mean, as dream chasers, we are unique. While others pursue a safe job, we chase dreams and aim to create a life that the average cannot even fathom. So when you’re on the come up, you may look at your 9-5 friends and become envious of their rise up the corporate ladder, but keep your head clear. Don’t let that F you up mentally. You have to have patience because when you succeed, your success will be a thousand times greater than any success a 9-5 can generate.