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I went out last week to a concert. One drink led to another.


And before I knew it – I fell asleep and woke up without having written my weekly 5-Bullet Friday.


My apologies.


To make up for it, I’m going to write it now.



Accomplishment of the week –


I finished a 90-day exercise challenge.


During the start, it was a struggle. I didn’t want to do it. Towards the end, I fell in love with it. And I couldn’t wait to do it.


What I’m looking forward to –


This Friday I’m going to a restaurant called Dark Table w/ my girl.


I’ve never been. And I’m pumped.


It seems pretty unique…visually impaired servers guide you through the menu and you eat in complete darkness.


2017 is the year for new experiences – right?


Ya bet.


Music I’m listening to –


Lukas Graham – Blue Album


I’ve been listening to this non-stop. Pure cocaine for the ears.


Realization of the week –


If you split all the money in the world equally amongst every single citizen…the same people would become rich or poor in 50 years.


Practical tip of the week –


I’m going to experiment with a new strategy…


Instead of hustling 7 days straight – I’m going to take one day off to learn, study, refocus and grow.


I’ll report back. Soon.

He went shopping for a suit. And found one. It was $10K. 


He put it down. And bought something cheaper. Much cheaper. 

Five days later, he was dead. 

And we buried him in the $10K suit.

I don’t know…

But that story always stuck with me. It fucks with me.

Screw money. And spread love while people can still feel it, man.


Today is his birthday. 

I wish I could bring him back to celebrate it.

I’d take him by the daycare to see his newborn nieces and nephews play.

But I’d also show him how the girls he messed with went astray. And how the best friends who claimed they loved him, walked away.

God, give me my cousin back for 24 hours.

I’d like to hit the liquor store, park, and just talk for hours. 

Show him how after you die, you lose your power. 

People forget about you after they give you flowers. 

Just the other day I saw your girlfriend with the dude you robbed with the pink Impala. 

I guess after you die, you lose your value. 

She cried at your funeral. And changed right after. 

Wish I could bring my cousin back for his birthday. 

I’d take him by the daycare to see his newborn nieces and nephews play.

But I’d also show him how the girls he messed with went astray. And how the best friends who claimed they loved him, walked away.

I mean…

When you first died, your best friends sat around your mother all day. 

But since your funeral, your mother said they haven’t come to check up on her in any way. 

And that’s a shame…

Because when you die, your real friends are supposed to step up to the plate. But you don’t got to worry, I got her. And I make sure she’s straight. 

Still it makes me question if the love was real or was it fake…

Out of sight, out of mind. I guess it’s true what they say. 

I thought love was forever, I guess that isn’t the case. 

First you die, then they bury you, then people walk away.

Wish I could bring my cousin back for his birthday. 

I’d take him by the daycare to see his newborn nieces and nephews play.

But I’d also show him how the girls he messed with went astray. And how the best friends who claimed they loved him, walked away.

I’m sitting right here, eyes full of tears. 

Never thought that pain would last this many years. 

One thing I learned from all this, life’s real. 

Rep your name until I die that’s how I feel.

If I could start from scratch…

I’d tell my cousin to stay at home for his birthday. 

Rest in peace.


Happy birthday big bro

Tej Dosa
7:16 PM
Vancouver, BC


She asked, “Where do you see yourself fifteen years from now?”

I said, “Retired.”

She laughed. I wasn’t joking.

She repeated the question. I replied with the same answer. She didn’t like it.

“OK… Where do you see yourself five years from now?” 

“Owner of a multi-million dollar business that is going to retire me.” 

She gave me a dirty look. I was being honest.

The interview went on. My answers got better. She seemed to like them more and more. I had all the credentials she was looking for and then some. She was impressed. I didn’t get the job.

Her exact words were, You are delusional and incapable of living in the real world. You will never make it in life. You need to be realistic and stop living in the clouds.” 

I took her insults with a smile. But she kept going. Bashing me. Insulting me. Demeaning me. It was getting harder and harder to smile. She hurt my pride. I bit my tongue. I didn’t feel resentment. I liked the lady. 

In fact, I felt sorry for her. I saw pain in her eyes and sadness on her face.

I thanked her for her time and left.

My mom asked, “How did the interview go?”

“It was motivating.” 

I was broke and unemployed.

The years have passed, life has changed, and the world is so much better now than it was back then.

I guess I told you all the above to say this…

The above was my last ever job interview. I haven’t needed a job since. 

In other words…

You deal with naysayers by making them eat their words.

Tej Dosa
10:12 pm
Vancouver, BC

I was nervous. And afraid. 

I dropped my bags in my room. Then stepped outside.

Put the key in the hole. And twisted it.

This was going to be home for the next half year.

I soaked it in. And the realization left me dazed with excitement and terror. It was the perfect blend. I’d drink from this fountain every day if I could.

Then I walked. And walked. And walked.

Until the sky above me turned from blue to grey. 

I knew I had to document it all. 

So I put my limiting beliefs away.

Walked to the bookstore. And picked out a new notebook.

Then I found a tree.

Under it, I sat.

And opened the notebook to the first page. It was unfilled.

No different from my life. At this point, I had a lot of dreams. But I didn’t really have much going for myself. Needless to say, I was struggling. And afraid. 

What’s worst is I didn’t have anything to say…

Or I did, but the first page of a new notebook is always too intimidating. And words can never do it justice…no matter what they say. Trust me, I’ve tried.

And so I did what I always do to get over the hump. I like to purposely ruin the first page of a fresh new notebook with a horrible illustration.

And so that’s what I did.

Sitting alone…

Under a tree…

During a breezy summer evening…

In Southern California…

I drew…

The trajectory of my life…

And the decisions I made…

Hoping one day I would look back at this drawing and say…

“This was the moment I broke free from society and decided to live life my way.”

I set a challenge to kill the old me. Ninety days passed. I fell out the sky. Face hit the pavement. Blood gushed out. The challenge was a huge success.

I now live my life in six month intervals.

Every six months I want my life to change. More money. More adventures. More happiness. More joy. Less stress. Less worries. Less fears. Less limiting beliefs.

Do you want the same?

I bet you do.

Here’s how to make it happen:

a. Don’t set goals. Set themes. 

Every 30 days should be directed towards a particular theme. Maybe your theme is health. Maybe your theme is wealth. Maybe your theme is relationships. It doesn’t matter. Pick one theme in need of improvement. Yep just one. And focus on it for at least 30 days.

b. Define your process 

I hate to-do lists.

I hate looking at my calendar and seeing a bunch of things I have to do.

I’d rather only see one thing. And that’s why for the purpose of these challenges, I encourage you to set just one process. Pick one activity that would have the biggest impact on your life. Only one.

If your theme is health. Maybe your one thing is working out every single day for 30 minutes.

If your theme is wealth. Maybe your one thing is spending time on sales and lead generation every single day for 4 hours.

If your theme is adventure. Maybe your one thing is doing something new every single day.

It doesn’t matter. Just pick the most important process.

c. Set your duration 

Will your challenge last 30, 60, or 90 days?

Set the time. You are the boss.

d. Get a calendar  

Go to Walmart or Target. And pick up a calendar.

Put it up next to your bed.

On the right hand corner write your monthly theme. Then below it write your one process.

e. Win the day 

Now you should have an empty calendar staring at you.

It’s your job to fill it up.

How do you fill it up?

Do your process every single day. Once you do, put a big W for the day. The W stands for Win.

f. Review & track your progress 

At the end of the 30, 60, or 90 days you have to conduct a review.

Grab your notebook and analyze your area (theme) before and after.

Then pour a glass of whiskey and toast to your progress.

g. Repeat and keep setting challenges for every area of your life

If you’re not growing, you’re dying. Every month you need to be climbing.

If you set one new challenge every month for the next six months…

You’ll have achieved more than you ever thought possible.

More money. More health. More happiness. More adventures.

You can have it all.

But you have to start challenging yourself today.

Tej Dosa
7:34 pm
Vancouver, BC

Observation of the week – 

Nobody has it figured out.

We’re all just mortals, travelling towards shiny objects with blurred vision.

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Lesson of the week – 

Blending reality: To be happy now while having a strong vision for the future.

Books I’m reading – 

The Code of the Extraordinary Mind by Vishen Lakhiani 

The Silva Method by Jose Silva 

Practical tip – 

Touch email once.

If you open it, reply. 

If you’re not ready to reply, don’t open it.


  1. Drink water first thing after waking up. 
  2. Take one freezing cold shower every day. 
  3. Meditate. It will rewire your brain. 
  4. No one cares about you.
  5. People care about how you make them feel and what you can do for them.
  6. Everyone desires to feel important. 
  7. Expressing gratitude makes you happier. 
  8. Money is just a tool. Use it. Don’t be used by it.
  9. Race is a man made construct. 
  10. Life has no meaning…until you give it one. 
  11. Visualizing your ideal life makes it come faster. 
  12. People want what they can’t have. Give them a small taste. Then take it away. 
  13. One consciousness: If I hurt you, I’m hurting me. 
  14. Don’t die where you were born. Travel. 
  15. College turns you into a robot. 
  16. Experiences over possessions. 
  17. The world doesn’t owe you shit. 
  18. Stress comes from giving too many fucks. 
  19. Hug your mother. 
  20. Put those you love in positions of power. 
  21. If you got it, share. 
  22. Life is controlled by our models of reality and daily systems. Change one. Change life. 
  23. Growing old is the best possible outcome. Why do we fight it?
  24. Everything you use was made by people no smarter than you. 
  25. The harder you work, the less money you make (not a typo).
  26. There is no difference between a person who cannot read and a person who doesn’t read. 
  27. Don’t take Tylenol to numb your hangover. 
  28. Listen to your gut. It senses danger before it happens. 
  29. If you hear something too many times, please don’t ignore it. 
  30. Business is all about trust. And trust is like glass. Once it shatters, it can’t be put back together. 
  31. You are nature. 
  32. Sometimes you have to lose it before you can appreciate it. 
  33. Either you’re growing or you’re dying. 
  34. We make our beds. 
  35. Cover your webcam.
  36. Life is sales. 
  37. Increase your value. Increase your wealth.
  38. Give roses BEFORE funerals.
  39. Only purple cows get remembered. 
  40. I don’t know anything. 
  41. You get what you deserve.
  42. Life is beautiful if you know how to live it.
  43. Value yourself based on your character instead of your bank account. 
  44. Journaling allows you to see and terminate destructive patterns in thought.
  45. Everything depends on your self image.
  46. Life is a movie. Every day we are recording.
  47. Don’t eat watermelon before bed.

The following excerpt is from the book titled, The Code of the Extraordinary Mind by Vishen Lakhiani.

We start our lives strong; as children we learn, grow, and change at an exhilarating pace. Yet for most people, once they graduate from college and start their careers, that growth slows down and eventually leads to a creeping, boring stagnation. 

If you were to draw this as a graph, it would look something like this:

But what if we changed the definition of life from the drawing above to the drawing below:

Notice the shift from the slow, steady growth to irregular, up-and-down growth. Different, right? What if life was not meant to be safe? Instead, what if it was meant to be a beautiful joyride, with ups and downs as we take off the training wheels of the culturescape and try out things outside what is practical or realistic?

What if we accepted that things will go wrong – but that this is simply part of life’s beautiful unfolding and that even the biggest failures can have within them the seeds of growth and possibility?

Our culturescape evolved to keep us safe – but in this day and age, we no longer need to fear tigers by the riverbank. Safety is overrated; taking risks is much less likely to kill us than ever before, and that means that playing it safe is more likely just holding us back from the thrills of a life filled with meaning and discovery. 

Give me the thrill and excitement of the unsafe, rule-breaking, dogma-questioning life anytime over the boring unfolding of a safe life.

Make a million dollars. And don’t tell anyone.

Build a school in Africa. And don’t tell anyone.

Give to the less fortunate. And don’t tell anyone.

Chase your dreams. And don’t tell anyone.

Travel the world. And don’t tell anyone.

Cross out your goals. And don’t tell anyone.

Jump out of planes. And don’t tell anyone.

Move to another country. And don’t tell anyone.

Buy your dream car. And don’t tell anyone.

Feed the hungry. And don’t tell anyone.


I know.

We live in the social media generation.

Everyone wants to tell everyone, everything.

But I’d much rather fill up the pages in my journal. And burn each page once the ink dries.


Living for the approval of others is a waste of life.

Who cares what you think.

Who cares what I think.

Live for yourself.

And don’t tell anyone.

Tej Dosa
10:18 pm
Vancouver, BC

It took me three months to make $100. 

That’s just over $1 a day. And I was working 10-12 hours.


Most people would think so. And they did think so. I heard it all. From the snarky comments, telling me to get a real job to the deceitful laughs, poking fun at my unfulfilled dreams. This continued for six months or so.

Then it took me an entire month to make just $500. 

That’s $16 a day. And I was working 10-12 hours.


Most people would think so. And they did think so. I heard it all. From the snarky comments,  asking me if I was insane to the deceitful laughs, ridiculing the lack of success before me. This continued for three months or so.

Then it took me an entire month to make just $800. 

That’s $26 a day. And I was working 10-12 hours.


Most people would think so. And they did think so. I heard it all. From the snarky comments, labelling me to be delusional to the deceitful laughs, belittling my decisions. This continued for two months or so.

Then it took me an entire month to make just $1000. 

That’s $33 a day. And I was working 10-12 hours.


Most people would think so. And they did think so. I heard it all. From the snarky comments,  telling me to give up already to the deceitful laughs, piercing through my insecurites. This continued for one month or so.

But still I persisted (even though at times I wanted to roll up in a little ball and quit).

And then…

Something strange happened.

All the knowledge, all the skills, all the hours invested into doing the same thing, over and over again accumulated and I kicked down the door.

The very next month I made $7523. Then $12392. Then $15231. Then $23020. And this number kept going up and up every month. There was no sign of it slowing down.


Most people would think so. And they did think so.

The same ones who hated were the same ones who congratulated.

Yet I took it in stride because I knew I wasn’t better or smarter or more talented than them or anyone else for that matter.

The only difference between me and them was…

I didn’t mind working 10-12 hours a day to make only $1.


Because I was never working to make $1 a day. 

I was working to learn the process, the skill, and the game. Once I mastered it, I knew the world would open up. And it did.

Lesson: Most people want to make five figures a month (or more). But they don’t want to earn $1 a day (or zero) to make it happen. It belittles them and they think it’s disrespectful to earn that little so they quit.

And truthfully…

I don’t blame them. I understand where they’re coming from. It is belittling. It is disrespectful. It is soul crushing.

But it’s necessary.

And that’s because it separates the winners from the losers.

In other words…

If you can make it through those days, you’ll make it. Period.

Tej Dosa
10:22 pm
Vancouver, BC