How Fear Almost Ruined My Life


This was the moment. Where champions are made and losers are defeated. Next to me sat the prettiest girl I knew. OK, I didn’t really know her. I wish I knew her. The only thing I knew about her came from the fantasies in my mind. Thoughts of what she might be like. In a nutshell, the fantasies in my mind told me she was my dream girl. I knew I had to say something. … [Read more...]

Living A Life That Is Better Than The Movies


Note: If you are signed up for my newsletter, you have already read this article. I sent it to you a few weeks ago. I just wanted to post it on the blog as well because I really like it. If you're not signed up for my newsletter, sign up on the right hand side, it's free. Thank you. -- I got a handful of popcorn pressed to my mouth as I simultaneously take big gulps of my … [Read more...]

The 5 Year Old Boy


  I have spent majority of my life trying to get in touch with my five year old self. Because life was perfect when I was the five year old boy. Sure we were on welfare, but it didn't matter because I dreamed with eyes full of hope. There was nothing I couldn't do. Failure wasn't an option. The world was mine. Adventure ran through my veins and courage was the … [Read more...]

My Greatest Fear Has Come True…


"I'm sorry." -- I had a million thoughts racing through my mind as I heard the news, but I couldn't speak. I didn't understand it. I couldn't believe it. I'm looking at the hospital ceiling with water in my eyes, unable to move. I'm in complete shock. The news hit me like a head on collision. Whoever said, "sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can … [Read more...]

It Is Time For Me To Confess…


I never told you this, but I used to live a great life.  I used to have millions of dollars. I used to create businesses that changed the face of mankind.  I used to have relations with smoking hot women.  I used to write best selling books. But one day. Everything changed. My world turned upside down. I don't know what happened or what caused it to … [Read more...]

My Manifesto For Living An Extraordinary Life


Note: This article is long as shit. I was going to turn it into an eBook and charge a few bucks for it, but fuck it. I decided to give it away for free. I think it will truly help you. It helped me and continues to help me every day. It's my manifesto for living. I hope you read it word for word. I hope the words hit you. I hope the words connect with you. I hope the words … [Read more...]

How to Become Filthy Fucking Rich


I am not real. I am a man made creation. But still. I control you. I'm on your mind every single day. You think of me more than you think of your loved ones. You think of me more than you think of boning the hot waitress who works at your favorite restaurant. I call the shots. I make you sit in traffic. I make you lose sleep. I make your health … [Read more...]

Dear Adults…


Remember when we were kids and we would laugh? I don’t think any of us thought life was going to move this fast. One moment we had the world at our front door and the next second we got children of our own. Throughout the years, we faced it all. We saw ups. We saw downs. We saw planes disappear and drones deploy. We saw Suzzie get married and Uncle Ben get … [Read more...]

Merry Christmas!


"Holy fuck! The lines are so long."  I just stepped foot into the mall. Yup. Guilty as charged. Last minute Christmas shopping. The lights were up and the ambiance was in the air. The holidays. Finally here. Kids taking pictures with Santa as the parents rush through the stores in hopes of picking up that one toy that will put a million dollar smile on … [Read more...]

Introducing the WTPOLA Mastermind Group and Newsletter


Hello, friend. I hope you are enjoying some well deserved time off with your friends and family. I'll keep this brief. I'm starting up a new WTPOLA newsletter. The newsletter will include articles and podcasts that you can't find on this website. More importantly, if you decide to subscribe to the WTPOLA newsletter, you will have the option of joining my … [Read more...]