What A Billionaire Taught Me About Success

Last night was a very odd evening, what was supposed to be a night out quickly turned into one big lecture and a huge lesson on success.

It all began when I stepped out for a night out on the town, however before doing so my friends and I decided to get in a quick meal.

We chose the nearest restaurant and began to feast.

However, during our meal, we just happened to brush shoulders with an individual who happened to be a billionaire. At the time, we did not know who this individual was, however upon hearing his credentials we soon put two and two together and realized that this man is at the top of the top. Anyways, we got to talking and our conversation lasted for a good three hours and in this time I learned a lot about success and what it takes to amount a fortune.

Below are the lessons the man who wished to remain anonymous shed light on (most of these are direct quotes).

1. You have to be a killer

You have to be a killer and your goals have to be the victim.

You have to kill your goals; you have to achieve your goals.

Straight head shots.

Killers are people who say they’re going to accomplish/do something and then they do it. Nothing holds them back, no doubts, no fears, no fear of failure, they go and they execute. This is how you need to approach your dreams and goals.

Take it to the world. Don’t sit back. Be a killer.

2. A king is a slave to his people

If you want wealth, you have to serve the people. The people make you wealthy. The people are the ones that will make you money.

Learn to create value.

If you can create an endless supply of value, you’ll never have money issues ever again.

3. Seek ownership and the money will follow

Ownership is everything, if you want to make a killing; you have to be at the top of the top. You can’t be yet another employee. You’ll never become rich by working for someone else. You see when you work for someone else; you are a member of their dream, of their vision. You’re not making yourself rich; you’re making your boss rich.

4. Money is just a tool, nothing more, nothing less

Money is a tool that can be used to do extravagant things. Don’t put too much emphasis on it. Don’t let your greed takeover. Money should not control your actions, your heart and your mind should control your actions.

What I mean by this is a lot of people tend to choose a career that pays well, now there’s nothing really wrong with this in theory; however in reality, the people who choose money over love (career wise) tend to live a very unhappy and dull life.

5. Wealth is not determined by what is in your pockets; wealth is defined by what is in your heart.

A good heart is the key to a good life.

Be open minded and have good energy.

When we questioned the man on what is the number one trait to possess in order to be successful, he replied with, “Dancing eyes. Have dancing eyes, spot opportunities and you have to have a good heart, good energy, good thoughts. You’re going to meet a lot of challenges and run into plenty of obstacles so it’s vital for you to have good thoughts.”

6. Follow the conventional path and you will reach mediocrity, the world needs abnormal people. Ordinary will not get you anywhere.

Einstein. Leonardo Da Vinci. Steve Jobs.

All these folks were abnormal and that is what the world needs.

The world does not need conformity. The world needs strong minded individuals who hold on to their individuality.

Take pride in your differences.

7. Dare to do

You have to have the balls to do. This is no game. Your dreams and goals are serious business, you have to take things seriously and you always have to put your best foot forward.

Don’t let fear control your actions, let your dreams control your actions.

Risks equate to success.

Without risks, there is no success.

8. When you set your eyes on something, lock in. Be stubborn and don’t let it get away from you. When you say you’re going to do something, do it to the best of your ability.

You can’t half step in life; you either have to go all in or don’t go at all. Stop putting in a half ass effort. When you devote your mind to something, keep going until you have achieved what you set out to do.

The one major difference between the rich and the poor is the rich set goals and they see them through, they devote their full energy towards the manifestation of their goals. On the other hand, mediocre people set goals and they put up a half ass effort. If things don’t go their way, they quit.

9. Surround yourself with the best

This dude hangs out with the best, from Hollywood royalty to fellow billionaires such as Bill Gates.

You too have to surround yourself with the very best.

Get the best around you and you will become the best that you can be.

10. Don’t lose touch with the ones you love

“I’ve had Ferrari’s, Lamborghini’s, private jets, strippers, you name it, I’ve had it and I’ve done it all. I’ve lived a crazy life, but at the end of the day, the only thing that is important is your family, what’s in your heart, and what you can do for others.” 

Don’t forget where you came from and who made you into the person you are. Stay grounded and humble. You may have more zeros at the end of cheques, but that doesn’t make you better than any other individual.

Now that we got the tips out of the way, below are the traits of the billion dollar man that I picked up on.

1. Very high standards

This gentleman has some very high standards.

At one point when the conversation revolved around money he stated, “last year was a bad year, I ONLY made $500/$600 million.”

Think about that for a minute.

This dude was a millionaire at the age of 21. This just goes to show you that the higher your standards are, the higher your success will be.

2. Aggressive

Pushes the boundary, doesn’t take no for an answer. When he wants something, he’ll find a way.

3. Dreams big

This man dreams big and he has the balls to pursue his big dreams. Not only does he dream big, but his vision that he articulated to us is crystal clear.

You too need to get clear about what it is that you want from life.

4. Controls own thoughts, thoughts don’t control him

Throughout the evening he was in a very positive state.

Well spoken and articulate.

Strong minded and was in control of his frame.

5. Confident, borderline cocky

He was confident to the point where it was almost cocky, however that’s the level of belief you need to have in yourself.

You have to carry yourself with a certain aura.

Respect yourself and love yourself.

Stop treating yourself like shit.

6. Obsessive

He was obsessed with his vision and his desire to achieve. His dreams gave him fuel to wake up in the morning and achieve more. Hence, it’s vital that you too are obsessed with the idea of manifesting your dreams and changing the world.

Well that’s it. I end this article with another major lesson that I learned, the next time you go out, say hello to the ones around you, you never know where that hello could take you.