You Need To Read This…


He sat in the drivers seat with his moleskin notebook in hand. He kept the windows up and the engine on. He opened the notebook, grabbed a pen, and put on his favourite rap record. He began filling the empty pages with lyrics from the song. He didn't care enough to hit the lyrics note for note. He only wanted to use the song to express his unappreciated soul. He cleared his … [Read more...]

How To Be A Man


They walked out on their families. They cheated on their wives and girlfriends. I saw them everywhere I went. They ran around the free world reeking of irresponsibility and immaturity. They came in different sizes and ages and skin tones. But their essence remained the same. And I was scared I was going to end up like them. I walked the slippery slope, inches away from … [Read more...]

How To Find A Superhero


I never watched superhero movies. I only believed in superheroes. I was a gullible child. I couldn't afford to watch superhero movies. They were overpriced at the local shop. And so the only source of information I had came from my friends at school. They would tell me about superheroes. They would describe people with muscles full of bravery. People who would rescue little … [Read more...]


I was jealous of all the 18 and 21 year olds who were richer than me, drove better cars than me, and lived in better homes than me. I was envious of all the people my age or younger who were more successful than me. Then... This past Saturday I went to my 21 year old relatives funeral. And all the jealousy and envy and resentment smacked me square in the face. I … [Read more...]

The End.


Today marks the end of my 30 articles for 30 days challenge. And I'm glad it's over and done with. It was a gruelling process that took a lot of time away from other aspects of my life. But it was worth it. It was hard. But it was worth it. Some days I wrote with ease. Other days I wrote with struggle. I didn't want to publish anything. I wanted to stop. I wanted to … [Read more...]

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Days


I've had shit days. And I've had amazing days. I've had days where I didn't get anything done. And I've had days where I finished the  entire weeks to-do list in under 24 hours. It wasn't a matter of motivation or discipline or willpower. It was a matter of having a schedule for my days. The days I took control of life and steered it in the right direction were the days I … [Read more...]



The glass sunk into my skin and blood rushed out. It rushed out of my skin and left just as quick as it had appeared. And with it went my old way of thinking and believing and feeling. This was the beginning of the end. I knew it. Attached to my left leg was a bomb. It was counting down the hours and the seconds and the days. I was a man on the edge. There was no going back … [Read more...]

7 Things I Wish I Learned Sooner


1. No one gives a fuck about you.  They didn't care when I was working a dead end job. They didn't care when I was making money online. No one gives a fuck about me. No one gives a fuck about you. They're all too busy thinking about what other people are thinking about them. This is one of the most liberating insights I had. It made me a free man. The shackles … [Read more...]

I’m Not…


I'm not going to be the next Zuckerberg.  I'm not going to send people to Mars. I'm not going to cure cancer. I'm not going to move to Silicon Valley. I'm not going to be on the cover of New York Times. I'm not going to create a hedge fund. I'm not going to build the next Instagram. I'm not going to save lives. I'm not going to invent self driving cars. I'm not going … [Read more...]

The Secret To Success…


I'm going to tell you a little story. It’s about a man who wanted to know the secret of success, and decided to find out from a Guru. Now this was a wise, old sage who knew every secret of Life. He lived in splendid isolation on a mountain-top. Our hero set out on his difficult journey to meet this wise man. He was determined to reach the top, and so he got over many … [Read more...]