7 Tips For An Extraordinary Life

Ordinary or extraordinary? Of course, we all want to live out an extraordinary life, but the reality of the situation is only a few will go on to experience life on such a high level.

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I’ve analyzed successful people from the past and I believe I have discovered some tips which truly take life from being mundane and ordinary to that extraordinary level. Some of these tips are obvious, whereas others may be a bit surprising.

The number one thing you need to realize before I list the seven tips is action leads to an extraordinary life. Without action, you’ll remain stagnant. You could have the recipe to success right in front of you, but you’ll never make it if you never begin. So remember, application is key because at the end of the day, it all depends on you.

1. Make decisions with your future in mind

Don’t sacrifice your future for the present. This is the recipe for failure. Your future should be brighter than your present. The way you make that happen is by taking the necessary measures today.

You need to have your tomorrow in mind, when you are living out today.

Your decisions create your life.

Make extraordinary decisions and you’ll live an extraordinary life.

You need to realize that every decision you make brings forth repercussions. Every action has consequences. These consequences usually impact your future. So with that stated, ensure you are living for the future.

Make the right decisions today which will go on to pay dividends down the line. I know this seems hard to do because it seems as if some of us are hardwired to opt for the choice which results in short term gratification, but you need to think long term.

By making crummy decisions today, you are giving rise to a crummy tomorrow.

At the end of the day it’s the decisions you make which go on to create your life.

Look at your life and realize the decisions you made yesterday led you to the point where you stand at today. If you want your tomorrow to be better, you simply have to make better decisions.

2. Good times with great people

Attract great people and live it up with them. Create memories, do wild things, simply have a blast. At the end of your life, the quality of your memories is going to determine the quality of your life.

One way to ensure you create kickass memories is by spending time with those you love and in return push life to the limits.

Life isn’t about the things you have; it’s about the things you do. Experiences determine what type of life you lead.

As a result, life is meant to be enjoyed so stop being so damn serious all the time and let loose.

3. Treat life like an adventure

If you think about it, life is just one big adventure. Each day, you make decisions which determine the path your day takes.

Be curious and view life to be an adventure. Try to add variety to your days. One of the reasons why people live such ordinary lives is because they live boring lives. Boring lives which bring forth days which are characterized with the same old thing. From the same route to work to eating at the same restaurant.

Add variety to your days and spice your life up and make sure you get the most out of this adventure we call life.

4. Say f**ck it and go for it

When you feel fear creeping in, say f**ck it and go for it.

A lot of people are capable of having an excellent life, but they fail to take the actions which will take them from being ordinary to extraordinary because they let fear stop them.

A life lived through the eyes of someone who is afraid is a life not worth living.

Fear exists all around us. Fear is always going to creep up. It’s a part of our coding, however you have to get a grip and not let fear stop you.

Imagine what type of life you could create if you stopped giving in to your fears. Follow this one tip alone and you will definitely see a huge change in your life.

5. Keep improving

Progression is key.


Become better than the person you were yesterday. Each and every day you should be getting better. The ones who never prosper in life are the ones who never move forward.

You need to realize life will pass you by if you stop improving.

Read, explore the world, surround yourself with great people, do whatever it takes to create a positive change, day in and day out.

6. Be aggressive

Rarely do good things come to those who sit back and wait.

If I learned anything in life, it’s the following…

If you want something, you have to go out there and get it.

Nothing is going to land on your lap. You have to be aggressive. Be bold and make bold moves.

You want an extraordinary life? Create it.

7. Reach for the stars

The height of your dreams determine the quality of your life.

It’s obvious that small dreams lead to a small life, whereas big dreams will take you on one hell of an adventure and will in return create a magnificent life.

Stop being such a coward and just go for it. Take action on those dreams which reside in your head, just begin. Who cares if things don’t go the way you planned or if you fall flat on your face because at the end of the day, we’re all going to be buried six feet deep. Our end destination is the same so we truly have nothing to lose. Don’t fall victim to the illusions you see around you. Job security, playing it safe, all these mindsets are utter BS because at the end, you’re going to die so there’s no point in playing it safe. Instead treat the time you have on earth like one big game and your objective is to take your life as far as you possibly can before you die.

So the question remains…

Will you win the game of life?