7 Simple Changes I’ve Implemented…

This post is going to be the shortest post ever.

The reason being is because it’s only about seven things. Seven simple changes that I have implemented which in turn have led to a richer and fuller life. I’ve never been more fulfilled and happy with life.

I owe my new found happiness to the seven things below…

1. Cold showers

2. No boozing

3. 5 AM wake up calls

4. No masturbation

5. Applying theĀ Three Simple Steps

6. Approaching life with the I don’t give a fuck attitude

7. Removing all negative influences from my life (IE. Social media, the news, toxic people, complainers etc.)

Even if you only take away one change from the list above, you will see a difference in your well being.

Here’s to a new you.



13 thoughts on “7 Simple Changes I’ve Implemented…

  1. Amtej Dosanjh Post author

    I still have a Facebook and Twitter account, but I deleted both apps from my phone…which means basically no facebook or twitter since I hardly ever check when I’m on my laptop..

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