The Simplest Definition of Business…


I don't know why these confused you. Maybe it's Silicon Valley's fault... Maybe it's WallStreets fault... Maybe it's my fault... Or maybe the thoughts running inside your brain are to blame. I don't know. But business isn't complex. It's quite simple. And here's the most simplified process I know: Obtain a product/service to sell Locate a market for that … [Read more...]

Did it bite you…yet?


I don't know how I became me. You weren't supposed to be reading this article. And I wasn't supposed to be writing it. Not just this one... But everyone. I had a plan. I had a career. I had a comfortable life. Or at least... I could have. But somewhere between birth and death, I got bit with ambition. The poison swept through my blood and attacked … [Read more...]

Why I Live My Life Backwards


It was an uninviting coffee shop. The walls were dark. And I didn't see any COME IN WE'RE OPEN signs. But I pulled the handle and walked in anyways. Two men were inside. Neither of them resembled the man I was here to meet. I ordered a French Vanilla. And sat down. He showed up 20 minutes late with over sized thumbs crunching the small keys on his … [Read more...]

18 Gems I Collected From Meditations By Marcus Aurelius


1. Be the same in all circumstances - intense pain, the loss of a child, chronic illness. 2. When you wake up in the morning, tell yourself: The people I deal with today will be meddling, ungrateful, arrogant, dishonest, jealous, and surly. They are like this because they can't tell good from evil. But I have seen the beauty of good and the ugliness of evil, and have … [Read more...]

5-Bullet Friday

Observation of the week - Inaction is more painful than action. Blog posts you may have missed -  The Dark Side of Human Nature - Success brings both beauty and pain. Don't bloat. Keep your head down, deal with it, and keep hustling. PSA| 8 Cancers You Need To Avoid - If you're suffering from even one of these cancers, your chances of making it are slim to … [Read more...]

95% of People Won’t Do This, But Will You?


I used to wait until January 1st. There was something about starting fresh. I could forget about my past failures and mistakes. Put up a new calendar and start from day one. And I did. On the 1st of January... I'd hit the gym. Hustle for 12 hours. Write nonstop. Life was good... ...for about two weeks. Then I'd go back to doing the same shit. Watching … [Read more...]

Are You Abusing or Consuming?


It seems like it will never leave. And you'll be here forever. You breathe in. Soak in the environment. And let it out. Continue walking. One foot before the next. Down the beaten road with a million footsteps. Maybe you'll change the direction of your life tomorrow. Maybe the day after. Who knows. Who cares. You'll be able to get to it soon. Or at … [Read more...]

PSA | The 8 Cancers You Need To Avoid


People spend all their FREE TIME (myself included...some days): Complaining Gossiping Worrying Envying Hating Watching TV Doubting Partying ...and once their life flashes before their very eyes and death comes to claim them... ...they still have the nerve to wonder why they lived and died without turning their dreams into reality... Tej Dosa  8:26 pm Vancouver, … [Read more...]

The Dark Side of Human Nature


Human nature is dark. And success brings out the evil around you. Cliche. I know. True, nonetheless. People love seeing you struggle. People hate seeing you win. Everything is all good and well if you're achieving less than the people around you. But... Achieve more success than the people around you. And see what happens. Stack a little more money. Buy a … [Read more...]

5-Bullet Friday


Thought of the week -  The only thing I know for sure is... I don't really know anything. Blog posts you may have missed -  How to Embrace Change - If you're having troubles adapting to the different currents of life, give this a read. I haven't watched the news in years so maybe you can answer this question for me: Is The Sky Still Falling? They tell me to … [Read more...]