How To Achieve Your Dreams

We all got dreams. Some people got small dreams where as others want it all and hence they dream big. The interesting part is every dream is necessary achieved in the same manner regardless of size. It’s sort of a formula which you have to abide by and follow step by step if you are to make your dream a reality. A lot of people miss out on at least one of the steps and hence end up missing out on achieving their dream.

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So with all this noted, lets explore the formula…

Step 1. Dream

Before you start out you need to know where you are heading. You need to have the end in mind before you even begin. This provides direction for your mind. It steers it towards accomplishing your dream. It gives your mind a purpose. So do you have a dream? What is it that you want to achieve in life? Where do you want to live? What is your life going to be like in 5, 10, 20 years down the road? Answer these questions and formulate your plan.

I recommend you break your dream down into smaller goals and write them down on a piece of paper. By writing things down on paper our mind automatically locks in as that information is stored in another part of our mind whereas if you just speak it out loud your mind won’t really lock in, instead that information will get pushed to the back of your mind. So write your dream down and formulate an action plan.

A plan of action. The first thing you need to do is figure out where you are today. The next step is to figure out where you are going and the last step is to figure out how you are going to get there. The point of the action plan is to fill in the blank. You have to come up with point B. You already know point A and point C so all you need to do in order to make your dreams a reality is to complete point B. Point B shall get you towards point C which is the end goal, your dream being achieved.

I highly recommend you devise this plan of action. Figure out what its going to take in order to make your dreams a reality and structure it down on paper. You should also give yourself a timetable on when you expect to achieve what you have written down. Usually by breaking your dream into smaller parts you will find it easier to accomplish whereas it’s quite daunting and intimidating when you are looking at it as a whole. So break it down and set times for when you expect to achieve that goal.

Step 2. Believe

The next step is believe. Before you even begin you have to believe. Believe in yourself. Believe you have what it takes to accomplish point B. Believe you are going to fulfill the goals that you have jotted down.

This is one of the steps that a lot of people overlook. They skip it completely and when they’re dealt with an obstacle they soon find themselves filled with doubt. This is not a fun mental space to be in so hence you need to believe.

Once you believe in yourself 100% you subconscious will automatically make a commitment to never stop until your dream is a reality so when you are up against an obstacle you won’t have a choice, but to push on.

Don’t underestimate yourself. You are capable of achieving whatever it is that you want. The only thing you have to convince is your mind and once your mind becomes convinced, you will succeed. The way to convince your mind is by believing.

Step 3. Take Action

Now it’s time to begin. It’s time to take the first step. Start small. Action is what makes point B. It’s time to put your plan into action. This is where winners are crowned and losers are defeated. You have to go hard. You have to push it to the limit. Don’t take “NO” for an answer. Keep at it. It’s important to not give up. Keep going. Keep moving forward.

During this step is where point B gets accomplished. Your level of work ethic will determine if you can connect point A (where you are today) and point C (where you want to be). A lot of people say they want to achieve their dreams, but they don’t go hard. You have to give it your all during this step. It’s make or break. Only the strong will blossom.

Step 4. Make Adjustments

This is another step that is often overlooked. A lot of people get trapped in step 3 and just continue to go hard. This is good, but insanity is defined as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. A lot of people by definition are just that, insane.

If something isn’t working, you have to adapt. You have to make changes. This step is characterized with change. This step is also characterized with how you react to failure. Sometimes you are going to fail so you’re going to have to get up and brush yourself off and take on a new angle. The destination is still the same, but you may need to change the route.

Eventually if you keep making adjustments, you will finally get it. It will finally happen. You will metaphorically find the key that fits the lock which holds your dreams.

That key will bring you to the last step which is…

Step 5. Achieve

This is where the unsuccessful want to be and where the successful live.

Your dream life is waiting for you here. It’s time to get through the first four steps so you can live in this step.

It’s time to make your dreams a reality. No more nonsense. It’s time for work. You have a formula now so it’s up to you to use it.