7 Traits All Great People Have In Common

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Greatness and mediocrity is like day and night, two very different components.

It’s interesting to note that all great people do have some major traits in common which are crucial towards the success they experience in life. On the flip side, mediocre people lack these traits and a result they never escape the realms that an average life brings forth.

So with that stated, let’s explore what makes great people, great so you too can apply these traits to your life in one way or another.

1. Risk takers

All great people are risk takers; after all, if they didn’t take risks, they would’ve never become great.

Great people realize that safety and confinement lead to mediocrity.

The safe decision or the comfortable decision will never move you forward. It will most likely keep you stationary.

You see, mediocre people make decisions that keep them where they’re, comfortable decisions with low risk.

Great people do the opposite.

Great people know that life is just one big game, an adventure. At the end, we all die, there is no escaping this predicament, it doesn’t matter if you’re rich or broke, happy or sad, young or old, one day we all are going to die. Hence, great people acknowledge this and they play life to the limit.

Instead of taking the safe route, great people make decisions which risk what they already have in order to acquire more.

In order to move ten steps forward, you have to give up the position you currently reside at. Average people become too comfortable with their current condition and hence they can never make this decision to move forward, whereas great people put up what they have and go for it all.

Every great person’s success story began with a decision to take a risk.

Without risks, there is no success, there’s just a mediocre life.

The proportion of calculated risks you take and the amount of success you experience in life is highly correlated.

So how many risks have you taken in the last week, month, and/or year?

2. Strong minded

You will never see a great person become discouraged after hearing what the naysayers, doubters, or cowards have to say simply because great people are strong minded, there is no room for others opinion.

Great people live to please themselves.

The only thing that matters is their expectations, their standards, and their voice. Everything else is truly irrelevant.

Some mediocre people have the potential to become great, however they put too much weight on what others think or say. You have to cut this out. You have to be consumed in your own mind. Don’t worry about them, just do what you do.

3. Don’t settle

Mediocre people accumulate success and stop.

Great people accumulate success and keep going.

When you settle, you stop playing the game of life.

The objective of the game of life is to see how far you can take your life so you should never settle, keep playing the game.

There are billionaires who continue to wake up at 5 AM every single day, sure they don’t need the money, but it’s the joy of the game that gets them up and energized.

There is always another mountain to climb, another venture to start, another passion to conquer.

4. Balls of steel

You have to have guts, you have to have heart, and you have to have balls of steel if you want greatness.

You have to make bold moves, you have to call the major shots.

Average people become frightened at the thought of making life altering decisions, whereas great people rise to the occasion.

Without guts, you’ll never acquire glory.

5. Always push the boundaries

Great people don’t operate in a box, they push the boundaries, they challenge the status quo.

Simply put they think different and they act different.

Average people operate in a black and white state, always observing the boundaries and keeping within them, whereas great people do the opposite.

Always challenge, never take what they give you and be content with it.

6. Patient

Great people grind hard regardless of whether the results come; average people grow discouraged and begin to doubt themselves when they don’t see what they desire.

Great people realize that success is a long term game, success is the collection of doing small things well which add up over the years and these in return go on to create massive success. That’s all it really is. Play the game and think long term. Stop seeking short term gratification, think about where you’re going to be next year if you keep your level of work up, instead of where you’re going to be tomorrow.

7. Stubborn/obsessive

Stubborn. Selfish. Obsessive.

All traits of great people.

To the average, these traits have a negative connotation attached to them, but there is nothing negative about them.

You have to be stubborn in order to do the impossible; you have to be stubborn to chase those big dreams of yours.

You have to be selfish as well; you got to put yourself and your desires first. Aim to please yourself. Help yourself first and then you can help others because you’ll be in a better position to do so.

And lastly, all great people are obsessive. They are consumed in their work. Their mind is always thinking about ways to improve and get better. They immerse themselves in their craft, that’s probably the one major thing that separates the great from the average.

Great people eat, sleep, and breathe what they do.

Simply put, they hold themselves and their work to a very high standard.

Average people are always counting the hours, whereas great people are so consumed in their work that they completely forget about time.

So with all of this understood, the question remains, do you have what it takes to be great?

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