75 Tips For A Great Life

1. Laugh, laugh, and laugh some more. 

2. Do something you love.

3. Read daily.

4. Go on a blind date.

5. Talk to strangers.

6. Start a movement.

7. Take cold showers.

8. Learn a new language.

9. Ride a bike to work.

10. Get a tattoo.

11. Be open minded.

12. Be optimistic. 

13. Never take “no” for an answer.

14. Look people dead in the eye when you talk to them.

15. Stand up straight.

16. Get on a bus without knowing where it goes.

17. Get a passport and fill it up with stamps no one has ever seen.

18. Write a book.

19. Watch documentaries.

20. Exercise three times a week.

21. Keep your word.

22. Speak your mind.

23. Ask more questions.

24. Drink more water.

25. Go jet skiing.

26. Throw a dart onto a map and go travel whatever country it lands on. 

27. Smile.

28. Crack jokes than crack some more jokes.

29. Make people laugh.

30. Do something you’d never do.

31. Do something new every month.

32. Form rich relationships.

33. Stop pressing the snooze button.

34. Learn how to speak in public.

35. Dance at every chance you get.

36. Tell more stories.

37. Be the first one up in the morning.

38. Work…hard.

39. Be self reliant

40. Write a song.

41. Go to Vegas.

42. Buy more experiences not things.

43. Be comfortable in your own skin.

44. Go horseback riding.

45. Learn how to swim.

46. Jump into an ocean head first (make sure you have completed tip number 45 before ha 🙂 ).

47. Make lots of money than give some of it away.

48. Help people below you.

49. Make people smile.

50. Be confident.

51. Climb trees.

52. Hitchhike somewhere (be careful though ha).

53. Make mistakes.

54. Never stop making friends.

55. Go a day without technology. 

56. Survive a weekend in the wild.

57. Walk more.

58. Travel the world.

59. Go canoeing.

60. Talk the talk. Walk the walk.

61. Inspire others.

62. Be a leader, not a follower (the only place where it’s acceptable to be a follower is on twitter ha). 

63. Live out your dreams.

64. Stay hungry.

65. Never settle. Always strive for more.

66. Take your mother out on a date.

67. Eat something new every chance you get.

68. Daydream more.

69. Be persistent.

70. Get married.

71. Be a mascot.

72. Always take the blame.

73. Never lose faith.

74. Give away a car.

75. Live