The Ultimate Self Improvement Guide


I was scared to enter my home. I would tiptoe across the living room while holding my breath. I was afraid I would wake him up. I always woke him up. No matter how careful or how I silent I was. He would scream and yell. Times were tough. And the easiest target to leech onto was me, the youngest. I knew this. Even as a kid, I knew this. And so I always hid in my room. … [Read more...]

Do You Have What It Takes?


Do you got a dream? Is it worth more than sleep? Can you work nonstop...and not even eat? Are you willing to make sacrifices...for the sake of your future? Or will you throw it all away...for instant gratification? Short term or long term? You pick the road But just remember one thing... You pick where you go So are you going to fly? Or contemplate … [Read more...]

How to Escape the Casket of Life


My heart is beating. But I am dead. I've been dead for quite some time. I can still hear and touch and feel, but something inside me is gone. I don't know where it went wrong. I don't know where the tide met the storm. One minute I was the little boy full of ambition and the next minute I was bleeding the blood of misfortune. I hear the footsteps of my loved ones as they … [Read more...]

How To Live A Thousand Lives In One

happy friends in summertime

I want to die having lived a thousand lives. I want to set sail in Indonesia and start a business in Paris. I want to write the next great American novel and direct a movie in Hollywood. I want to perform stand up in New York and push a Ferrari through Italy. I want to build a school in Africa and spend a year with a monk in India. It's easy to dream. And dreams come easy … [Read more...]

The Real Objective of Life…


This post is unedited. It's a free flow of consciousness. My usual articles are planned and deliberate. Each word chosen with care. But this article is the opposite. I wrote it in twenty minutes or so. I had no intention of publishing it, but fuck it. Read it if you want. Maybe there's a lesson or two somewhere in these words. Maybe not.   -- Whoever said, … [Read more...]

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet To Life


If the sky is the limit, I am sixty floors closer to reaching it. My heart is beating the sweet sound of achievement. I'm standing on the top of the world and I'm looking down. I see people disguised as ants. I see dirty rooftops. I see cars stuck in traffic. And I see the fall that soon awaits me. I don't want to fall. But I will fall and it will hurt because life is … [Read more...]

How To Turn Your Life Around


I found the secret to life in a bottle of whiskey. I never learned shit in school. I learned more about life and people and money and love at 2 am at the local bar. You learn a lot at 2 am. The hours on the clock are a passageway between life and death and the day is life and the night is death and 2 am is the bridge that separates life from death. I walked that bridge four … [Read more...]

How To Make The World Take Notice


I called a local business that specializes in picking up junk. They named their price. I hung up. I got too much cheap Indian blood flowing through my veins for me to be paying their ridiculous asking price. I kept the broken TV parked on the side of my room. Then my mom got fed up and she told me to throw it outside. Park it on the side of the street and put a "FREE" sign … [Read more...]

How To Be Vulnerable


I lose myself only to find myself only to lose myself again to the regret that lingers behind the doors I never opened. Truth I never spoke. Words I never said. Love I never confessed. I'm not living it right. This can't be life. I wear a mask over a mask over a mask so I can hide myself from you. I hide behind an invisible sheath of white cloth that keeps me … [Read more...]

How Love Can Delay Death


Note: Linda and Kenny were my neighbors neighbor and truth be told I didn't know them that well. I was a child and I didn't comprehend all the events going on in my world. But I knew their story. They were legends in my cul-de-sac and they lived a life worth sharing. I don't know if they wanted their story to be shared so the names Linda and Kenny are used instead of their real … [Read more...]