Hi, I’m Tej Dosa.

I’m a world class failure. Or at least, I would have been…

And that’s because from the age of 14 to 20, I started and failed at over 10 different businesses. From record labels to clothing companies to social networks to dating websites to blue collar businesses.

I was a total idiot, heading nowhere fast with nothing but stress induced lines on my face. And an empty bank account.

Meanwhile all my friends were climbing the corporate ladder, making bank.

This only made me feel worst.

Yet I knew I could never join them…

And that’s because the conventional path made me want to head-butt a knife.

Conventional Path: Go to college, get good grades, get a good high paying job, waste the prime years of your life doing work you hate, save money, pay bills, pay more bills, retire, get sick, and die.

It started with my first job at McDonald’s.

From the first shift, I knew I wouldn’t last long.

I was right.

The very same day they gave me my uniform, I returned it. And never went back.

From then it only got worst…

Life was an open book with empty pages. And I had no clue how to fill it.

I tried walking the straight line. I tried following the conventional path.

I enrolled in business school. Got my act together. And aced (most of) my classes.

But thoughts of becoming an Accountant or Investment Banker died the very same day I got my first desk job. I spent the day, gritting my teeth…thinking…

Kill. Me. Now. Please. Somebody.

I didn’t understand how people could spend 40+ years of their life stuck in a cubicle (doing dull and mundane work), all the while working to make someone else rich.

And so, I quit (again).

To the outside world, I had officially lost it.

My parents thought it…

My friends thought it…

My siblings thought it…

I couldn’t blame them. They were right.

I couldn’t hold down a job. I couldn’t fit into the mold society had carved out for me.

But this never bothered me.

And that’s because…

My personal philosophy had always been:

I’d rather be a massive failure than a mediocre success, any day.

Ever since I was a little boy, I always wanted the whole world or nothing.

Problem was…

It was looking like I was headed towards becoming a massive failure. And with each new sun rise, it was becoming clearer and clearer.

I couldn’t work a 9 to 5 without becoming sick to my stomach.


None of my business ideas were working.

Rock bottom, I had reached it.


I viewed life to be one big joke. All the while laughing at the odds while carrying the same goal with me everywhere I went, the goal of living so incredibly well that death would tremble to take me.

Or at least, I tried.

Some days, it grew to be too hard.

And I would break down, thinking to myself…

Maybe I’m just being delusional. And I should throw dirt over my dreams, bury them, and settle for an ordinary life.

But every time I had these thoughts, I would quickly snap out of it…and realize a ‘mediocre’ life wasn’t the life for me.

My highest values had always been adventure and freedom.

And the one goal I’d always had was to live a full life.

I just wanted to leave the word thinking…

“I did it. I lived a grandiose adventure.”

You know?


I refused to conform.

Instead, I set the limits even higher. And I dared to reach them.

I started more businesses. I took more risks.

But I kept falling out the sky.

It hurt.

And the world kept doubting, laughing, and ridiculing me.

My shins were bruised. My heart was torn. But my face wore a smile. And I was the happiest I’d ever been.

Then something strange happened. I had one of those epiphanies.

It started with the mother of all hangovers. It ended with me knowing my life would never be the same again…

Somewhere in between taking overpriced Tequila shots with the San Diego Chargers and spending the next morning reflecting on my life, I realized I was doing something most people only talk about…

I was living life on my own terms.

And I was having one hell of a time, doing it.

Sure, I didn’t have the material success (yet).

Sure, I didn’t have the fancy house (yet).

Sure, I didn’t have the bank account with the nine digits (yet).

But what I had was something even more amazing…

I had a life full of excitement, danger, uncertainty, risk, joy, and great adventure.

Each day felt like a scene out of a movie.

I was waking up every single day with excitement flowing through my veins.

No two days were alike.

Each day was a new opportunity to bring to light an extraordinary dream.

And it was exhilarating.

I fell even harder in love with life (and all the possibilities it had to offer).

From then on, I embraced a new philosophy…

I stopped caring about looking like a success in societies eyes. And I started to live with the sole purpose of making unbelievable memories and collecting great stories.

Only grandiose dreams, I would pursue. Only great adventures, I would seek.

This became my new motto.

And risk officially became my best friend.

Here’s what happened next:

  • I realized I had been playing it too safe. And that’s why my businesses kept failing. You see, all this time I was playing to not lose…instead of playing to win. Once I realized this, I ‘officially’ started my entrepreneurial career and grew my business venture to six figures in profits. Then I turned around. And did it again…in an entirely different industry.
  • Using my new found marketing chops, I also helped generate six figures in sales for the leading brands in SAAS, real estate, and the internet marketing crowd.
  • Grew a YouTube channel to 1,500,000+ views
  • Built this blog from scratch to a million unique visitors – building a loyal following of readers from over 75+ countries
  • Performed stand up comedy…twice (sober)
  • Went skydiving multiple times
  • Got a book deal
  • Worked shoulder to shoulder with top notch CEOs (and learned things that completely changed the trajectory of my life)
  • Wrote a bunch of (horrible) screen plays
  • Did a study abroad semester (San Diego State)
  • Travelled and soaked it all in, from Rodeo Drive to the slums of India
  • Fell in love with the woman of my dreams (HP)
  • …and some more “interesting” but not “interesting enough” things I’d rather not include here.

Today, I own a media company and I’m a weird, eccentric marketer who helps companies (big and small) increase conversions by turning passive viewers into raving customers.

But tomorrow I’ll be _________________ (sorry – I can’t tell you everything).

At 23 years old, I’m just getting started.

Maybe I’ll end up conquering the world…

Or maybe I’ll sink to the bottom of the ocean.

Who knows.

I keep this blog to document my journey and my progress as I attempt to conquer the world. And everything in it.

I write to myself, but through my blog posts other people get inspired to lead life on their own terms as well.

Heck, just last week someone emailed me and told me they quit their job and created a seven figure business because of something I wrote.

I know it had nothing to do with me (it’s all because HE took action), but I love stories like that.

And that’s because…

I write for the rebels of the world. I am one of you.

But let me make something very clear…

I write to myself, never do I preach to you.

I’m not a blogger. I’m not a motivator. I’m not a self-help guru. I’m not any of those things. I hate self help with a passion. Self-help gurus who constantly preach and preach make me want to mix 20 Tylenol pills with my Whiskey.

(I don’t know if I’m living right so I would never tell you how to live your life.)

I’m just a writer who writes about my life.

Successes, failures, and heartbreaks.

I write about it all.

Most people only give you the good. I like to give you everything.

From my highest of highs, celebrating the success of a new business…to my lowest of lows, saying goodbye to loved ones at funerals. In between, I also crack a few jokes that’ll either have you dying laughing or fuel you with an overwhelming urge to punch me in the face.

Either way, I’m good.

And that’s because…

I try not to take life seriously.

We’re all going to be dead soon.

Why stress?

Let’s enjoy these moments.

Live it up.

And create one hell of a life that we can all look back at and say…

“Holy shit. What a ride.”

Anyways, enough about me. Let’s talk about you.

Who are you?

How’d you find me?

What are your goals?

What type of business are you in?

And how can I help you get to where you want to go, quicker?

Send me an email. Introduce yourself. Give me the run down.

Maybe we’ll end up working together.

Maybe we’ll even end up becoming friends.

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