How To Build New Habits

Habits. What type of habits do you have? I encourage you to take a step back from everything and analyze what you do on a daily basis. These are your habits. Now I ask you, are your habits constructive or destructive? Will your habits lead you towards becoming a better individual who will become successful no matter what, or are they keeping you from becoming successful? Brutal honesty is the way to go when answering these questions because if you deceive yourself and say you have habits that are constructive then your not going to have an open mind to the solutions put forth regarding the formation of  the right types of habits.

You know yourself better than anyone so you may have some really good habits in place or you may not. Regardless, you can still add onto those and further increase your odds of success or take this opportunity to form the right habits now.

Before I go into depth about the creation of new habits you need to realize one important fact…

Each day you are granted a limited amount of will power. 

What you do with this willpower is completely up to you. But allow me to fill you in on a secret. Will power is the essence of creating habits that are everlasting.

Therefore, you need to use the little bit of willpower you receive on a daily basis and  put it to good use in order to not only build up your habits, but to strengthen them as well.

What Is Willpower?
Put simply, it is ultimately self control. Hence, it is exactly as it sounds. Taking control of your own behavior.

Most people do not use their willpower and channel it towards something productive therefore they are all over the place and appear to be a lose cannon. You on the other hand, need to start directing this willpower towards building new habits.

This article is all about creating new habits the right way so that they truly become habits and not just another phase you went through. With that said, lets get to it.

How To Build New Habits
When setting out to build new habits it is important to realize that we humans ultimately do the same things every day. We are creatures of habits so therefore forming new habits isn’t as hard as you may think.

If you don’t believe me, just go back to the analyzation you made earlier about what you do on a daily basis and you will see that you participate in the same old activities and do the same old things day in and day out.

To take this a step further, we humans ultimately do the same things every day, we feel the same things every day, and we think the same things every day. Again, I encourage you to analyze yourself during the next couple of days in order to prove to yourself that this is true.

Hence, with all this in mind, this is where that little bit of willpower comes into play. What you ultimately need to do is to take the willpower you are granted on a daily basis and put it towards forming a new ritual. A ritual is exactly as it sounds, its something you do everyday.

So whatever habit you want to form, make it a ritual. For instance, if my new habit involved me wanting to increase my skill of becoming more outgoing. Then a ritual I may adopt is to speak to someone new each day. Some simple ritual like that will go along way.

Don’t let a day go by without conducting your ritual. It ultimately takes thirty days to make that new ritual apart of you. What you want to do is to repeat the ritual on a daily basis until it becomes coded in you and apart of your daily actions. Again this usually occurs around the thirty day mark. It is important that you do not break the streak. Stay committed, however here is what you are ultimately going to experience when trying to adopt a new ritual as a habit.

When forming a new habit and performing a ritual for thirty days you are going to undergo three unique phases. The first phase usually last from day one to about day ten and its basically like you are trying to get up a hill. Your mind is not going to be used to this new ritual so it is going to attempt to do everything in its power to stop you from completing your ritual. You are going to be faced with tons of resistance. This is where most people quit and give up. You, however are going to muster down and get through this phase. It only lasts for about ten days. If you condition yourself to perform your ritual for ten consecutive days you will have defeated the resistance and will have ultimately made it up the hill. Use your will power to push you during this phase.

The next phase occurs from about day eleven till about day twenty and this is where your mind is slowly becoming accustomed to performing your new ritual so fortunately you will be faced with very less resistance. Your mind is ultimately seeing if you stick with it, so during this phase it is a must that you continue.

And lastly, the last phase which occurs during the last ten days is where the ritual starts to become apart of you and doesn’t really require any work on your behalf except for continuing to perform your new ritual. During this phase, the ritual will become apart of your daily activities and it would seem like you  have always done it, therefore your brain will have no resistance towards it whatsoever and will continue to perform it day in and day out just like any other habit you have formed in your life.

With all this in mind, it is important you begin creating the right type of habits. I advise you to stick to one ritual at a time and like Eben Pagan said, imagine how powerful you would be if you performed 12 new rituals a year? Imagine the new you. I bet you won’t be able to recognize yourself when you wake up after you put into your life twelve new rituals.

Here’s the simple formula again…

Each month form a new ritual. Do this for a consecutive year and the results shall blow you away.