Best $100 I’ve Ever Spent


It was a cold December evening on the dark side of town. I was on my way home. As I walked, I almost stepped on a homeless woman. She was stretched out on the curb. Hopeless, I thought. I felt sympathy; it was Christmas time and she was clearly alone with next to nothing. I had just spent the day hustling. No I wasn’t selling drugs; I was helping my uncle sell some … [Read more...]

Don’t Die With Your Tunes Still Inside You


It's a cloudy Saturday morning. The sun is beaming, but the clouds keep it from reaching the people. A black Lincoln town car moves through the somber streets. Barely anyone is out yet. The world is still tucked inside their homes, cherishing the little time they get off from work. The Lincoln town car is followed by a hearse. It stops at a red light. Two … [Read more...]

9 out of 10 of You Are Going To Fail


(The conversation below is paraphrased) "You know 9 out of 10 businesses fail, right?" Asked the reporter. "Yes. I know" said Robert Kiyosaki, the investor, entrepreneur, and author of the Rich Dad Poor Dad series. "Then how can you advise people to start their own business? It's so risky." "It's true that 9 out of 10 businesses fail, I'm not denying that, but what … [Read more...]

How the Daily Practice Got Me Through My Lows


My life was a complete mess. My business was tanking, my business partner stopped talking to me, and my girlfriend just broke up with me. To make matters worse, my uncle had just died from cancer. All of this in a span of a few weeks. Complete hell. Waking up in the morning was a challenge. I'd lay there beneath the covers, until noon, not wanting to face the … [Read more...]

Life Is A Gift Disguised As A Chore


"YOU'RE FUCKING CRAZY!" My ex girlfriend yelled as she proceeded to walk out the door. "Thank you."  "Ugh... That wasn't a compliment."  "It was to me." "Why?" "Because the goal was never to be normal."  ** I see normal every day and I hate it. 40 year old worker bees taking the train to work, looking miserable. Holding their briefcases, dressed in suit … [Read more...]

They Called Him Insane…


Scenario 1 "Hey dude, you used to be a really dope painter, what happened? Why did you stop? ...What do you do now?"  "I am an accountant." "What the fuck? Why? ...How did that happen?" "Well my friends from college kept getting real jobs and I was just chilling, painting. So I decided to get a real job too. I don't find accounting really interesting. It's pretty … [Read more...]

How to Live Life Like a King


Exactly four years ago, I quit my job. I've had enough. I stacked enough dough to get me through the next six months. The rest I'd figure out on my own. Was I scared? No. I was fucking terrified. ** Fast forward to October 1, 2014. ** I woke up with a smile. The sun was beaming into my room through the drapes. It was a warm fall morning. The … [Read more...]

I am a fraud.


Something weird happened today. My alarm clock was set for 8 am, yet I rose at 6 am. I had a weird feeling. I went straight to my computer, opened up Microsoft Word, and began to write. Not a blog post, but a book. But the fucked up thing is, I didn't know what the book was about. I saved the file as "mystery book" and just decided to write. Free flow I was … [Read more...]



"I'm looking to hire top notch killers. Killers who go for what they want and destroy everything in their way to get it." The words uttered by a self made millionaire over dinner a few weeks ago. Killers kill their way to success. They rip shit up. If you want to become better with women, more successful in business, or create an extraordinary life, being a killer will … [Read more...]

How to Build an Armor Against Rejection


A beautiful brunette girl with light brown eyes stood across the bar. It was time to make the move. I walked up to her, introduced myself, and put my hand out expecting her to do the same in return. But...she didn't. In fact, she did nothing. Complete silence. Complete dismissal. REJECTED. Straight head shot. Did it hurt? You bet. Did my heart rate … [Read more...]