Why We’re Alive…


Is why we’re here. Is why I’m here. Is why we’re alive.

To see the horizon and walk the sandy beaches. To build empires and see ideas come to life. To feel love and the joy it brings. To travel the world and explore. To stay out all night and roam. To make a million dollars and provide. To light fire to our to-do lists and live.

The money just makes it possible.

Sometimes I pursued money for the sake of making money. I was in the wrong.

I had to take a step back and realize…

It’s all about experiences.

This years theme was action.

2017 will be the year for experiences.

Experiences that make my heart beat a little faster, fingers tingle with nervousness, and arms tremble with goosebumps.


Because seeing how far I can push it…

Is the only thing that matters. Right now.

Tej Dosa
9:21 pm
Vancouver, BC