How to Build an Armor Against Rejection

A beautiful brunette girl with light brown eyes stood across the bar.

It was time to make the move.

I walked up to her, introduced myself, and put my hand out expecting her to do the same in return.

But…she didn’t.

In fact, she did nothing.

Complete silence. Complete dismissal.


Straight head shot.

Did it hurt? You bet. Did my heart rate increase and my palms get sweaty before I made the approach? Positive. Did I want to run home, curl up like a little bitch, and watch reruns of Seinfeld for fourteen hours? Of course. But…did I let the rejection stop me from approaching other beautiful girls? Fuck no.



I. Do. Not. Give. A. Fuck.

I’ve made it to the point where I have built an armor against rejection.

An armor against rejection doesn’t mean you don’t let rejection in, it means you act in spite of getting rejected over and over again.

It means rejection no longer phases you.

The way you build this armor is by getting rejected repeatedly.

The more you get rejected, the stronger your armor becomes.

The goal is to get rejected so many times that you no longer give a fuck.

Today I’m going to teach you some exercises you can use to build this armor for yourself.

Remember the key with all these exercises is to get rejected.

If you don’t get rejected, you must repeat the exercise.

Do one of these exercises every single day.

Yes it’s going to be scary and push you outside your comfort zone, but you must leave your comfort zone if you want to turn your dreams into reality.

So let’s fucking get to it…

1. Approach a beautiful member of the opposite sex and say, “Hi I think you’re cute, can I get your number?”

2. Approach a complete stranger and ask them for $50.

3. Go to a coffee shop, place your order, and ask for 10% off.

4. Lie down in a public place for 10 seconds, get back up, and casually walk away like nothing happened.

5. Do 25 push ups in public.

6. High-5/wave at three strangers.

7. Ask a random stranger out for coffee.

8. Ask a stranger if you can take a selfie with him/her.

9. Bust out your most bizarre piece of clothing and rock it in public. If you’re feeling bold, wear that bizarre piece of clothing while dancing on the street like a fucking lunatic.

10. Go to McDonald’s and order something from Burger King’s menu.

11. Perform stand up comedy on amateur night.

12. Try selling a pen to a random stranger on the street.

13. Make a cold call and try selling your consulting services. Don’t have a consulting business? No sweat. What are you good at? Sell that.

14. Sing…on the train.

15. Go to a silent place and scream “WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO”.

Well that’s all I got, either do the exercises above or come up with your own, whatever you do, just get out there.

If you get rejected, you win.

Break social conventions.

So many people don’t go after what they want because they fear rejection.

They fear what others are going to think of them if they try and fail.

Rejection hurts. I’ll admit it, but you know what hurts more? Living your entire life without ever going after what you want.

I know far too many people who hold the bat of life, but never do take a swing because they’re scared they will not make contact with the ball.

These people hold their virgin bat up until their demise waiting for the perfect pitch, but the perfect pitch never arrives.

So they die with regret.

What a fucking shame.

On the flip side, there are people who don’t give a single fuck. These folks grip their bat tight and swing like fucking crazy.

Most of the time they strike out, but sometimes they hit a grand slam …and that grand slam makes every single strike out worth it.

Become one of these people and you’ll go on to lead a life that the mediocre will never be able to reach. Their wet dream will be the closest they will ever get.

The way you reach this life is through rejection, you reach this life by trying and failing.

So leave the comforts of your home and experience rejection so you can overcome it.

You’re not going to overcome it by reading, only by doing.

So think of a number between 1-15.

Got it?

Scroll up, find the exercise that matches your number, and do it today.

If you do that, you just put yourself miles ahead of everyone else because everyone else is a fucking pussy.

Thanks for reading.

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  • Mike Malholtra

    Sweet! You’ve come a long way bro. Keep up the great work. This site needs to get out there. More people need to know about this site!

    • Amtej Dosanjh

      Appreciate it. Thanks for taking time out to read.

  • Josh

    Number 2 has to be the best one !! Its a win a win no matter what and if a stranger actually gives me the $50 lol THATS PROBABLY somebody i need to be great friends with haha

    • Amtej Dosanjh

      haha straight up