How To Escape Mediocrity Once And For All

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“Never stop believing in yourself. The world is full of naysayers, all of them eager to shoot you down at the slightest indication of you transcending mediocrity, but the greatest sin you can commit is to become one of them. Our job isn’t to join that group, but to silence it, to accomplish things so great and unimaginable that its members are too awed to speak.”Jon Morrow

You were born mediocre, but you are going to die great.

Got it?!

No ifs, no maybes.

That’s the bottom line.

That’s how this story that you call LIFE is going to end.

Your life is going to end with you going down as one of the greatest to ever do it.

Now you may be wondering, is that realistic? Is it realistic to believe in one’s ability to do the unthinkable? Is it realistic to bring a huge dream to reality?

My answer?

Fuck no.

It’s not realistic…at all.

But I ask you…

Was Thomas Edison’s dream regarding the creation of a light bulb, realistic?

Was Oprah Winfrey’s dream of becoming one of the greatest talk show hosts of all time, realistic?

Was Steve Jobs’ vision of creating a revolutionary computer company, realistic?


None of these dreams were realistic.

But that’s the secret.

You see, if you want to do away with mediocrity once and for all, you have to stop being realistic.

You have to be fucking crazy, instead.

You have to believe in the improbable, you have to dare to do the impossible, and above all, you can’t let anybody talk you out of it.

You have to realize that the great ones and the mediocre play on two different fields.

The mediocre think realistically, whereas the great see the world through unrealistic eyes.

As a result, it’s no surprise why some blossom and others fall short.

The bottom line is…

Be realistic today, regret it tomorrow.

Being realistic is going to have you on your death bed wishing you took a stab at some daring endeavor while you still had the opportunity to do so.

Being realistic is going to get you nowhere.

On the other hand, being unrealistic grants you the opportunity to get EVERYTHING that you desire.

Of course, when you make the decision to be unrealistic, mediocre people will look at you as if you are insane.

They will laugh at you.

They will ridicule you.

They will mock you.

They will question your mind and tell you that your dream will never come to fruition because it’s too big.

But you can’t let these folks get to you.

After all, being unrealistic is the road that will lead you to greatnesses’ front door.

As a result, you have to keep external influences to a minimum because everywhere you turn, people will tell you to be realistic.

I mean, you’ve been conditioned to be realistic from the moment you entered grade school.

From the get go, society conditioned you to live a safe and dull life.

They conditioned you to be just like everyone else.

They conditioned you to live within the lines.

They conditioned you to live a low risk, low rewarding life.

To put it simply, they conditioned you to be mediocre.

But you, my friend, are above that.

Being mediocre is for pussies.

As a result, it’s time for you to ditch the conditioning that society imposed on you.

It’s time for you to rise above.

It’s time for you to be unrealistic.

You may be thinking, this sounds all good and well, but how do I actually go about putting this to use?

Well you do that by chasing those dreams that keep you up at night.

You do that by pursuing your most wildest of dreams.

You do that by pursuing your real dreams.

The ones that scare you at the mere thought of you accomplishing them one day.

Hence, from this moment on, take control and go for it all.

Just forget about everything and just put your best foot forward.

Aim for gold, stop settling for bronze.

Once you make a conscious effort to chase unrealistic dreams, everything will change.

Your entire outlook and focus will change.

You’ll be light years ahead of your mediocre colleagues.

Believe me.

You’ll begin to see things for what they really are.

Now, I’m not saying that it’s going to be easy because it’s not.

It’s going to be tough and it’s going to be challenging every step of the way, but if you want more than what the average get, you must chase unrealistic dreams.

You must chase greatness.

Above all, you must keep in mind that just because something is unrealistic, does not mean that it is impossible.

It may take more time, more effort, and more determination, but it can and it will come to fruition.

As a result, if you want to do away with mediocrity once and for all, from this moment on…

Dare to be remarkable, dare to be extraordinary, and dare to be unrealistic.

But more importantly, dare to chase your unrealistic dreams.