The 70 or 80 Year Old Grandma


I saw a little girl with eyes full of life. She was holding hands with an older woman who had grey hair and a wrinkled forehead. It was her grandma. She appeared to be in her 70’s or 80’s. But whether she was 70 or 80 didn’t matter because either way she was lifeless.

She could barely walk.

As the little girl tugged on her grandma’s lifeless arms, the sad yet motivating cycle of life became apparent to me.

To the little girl, everything is possible. The world is her playground. But to the grandma, nothing is possible. The world is her prison.

This is the cycle of life. The road we all travel.

The window of life is only so small.

Once upon a time the grandma was just like that little girl, she too would tug on her grandma’s arm as she spoke about all the things she wanted to do. All the dreams she wanted to capture. All the memories she wanted to create.

But those days seem lifetimes away today.

Because life came, shit happened, and dreams remained dreams.

She got married, had children, and pushed her dreams to a foreign and distant land…thinking she could return to them one day.

But one day never arrived.

She grew older instead and her world caved in on her. The window of life closed.

Now she sits alone in a retirement home that smells like urine and death.

As she sits on the sofa with a look of discontent, she cannot help but gaze into her granddaughter’s eyes. As she looks at the lively expression on her granddaughter’s face…she cannot help but wonder, will her fate be similar to her own?

Will she also grow to be pessimistic and give up on the dreams that once set her heart on fire?

She sure hopes not. But deep down she knows it’s likely to happen. She tries to bury the thought, but she cannot…because she knows that most of us spend the prime years of our existence at the mercy of life. We never do take control and create.

There was once a moment in your life when anything was possible. And there will be a moment when nothing is possible. But in between the two, we can create.

I hope you create one hell of a life and beat the odds.

Tej Dosa
1:37 pm
Vancouver, BC