7 Things You Will Smile About When You’re Older

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Your todays create your tomorrows. As a result, you need to make sure you do things today that your future self will enjoy and cherish.

In my opinion, life is lived to the utmost level when we live in the future. What I mean by this is when we strive to make our future better, we automatically create one hell of a present and hence life is great all around.

So the focus of this article is to do things today, which your future self will smile about tomorrow.

If you follow your heart and in return chase your dreams on this road to success, below are seven things you’ll smile about when you grow old and wise.

1. You had the balls to chase your dreams

When you’re old and gray, you’ll be filled with pride because you were a part of the rare ones who had the guts to do what you wanted with your life. You didn’t let fear, or anyone’s words influence you. Instead you remained driven and pursued your dreams whole heartily.

A life that was devoted to ones dreams, was a life well spent.

2. The memories you created

Life is all about memories, the good and the bad. As a result, each and every day you should wake up and strive to create some kick ass memories. In the end, all we are left with our memories. Make sure, you create some awesome ones.

One day you’ll be saying the following; “Back in my day _____________________”(make sure you have something good to fill in the sentence with).

When you pursue your dreams, you’ll create killer memories. You’re bound to see it all and in return you’ll have an amazing life filled with amazing times.

3. The way you lived your life

We all are granted the gift of life; however we all spend this gift in different ways.

If you chase your dreams, you’ll live a unique and extraordinary life.

You’ll live with passion. You’ll live on the edge. You’ll live with courage and act with boldness. All these are great things and hence you’ll truly enjoy the times you had.

4. The relationships you made

Life’s all about the people we meet.

On this road to success and in life in general, you are bound to come across some amazing people.

The time spent with these people and the memories you create with them are going to be the things that are going to bring you joy years from now.

5. The bang you created in the world

You’ll be filled with joy regarding the change you created in the world. When you pursue your dreams, and go on to succeed, you’ll be in a position of power. If you use this position of power, you can truly do some amazing things and create a change in this world. You can truly leave your mark. As a result, if you choose to do so, you’ll have plenty to be excited about down the line because you’ll be a part of the rare crew who truly left their mark on the world.

6. Knowing you gave it your all, day in and day out

Focus on doing your best. That’s all you should really expect from yourself. Just do your best and forget the rest. You’ll find yourself in a great position when you simply give it your all.

When you grow old, you’ll be thankful for the way you lived your life and the way you attacked each endeavor because when you do your best, you can’t help but smile.

7. Your successes

Your success story will fill you with excitement. It’ll be your reward for all your blood, sweat and tears.

At the end, you won’t be thinking about the failures you encountered, but the goals you achieved and the dreams you made a reality.