Are You Built Like A Machine?

This article is going to detail the importance of acting like a machine. Machines are very interesting and more importantly they display the characteristics that success deems to be of extreme importance. Most machines are simply unstoppable and that is what we are trying to become ourselves. Where humans let their whining and negative emotions get in between them and their end goal a machine doesn’t have this problem and it keeps trough-ting along until the job is done. This is how we need to act in our daily life. The ability to not let nothing stop us until our dreams are in our hands is of extreme significance.

I already touched upon a couple of the characteristics that make a machine successful, but allow me to share a few more and more importantly fill you in on how to resemble these traits in your own life.

Machines Are Unstoppable
Once the on button is pressed a machine becomes unstoppable. It’s like a train. It will not stop until you hit the off button. This is what we need to do with our own self. From the moment you wake up you need to click the on button and the only time the off button should be pressed is when you decide to go to sleep. The off button is underway when you are sleeping and the on button should be on at all times when you are awake. This is the way to become unstoppable. During the day when the on button is in full effect you need to act like a machine. Keep going, keep working, keep trying. Don’t give up and don’t retreat. Only progress shall be made. Keep looking in the direction you are going and let your abilities take you there. Extreme focus is required in order for you to become unstoppable like a machine.

Machines Don’t Have Any Negative Emotions
It is apparent that machines don’t have any negative emotions because they don’t have emotions to begin with ha. Nonetheless, every time you hit the on button a machine won’t present to you a list of excuses why it cannot do the task required of it. No matter what time of day or night a machine will be ready to go at all times and once you make contact with that button the machine will take off. Compare this mentality to the mindset of humans. A human will hit you with excuse after excuse not to mention constant bitching and such. This is one of the main reasons why firms seek out machines to do work that could be done better by humans. A machine doesn’t mess around nor does it whine, it simply gets shit done. This is the state of mind you need to be in. See yourself as going into the big game and all excuses and such need to be left on the sideline.

Machines Are Powerful
If you have seen a machine you have without a doubt noticed how huge in size it is. It is build with power and it seeks to stand the test of time. It appears to be indestructible. This trait can be compared to that of a human being strong minded. A machine can take on almost anything thrown it’s way and this trait is very significant for success. On the path to success you are going to be faced with obstacle after obstacle, problem after problem, but a machine keeps going and overcomes these issues one way or another. The same can be said about a strong minded individual. He/she keeps going in the most troubled of times. This trait greatly contributes to not only being deemed unstoppable, but success as well.

I greatly encourage you to start displaying these critical traits in your own life. The results shall blow you away 🙂 .