70 Things To Do Before You Die

In the end your going to die so with that in mind you should strive to live it up while you still have the chance to. However as you may know, it is much easier to say live everyday like its your last, rather than actually abiding by that saying.

The reason for that being that we almost always expect another day to come our way. Most of us take living for granted. However, if you create a list of everything you want to do before you die and continuously strive to knock things off that list then at the end you will have lived a life well worth living.

Therefore, below are some general things you should do before you die. I encourage you to make your own list. Write down the wildest of wildest things and strive to knock something off your list each and everyday which in return will actually result in you living everyday like it’s your last.

Fill up your list, everything you ever wanted to do. If you need some ideas, below are 70 things you should definitely do before you die in no particular order.

70 Things To Do Before You Die

1. Run a marathon

2. Ride a jet ski

3. Go canoeing

4. Learn to play golf

5. Pick a country at random and go visit it

6. Laugh for 10 straight minutes

7. Scream at the top of your lungs

8. Dance in the middle of the street

9. Record a song

10. Make a music video

11. Give a stranger a $100

12. Learn to play an instrument

13. Go skydiving

14. Wear two different pair of shoes to a formal party.

15. Set foot in every country

16. Go a day without technology

17. Go to Brazil during carnival

18. Go horseback riding

19. Go on a long road trip

20. Make love somewhere you are not supposed to

21. Rent a fancy car for a day

22. Give food to the homeless

23. Change professions with someone for a day

24. Climb a mountain

25. Make friends with strangers

26. Experience a sunset/sunrise

27. Pull an all nighter

28. Take a course at your local college

29. Start a business doing something you love

30. Make someone laugh while they’re drinking something

31. Crack a funny joke during an inappropriate situation

32. Live in a different country for at least three months

33. Climb a tree

34. Knit a scarf

35. Fly a kite

36. Ride a motorcycle

37. Take a shower with cold water

38. Learn meditation

39. Learn a new skill every month

40. Do something crazy and out of the norm

41. Tell a random stranger you love them

42. Fly in a helicopter

43. Take a date to McDonalds 🙂

44. Pay a fine in pennies

45. Fall in love

46. Go on a cruise

47. Go to a buffet and eat, eat, and eat some more

48. Get really drunk

49. Wear your favorite teams jersey in a rival sport teams city

50. Change the world

51. Accomplish your dreams

52.  Help someone accomplish their dreams

53. Write a book

54. Make a documentary

55. Sing in public

56. Show up to work in shorts and a t-shirt

57. Write a letter to someone you love

58. Order pizza and give your neighbors address

59. Prank call someone

60. Race a dog

61. Drive without having a destination to go to

62. Learn to play the piano

63. Ask a random stranger to go on a date with you

64. Leave a legacy

65. Have fun

66. Create your own bucket list

67. Mentor someone

68. Wear shorts when its snowing

69. Learn yoga

70. Live a day without communicating with another human being

I encourage you to create your own bucket list. By creating one and abiding by it you will see your life truly changing for the better.