Sitting For 5 Hours = Smoking 24 Cigarettes


The pain went up my spine and touched my neck. I was broken. I broke each and every day by spending all my time sitting on a chair. Sure, I was working and grinding. But I was sitting for the entire day. The only time I got up was to use the washroom or to go eat. It fucked up my joints. It fucked up my posture. It fucked up my health. For awhile I was getting shit done like … [Read more...]

How To Use Simple Math To Make More Money


I contemplated cutting class all morning. But I sucked it up and walked in. Sat down, opened my notebook, and closed my eyes. It was going to be one of those days. Or at least it would have been. But then, it hit me. And I left the class with fish eyes and a burning desire to apply what I had just learned to make a shitload of money. And that's exactly what I did. And that's … [Read more...]

22 Lessons From 22 Years Of Life


1. It's okay to have a lot of goals. It's not okay to chase all your goals at once. 2. Don't like your external world? Change your internal world. Start with your thoughts. 3. Only eat with those you starved with. 4. Stop caring about what other people think about you. No one is thinking about you. 5. Use EV (expected value) to make better decisions. 6. Experiences > … [Read more...]

Forgive Yourself


I closed my eyes for a very long time. I saw glimpses of a life half lived. I reopened my eyes and tore out a new piece of paper from my notebook. I labelled it, "I Forgive Myself For..." I wrote. I wrote. I wrote. I wrote it all down. My shortcomings and my doubts and my flaws and my weaknesses - I left no stone unturned. Then I ripped it. And tossed each piece … [Read more...]

5 Bullet-Friday


What I'm listening to - Make time for reflection each day. See what you did wrong. See what you did right. Music can put you in the right mood. I throw on this song and it takes me places planes could never go. New blog posts you may have missed -  Thoughts on Fear - Fear is something we all have to live with and control. It can help you or it can destroy you. It's … [Read more...]

A Diary of a Broken Man


I wrote a fiction book about the trials and tribulations of a life full of love, betrayal, terror, heartache, and pain. I never finished it. In fact, I only wrote 1000 unedited words. Then life happened. And I forgot all about it. Below are the first 1000 words. The rest remains unwritten. - A Diary of a Broken Man February 24, 1989 5:11 pm Abuja, Nigeria I looked … [Read more...]

How To Measure A Man


He murdered 3,000 people. He filled the streets of America with cocaine. He brought terror to the city of Medellin. His name was Pablo Escobar. And he reminded me of something I had forgotten, something I had lost, something I didn't know if I would ever get back. I was watching Narcos - the Netflix series about Pablo Escobar. I watched Pablo climb the ranks from a poor … [Read more...]

The 3 Lessons I Learned From The Elderly


I would greet him every time I saw him. He would lift his hand in response. He never spoke a word. I didn't either. My sister told me he was going to die. Then, the doctors stopped visiting him. The nurses stopped talking to him. It was his time, they said. He died two weeks later. Alone. It was the summer of 09. And I spent it roaming the halls of the retirement home with … [Read more...]

Thoughts On Fear


I don't know much. But I know a little. I know fear only breeds and lives through inaction. The only moment you feel fear is when you are stationary. A man in action cannot feel fear. Fear only comes when you see the lion. And you wait. It does not come when you run from the lion. Adrenaline takes over. Not fear. Sure, you may feel fear after the fact. But fear only lives … [Read more...]

5 Bullet-Friday


This is the first of many 5 bullet-Friday's - a list of what I'm enjoying, thinking about, or working on. It's more for me than you, but maybe through these 5 bullet-Friday's you can find resources to help you lead a healthier and more productive life. What I'm reading - Lessons From My 20's is one entrepreneurs take on everything he learned in his twenties on life, … [Read more...]