7 Thoughts You Must Leave In The Past

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A large portion of success is mental. Meaning if you want to succeed, you have to get a grip on your thoughts. You cannot expect to succeed when all you do is think negatively.

Like I said countless times, your mind is either going to aid you on this pursuit to success, or it’s going to cripple and destroy every chance you have to succeed.

As a result, it’s very important for you to eliminate certain thoughts.

Below are seven that you need to get rid of ASAP because they are keeping your life from reaching the extraordinary level.

1. “I never tried this before. If I try and mess up, I’m going to look like a fool.”

Thoughts like the one above will keep you in the lane known as mediocrity all your life because you will never try anything new and in return you will never create a new lane for yourself.

Not only mediocrity, but by never trying something new, you will live one dull life.

I’m sure there were a lot of opportunities for you to try something new, but the fear of striking out kept you from trying.

You need to kick this thought to the curb because it is keeping you stagnant.

2. “I’m not good enough.”

The thought centered around you not being good enough is another major one that is robbing you of success.

By thinking you are not fit to succeed in any endeavor, you sort of tell your mind, it’s okay if you don’t perform because the expectations are not that high anyways.

This thought is complete bullshit and just an excuse for you to use when things aren’t going great.

You’re scared to take charge of your life so as a result you think of complete BS like you’re not good enough.

Well let me tell you something…

You are no different from anyone else who walked on this earth and in return went on to succeed.

People who were ten times more dumber, lazier, unmotivated, and talentless than you went on to succeed.

You simply have to cut the BS and take charge of your life.

You are good enough to succeed in any endeavor. Just the mere thought of you being alive should be enough proof. You’re here for a reason, find that reason. That reason is not centered around making excuses, instead that reason revolves around you being legendary.

3. “I’m going to fail.”

By expecting failure, you will receive failure because when you plant the seed of failure in your mind, your mind in return will not guide you to take the most optimal actions.

Instead, you’ll sort of take on the mentality of throwing things up against the wall, hoping one of those things stick. This is a horrible way to approach life.

Instead you need to go into each and every endeavor with the thought of you coming out on top.

It takes the same amount of energy to think about success than it does failure.

4. “I don’t think he/she likes me.”

You weren’t put on this earth to be liked. Come to grips with this. It’s not your job to please others. Your job is to please yourself.

If you make friends along the way, great. But your job isn’t to make friends, your job is to succeed.

You cannot be worried about what others may think of you.

I don’t care if they laugh, point fingers, or make fun of you.

Their words don’t determine your value.

Be yourself…and who gives a hoot about the people that doesn’t like the real you.

5. “It’s too late.”

Sometimes we get so sucked up in the daily grind that we lose touch of our true calling, however we soon return back to it only to be faced with the thought of it being too late. But in reality, it’s never too late to do what you were put on this earth to do. Numerous success stories started late in life.

It all just comes down to if you want to either…

1. Make it


2. Make excuses

The choice is yours. Sure you can rationalize and say it’s too late, but I think people who think like this are just afraid. They are afraid of something. Whether that be success or failure. As a result, they will tell themselves things like, it’s too late so they won’t have to face their fears head on.

6. “I can’t.”

If you think you cannot do something, boy are you robbing yourself.

This one might just be the worse thought to have.

Thinking you cannot do something will keep you down and out your entire life.

Are you willing to live a life which revolves around you being just another ordinary fellow?

If you answered, HELL NO, you better get your thoughts in check.

“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you are right.”

7. “Things are going to be like this forever.”

If I have learned one thing from living, it’s the following…

Life never remains the same. The only three things that are promised are the following: 1. Death 2. Taxes and 3. Change.

Change is inevitable in life, but it’s up to you to determine if you want to make constructive changes or destructive changes.

You can change your circumstances. Never accept your reality to be the end all, be all.

Every single day people show success is possible regardless of your current circumstances.

Whether it be stories centered around rags to riches or stories revolving around an extreme level of dedication to change the reality one is presented with, change is possible.

The only way change isn’t possible is if you believe things are going to be the way they currently are forever.

Well, those were the seven thoughts you need to get rid of.

It’s very important for you to do so because these thoughts will soon transform into beliefs and as a result they will cripple your performance.

The next time you find yourself thinking like a loser, stop, and think like a winner.

Sure, it may seem hard at first, but soon your mind will begin to recognize the pattern and in due time, the negative thoughts won’t even reach the forefronts of your mind.