How You Can Change The World

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The following article is extracted from Entrepreneurs Journey 

I thought it really drove home the point of how YOU can impact the world and in return change it for the better.

I turn it over to Yaro now…

“Today I bring you the completion of my series of articles on how you can manifest positive change in your life.

A warning, if you’re looking for strictly business or marketing advice, the usual theme of articles on my blog – this series isn’t about that.

Creating positive change in your life can certainly include financial success, but this article goes beyond material wealth. It’s not for everyone, but if you want to improve your life and the world in general, read on.

This, the final chapter in the series, delivers what I believe is the most important message when it comes to global change. This is about how you as an individual are the key to creating change way beyond your sphere of influence or awareness. This is about how you are interconnected with everything and every other person on the planet.

You don’t live in isolation and while you spend all day creating your own reality, all other forms of consciousness on this planet are doing the same. In simple terms, what you create and change impacts what other people create and change. We allco-create change every day and it’s critical you become aware and understand how much of an influence you have, especially on those around you, and vice versa.

If you don’t understand the interconnectedness, then whenever you attempt to make change that includes elements outside of you – like other people – you’re going to run into resistance. Knowing why this is, how to operate in a world where you are not alone and there are conflicting motivations, is absolutely critical, both for your own happiness and for global evolution.

This series up to this point has been about creating the changes you want in your life coming from a fairly single-minded point of view. It’s been all about you. Although at times it’s vital you understand that helping others helps you, in the end the reason we do this is to make ourselves feel good.

The goal of self improvement becomes even more important when we come to realize that improving oneself is always dependent on improving the lives of others. Eventually, when you spend enough time focused on your own self development you will realize that the only way you can progress further is by helping others. To give becomes the only way to receive.

Where Have We Been

Before we move on it is necessary to recount where we have been in this series, in particular focusing on the fundamental principles necessary to create the change you desire. Here is a recap of the steps and concepts required to manifest positive change in your life.

  • 1. Repeat processes until you have a result. In order to improve and learn what does or does not work, you must continuously practice. Repetition leads to outcomes and those who truly succeed understand that it was because they consistently repeated a handful of core things over and over again that they earned the result.
  • 2. Become aware of your ability to interpret the world in any way you choose to, and then choose the empowering viewpoint. Self awareness is about watching how you think and adjusting until you have mastered the power to choose the best viewpoint in every given situation. Your decision to be and think positive is entirely up to you – and only you – no matter what the physical world circumstances dictate. If you want change for the better, start by thinking better.” – Yaro Starak

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