7 Tips For Personal Excellence

Your main objective in life should be to become the best that you can be. This should be your goal because massive success is reserved for the best of the best.

For instance, when you hear the following names: Michael Jackson, Michael Jordan, Elvis Presley, Tupac Shakur, Wayne Gretzky, Steve Jobs, and Richard Branson, what do you think of?

You think of greatness don’t you?

Well this is the case because these folks embody greatness and hence their names have become synonyms with excellence.

Therefore, your task is to characterize your name with greatness as well.

When people hear your name, they should think of excellence.

However, before this occurs, you first have to embody excellence and the way you go about doing so is by applying the seven tips below…

1. Figure out what you are good at and do that.

When it comes to deciding what you want to do with your life, you should focus on the things that you are naturally good at.

The formula for achieving greatness is simple, figure out what you are GOOD at and work at it until you become GREAT.

Unfortunately, a lot of people do the opposite, they pick a career that they are average at. This is the wrong move to make because the transition from average to great is a very big jump and hence it is a jump that only a select few can make.

It’s much easier to go from good to great than it is to go from mediocre to great.

As a result, find out where your passions and talents lie.

If you have yet to figure out what you are good at, be patient.

The best strategy is to expose yourself to a variety of professions. When you do, you will figure out what you naturally excel at.

2. Study the great ones who came before you.

After you discover what you want to do, figure out who the best of the best are in your profession and study them.

Read up on their biographies.

Learn everything you can about them.

Don’t just focus on what they are like on the surface, break them down and focus on how they think and how they do what they do.

After you study your idols extensively, jot down the characteristics they possessed that you believe contributed to their success.

Upon completion, your job now is to apply these characteristics to your own life.

3. Surround yourself with like minded individuals.

The quickest way to go from good to great is by surrounding yourself with the elite.

Make friends with the best of the best.

Make friends with people who will push you forward.

More importantly, make friends with people who share the same desires as you.

4. Don’t rest until you are a member of the top 5%.

Regardless of what field you are in, greatness is reserved for the top 5%.

The folks who are in the top 5% in your line of work are the ones who are enjoying massive success.

Your job is to become a member of this club.


Greatness is going to take time to perfect and achieve, but it will happen if you can stick to your goals.

Never stop believing.

Plant the seed of greatness and nurture it, in due time it will blossom.

5. Instead of improving your weaknesses, focus on turning your strengths into super strengths.

Forget about your weaknesses.

The person who focuses on his/her weaknesses just ends up being mediocre.

A person doesn’t become a legend by taking their eyes off their strengths; they become a legend by magnifying their strengths.

Therefore, when you find out where your natural talents lie, build them into superb talents.

6. Build up the habit of producing excellence.

No matter how small or big the task at hand is, give it your best shot.

Be excellent.

When something has your name on it, you better make sure that it is the best piece of work that you could possibly pump out before you submit it.

This is very important because when you do, you will begin to build up the habit of producing excellence.

When you build up the habit of excellence, it will spread to all areas of your life.

7. Take what you do seriously.

Last, but not least, this is your life, this is your work, take it seriously.

Practice, day in and day out.

Don’t break. Don’t bend.

You’re going to be put to the test; excellence would not hold the value it does in our society if it was readily available. Therefore you’re going to have to show life that you have what it takes to characterize your life with greatness.

With all of the above noted, the last piece of advice that I have is…

Go all in and don’t look back.