How I Achieved World Class Focus

Work without focus results in a half ass effort.

I’ve been there and I know you’ve been there as well, when you’re doing something, yet your mind is thinking about something else, whether that be the parties, women, or what the fuck Solange was thinking when she was beating on Jay Z.

Trouble focusing is a problem that characterizes everyone, although to different degrees. Therefore, if you desire to turn those dreams that make the hair on your arm stand up, you better possess laser focus.

Successful people possess world class focus, mediocre people possess inadequate focus.

Being present without being fully present is what makes up mediocre people.

Mediocre people work without working, meaning they’re not 100% present.

Their focus level is fucked up and that is why their lives are fucked up.

My life was fucked up because my focus was fucked up.

My lack of focus created a lack luster life.

Upon realizing this, I implemented three simple tips because I understood that before you can change your life, you must first change your focus.

Below are the three things that I personally did to achieve world class focus.

1. I made the decision to focus on just one or two goals

The number one pitfall that I possessed when it came to focus was I tried to do too much at once. I overloaded my plate. I put too much on the to-do list. I tried to do a million and one things.

When you’re trying to achieve ten goals at once, you will end up achieving none.

If your focus is all over the place, your life is going to be all over the place.

When Steve Jobs returned to Apple, Apple was going downhill. As a result, the first thing he did was he reduced the amount of products that Apple sold.

Apple had tons of products that they were selling. Products that didn’t fit the core of what Apple stood for.

So Steve got rid of most of the products.

The genius of Steve was he simplified. He focused his energy on a few big products instead of a hundred small ones.

He was in the business of hitting home runs, not singles and doubles.

This was the case because he understood the formula for greatness…

Greatness is not the sum of many things done poorly, greatness is the sum of a small number of things done well.

With that understood, pinpoint your focus.

Pick one goal. Yup just one, one goal that has the potential to dramatically change your life.

Make sure your goal stands for everything a SMART (Specific-Measurable-Attainable-Realistic-Time bound) goal stands for besides the R.

Be a little unrealistic.

Set the bar a little higher than you normally would.

Dream with opportunity in mind, not doubt and fear.

Let your goal inspire you to reach new heights.

The goal should still be attainable, just a little bit out of your reach.

It shouldn’t come easy.

Next, focus solely on this goal for the three to six months.

Think, eat, and sleep with this goal in mind.

2. I wrote my one or two goals out every single morning

Say your goal is the following…

“I (insert name) will sell 10,000 units of my book by August 31, 2014.”

Dope goal.

Write this goal out three times every single morning.

“I (insert name) will sell 10,000 units of my book by August 31, 2014.”

“I (insert name) will sell 10,000 units of my book by August 31, 2014.”

“I (insert name) will sell 10,000 units of my book by August 31, 2014.”

(Side note: Another thing you can do is write this goal of yours on a sticky note and post it all over your house. In your bedroom, on the mirror, on the refrigerator etc.)

3. I planned my day around my one or two goals

This tip is the most important tip for achieving not only world class focus, but your goals as well.

At the end of each night, you must plan the next day.

You must not plan the next day as your normally would.

Instead you must plan the next day around your goal.

Let your goal determine your daily agenda.

Everything that is not in alignment with this goal is irrelevant so you must learn to say no to the things that are not going to get you closer to your goal.

Your job is to sacrifice the next three to six months of your life.

Sacrifice the parties, weekly outings, and the trip to the movies.

Immense focus is the result of immense obsession.

You must be obsessed with your goal.

If your goal does not make you obsessed, you probably need a new goal.

So be obsessed with achieving your goal in the next three to six months or be willing to die trying.

You must always remember that before you can be a member of the 0.01%, you must be willing to do what only the 0.01% do.

You know what that is?

Laser focus on what’s important and complete disregard for everything else.

So plan your day around the one or two goals that you desire to achieve.

Actually create a schedule.

After all, what gets scheduled gets done.

Plan your every hour…and stick with this schedule as best you can.

Sure, life is going to happen and things are going to occur which will require your attention, but a schedule will always get you back on point.

If you can implement these simple steps, not only will you achieve world class focus, but you’ll create a world class life.