7 Things You Should Never Let The World Take From You

You know it and I know it, the world can be a very mean and rough place. Let’s face it, there are some complete assholes on this earth and you are bound to run into some on your road to success. Be that as it may, you cannot let anyone get in between you and success. Never let someone else break you. You’re an individual, you’re a man or a woman, others words are just opinions, they should never make or break you.

To hell with them.

However, it’s important to realize that the world will in fact try to break you down. A lot of people will try to keep you away from success.

Every single day the world destroys somebody’s dream. When I say the WORLD, I’m referring to certain people who make up this world such as the doubters, the naysayers and the cowards.

So with that stated, below are seven things you should never let the world take from you.

1. Your dreams

Do you know how many dreams are killed on a daily?

Thousands and thousands.

Listen to the masses and they will tell you how dumb your dream is, how you will never achieve it, how you’re just wasting your time. Give in and you have let the world take from you one of the great beauties of life, dreams.

You cannot give in to this talk. Never let someone else tell you what you can and can’t do. They aren’t you. They don’t know what you’re capable of. Someone else’s opinion is not a reflection of your abilities so stop letting others control your fate.

I have a simple rule that I recommend you follow…

If other people don’t laugh at your dreams, they’re not big enough.

Instead of being afraid of the world, take it to the world. Give em hell. The way you do that is by dreaming BIG and actually striving to achieve your big dreams. That’ll teach them to never doubt you again.

2. Your hunger to succeed

How many times have you let the words of someone else kill your motivation to succeed?

For instance, say you started an exercise regime in hopes of cutting weight. At first, you’re motivated as hell. But in due time, you’re bound to meet people who make some negative remarks such as, “You not gonna lose all that weight.” Or call you rude names such as “fatty.”

If you’re like most, when you hear these words, you probably lose motivation. You lose your hunger to succeed and you become frustrated and sad.

That’s not the right approach.

I’m going to need you to turn this around. Instead of losing motivation every time this happens, I want you to increase your hunger to succeed.

Take on the, ILL SHOW YOU attitude.

Don’t let them kill your motivation. They’re just trying to belittle you so you won’t achieve what they never could. If you stop, their job is done so don’t stop.

3. Your passion

Keep your love alive. Love what you do and be great at it.

Someone else’s viewpoints regarding your craft should not influence your own perceptions.

Keep the flame burning within you and if you love it, LOVE IT.

Who cares about what Tom, Dick, and Harry think.

This isn’t their life, this is your life.

For instance, a lot of dudes get slack for wanting to be male nurses. If that’s your dream, don’t let outside voices influence your decisions. If that’s what you’re passionate about, by all means become a nurse. Who gives a shit about what others think or say.

Be you.

4. Your guts

Don’t let others talk you out of taking risks.

Everything that is worth having comes from making bold moves.

A lot of cowards will feed you a bunch of BS in an attempt to make you a coward too.

You see people tend to feel threatened when someone else aims to do something that they can’t. Hence, they try to talk you out of it.

You can’t afford to become a coward. You’re a real one, you’re a dream chaser. Dream chasers don’t shy away from big daunting tasks; instead dream chasers own the moment and raise hell.

5. Your essence

Be you, the real you.

Do you know how many folks are walking around as a copy? MILLIONS.

These folks have let the world not only break them, but change them as well.

They have let society’s expectations misguide them.

You will never be happy until you begin to act as you were intended to be.

Stay true to who you are. Don’t let them crack you.

6. Your positive beliefs

If you think you’re the greatest to do it, you’re the greatest to do it. It doesn’t matter what Marry or Ted thinks, the only thing that matters is what you believe.

Don’t lose your positive beliefs.

Belief is essential on this road to success.

The moment you stop believing is the moment you lose your opportunity to see success.

7. Your reason to be alive

Why do you wake up in the morning?

What motivates you?

What gives you hope?

What keeps your heart from giving out?

Whatever your answers may be, don’t let the world take that from you.

If you do, you’ll still be alive and well, but something will have died within you and you’ll never be the same again.

So the bottom line is…

In a world full of fakes and flaws, you need to remain an individual.