How To Build Character

Character is who you are. Character is how you handle things and how you react. Character is everything that defines you. Hence it is obvious that your character is essential towards success. Some people simply have the right type of character that attracts success, while others character seems to distance themselves from success and everything success has to offer.

Therefore the right form of character will get you very far. If you think about it the reason why some people make it while others don’t is because of what is in between their heads. Their character is what gets them up and going and what separates one from another. It’s what makes a successful person.

With all this character talk understood, you are probably questioning your own character and may want to change certain things. But before you make a change you need to answer one simple question that will give you a clear view into your existing character. That questions is….

How do you react to horrible situations? To make it more clearer answer the following, what is your reaction to failure?

Answers to the above should paint a picture of the character you have. If you found yourself with answers such as I take a brief stint out, analyze what went wrong, learn from it, and keep going without a loss in confidence than you my friend have the right type of character. You have the right mentality and that is what is needed on this path of success.

However, on the other hand if you gave an answer such as, I become frustrated, unmotivated, and don’t see the point in continuing on when everything is going wrong than you have a serious case of having a very negative character. This negative character will rob every chance of success you get. Hence it’s a must that you get to changing your character which we shall explore now….

How To Build The Right Type Of Character
Character is shaped by your perspective. The way you view the world and certain situations leads to the formation of your character. A simple shift in your perspective will lead to a change in your character, although it won’t happen overnight. Hence, the most effective way to change your character is to change the way you handle horrific situations. Change your reaction to failing endeavors and in return you will have a new character.

Develop a clear mind and become in control and hence you will control your character. Majority of the people let their life events control them and not the other way around. The people with tremendous character realize that yes life is filled with  horrible things, but what matters is how you respond to certain situations. Therefore they have a clear mind and react accordingly. They don’t let the horrible shit life throws their way change their outlook and blur up their vision. They are the cause and not the effect.

They realize that they design themselves and they design their life hence they build themselves up accordingly into a person who attracts success and  this is your next challenge so get to it!