Why You Should Aim To Live Free

Live Free. That is what each and everyone of us needs to do. You enjoy life on a whole new level by living freely and embracing life.

So what exactly does living free mean and how can you make it apart of your reality?

Well living free is kind of like living as if you were one big positive spirit. Not a human. A spirit. Sounds strange. It gets better. Alongside the positive spirit you are characterized with an infectious energy that is centered around the notion of  LOVING LIFE. You simply love life. Every aspect of it. The ups and the downs. So when the downs come, you don’t get sidetracked.

In addition, for the most part you experience positive emotions, do what you want in life, and enjoy each and every day to the fullest. You laugh a lot, find light in dark situations, and you go out of your way to conquer new heights. You are in the driver seat. Whatever way you want to steer your life, you can. That is living free in a nut shell.

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Now that you have a rough idea of what it means to live free it’s also important to realize what this does not mean.

The contrary to living free is being  filled with negative emotions, just going along with the flow and the daily grind that life throws your way. The opposite of living free means you are a passenger, not the driver.

Living free also does not mean that your thinking is the result of other people’s thinking. Nor does it mean that your dreams are the byproducts of those around you.

Living free is characterized with the central belief of doing what is good for oneself. The main mentality is to live life to the fullest and soak up every minute.

Think of it like this, when you are living free you are like a butterfly flying up in the sky living it up. You are moving freely and without resistance because there is nothing pulling you down. 

On the other hand someone who isn’t living free may or may not even make it up to the sky. But lets assume he/she makes it up to the sky and begins to fly. Well that person will probably get dragged right back down due to a number of factors such as negative emotions if they’re not energized with the live free spirit.

So with that stated, living free is more like a philosophy for life. A rule book to living. So let’s learn what it takes to transform you to a person who lives freely.

How To Live Freely 

1. Focus On The Big picture

In life we get so sucked up in the little things. These little things result in us getting all worked up for nothing. Whether that means experiencing bad emotions or just being in a very horrible mood. The thing about these little things is they hardly ever matter a week from now so what you need to do is to always focus on the big picture. In a way you need to ignore the little things. The little toxic things.

By doing so not only will you have a better admiration for the bigger picture, but you will also become a very positive person.

2. Fly High

Move freely. Live freely. Think freely. Act freely. Have your emotions, your thoughts, and your actions in alignment so you can fly to new heights. Don’t let them be out of sync. You’re going to not get very far if they are not in alignment. So work on what needs to be worked on.

Usually your thoughts should receive your main focus because they tend to influence everything else.

3. Don’t Take Things Too Seriously

The main belief behind the notion of living free is to not take things too seriously. It’s life. Stuffs going to happen that we don’t want to happen. But that is what life is all about. You should embrace it.

A lot of people take things too seriously and this affects their outlook on life. It ruins it in a way. Hence you need to laugh a lot, live it to the moment, and make sure you don’t take things or yourself too seriously because in the end were not going to be able to take anything with us when death calls so it’s best to live it to the maximum and enjoy every minute.