How I Changed My Life By 365% In One Day

The title is a lie. I just put 365% because it’s the first number that came to mind. Whatever. That’s irrelevant.

What is relevant is I try to change my life a little bit each week. Change my life by 1% each day and in a year that’s 365% of change. But sometimes I get fed up. Small habits create change. I know that, I believe that, but sometimes it sucks to wait. By sometimes I mean all the time. I’m not a patient person. I’m like a two year old baby, I want it now. If I start a company, I want to sell it for millions of dollars now. If I meet a hot girl, I want to take her home now. If I write this article, I want you to read and comment on it now. I hate waiting. I hope paradise or heaven or whatever doesn’t have a waiting line.

When it comes to changing my life, I’m no different. I want to see the fruits of my labor today. I want to implement new habits and see results immediately. It doesn’t usually work like that. You can’t really change your life in one day. But I can and I did.

If you want to change your life immediately, you have to do just that, you have to change your life immediately. Bold action is the only thing required. You have to hop off the old train and get on the new train and never look back. The trajectory of your life will be changed forever.

Here’s what I did to hop on the new train and change the trajectory of my life forever:

1. I went through my contact list in my phone and deleted every single person who ever brought negativity into my life.

By negativity I mean a bunch of things: gossip, hate, holding me back, laughing at my dreams, smirking at my ideas etc. I went through my mental framework and if a name brought back bad memories, I just deleted the number. Gone. Over. Peace. I deleted relatives and close friends. If I receive a text or call from an unsaved number, I don’t answer it. I’ve been receiving texts from unsaved numbers all day. I don’t reply. Hopefully they get the hint.

It’s kind of an asshole move, I admit it, but I don’t know man, that’s what I did.

My contact list went from triple digits to double digits. Low double digits.

I clearly need to make new friends now. If you want to be my friend, email me. Jokes. I probably won’t reply.

This step is scary. Every number you delete is like saying goodbye. It hurts. You feel it in your chest. But you got to do what you got to do.

First it hurts, but soon you begin to feel better. You feel lighter. You can finally see and touch your wings again. The wings the negative people clipped. Each number you delete grants you the ability to fly higher and higher. I’m going to use my wings to fly to the top of the world, I’ll meet you there.

2. I brainstormed 15 new streams of income

I hate jobs.

I’d rather die than work a 9-5. I wish that was a joke. It’s not.

I’ve only hand a legit job for like three days. I regret it. I regret those three days. I should have quit on day one. I smelled like fries for longer than I should have.

I like being an entrepreneur, but I don’t know if I’m really good at it.

I don’t know if I’m good at starting companies.

I try to do things I’m good at.

I’m good at building multiple streams of income. That’s what I like to do.

I like freedom. It’s my highest value so I brainstormed new income sources. If you want, I’ll share with you those 15 ideas in another article.

This step changed my life because now I’m no longer dependent on one stream of income. jobs suck because you only get one source of income. Being an entrepreneur usually means you only have one source of income as well. If the well dries up, you’re done. I don’t like to be done, I like to float in the water, not drown.

The average millionaire has seven streams of income.

I want to get paid in fifteen different ways. I want to generate a thousand dollars from each stream and stack $15,000 a day.

Making a few million seems hard. Creating something that makes you $1000 a day and then doing it fifteen times over seems a little easier.

Some people are good at creating one thing. I don’t know if I’m good at that. I have a habit of starting a bunch of things, automating them, and then relaxing. Maybe it’s because I’m lazy or maybe I just suck at growing things. I don’t know.

But what I do know is I don’t want to punch a clock. I don’t want to have one source of income (e.g. salary) and get called into the bosses office and find out I’m being let go.

That’s a horrible position to be in.

That’s why I brainstormed 15 new sources of income.

If I lose one hub, at least I’ll have fourteen more.

I’m good at managing my time so I’m good at doing this. The takeaway message from this is threefold.

A. Quit your job if you don’t like it

B. Do stuff you’re good at

C. Brainstorm new ways to generate income so you can become free, free to live where you want and how you want

3. I went to a busy street and I talked to random people

I sometimes suffer from social anxiety. I don’t even know if it’s anxiety.

It’s not even that bad. I love people. I’m not anti-social or anything. I’m actually very extroverted.

But when I was 12, my first cousin got murdered. He got shot ten times. I saw his dead body. I couldn’t recognize him. My hands started shaking. I couldn’t control them. Ever since that day, the tremor in my hands has stayed with me. It’s slight, but noticeable. People think I’m on drugs, I’m not. I don’t have the courage to tell them where the tremor stems from so I just let them think what they think. I don’t do drugs, alcohol doesn’t count. I just get nervous around people sometimes and my muscles tense up and my hands develop a tremor. It’s embarrassing. Sometimes the water in my glass spills because my hands are shaking that much lol.

Overcoming this issue of anxiety by taking small steps is cool, but I want to kill anxiety today so I took a bus to a busy area and just started talking to a bunch of people.

It felt good. Really good. I felt magic. I think I may go do it again after I publish this article.

Takeaway message: Do something dramatic that gets you out of your comfort zone. You will feel magic. Then keep raising the stakes as each day passes and you will feel more magic. Soon your entire life will be magical and you will be a wizard.

4. I wrote and sent five thank you letters

When’s the last time you received a letter from someone?

When’s the last time you received a letter from someone telling you how glad they are to have you in their life?

Probably never because the great, Kanye West did in fact say, “People never get the roses while they can still smell them.”

I wanted to make sure the people in my life got a chance to smell the roses while they are still alive and well so I wrote five letters by hand and shipped them off.

Send five letters today to five different people who you love and celebrate.

It will make their day.

I like making people’s day because it makes my day. I think if you write five thank you letters, it will make your day as well.

5. Made a commitment to eradicate all the toxic things in my life

I flipped to a new page in my notebook and titled it, Things I Need To Stop Doing.

The list consisted of the following: drinking alcohol, spending time with negative people, watching porn, waking up late, sleeping late, reading self help books, sitting at a desk all day, tweeting, gossiping, cheating, lying, leading girls on and some other things I’m too ashamed to mention here.

I made the decision to stop doing the things on this list. I feel much better about myself already.

6. I deleted all my social media accounts

Technology ruined my life.

If the first thought you have when you see something cool is “OMG I NEED TO TWEET/SNAPCHAT/FACEBOOK/INSTAGRAM THIS.”

Technology ruined your life too.

Going to dinner and Instagraming your food for a bunch of people to see who you don’t even really like is so pointless. I don’t get it. I don’t like having to check my phone every two minutes because I got a notification telling me Bob from Pittsburgh re-tweeted some dumb thing I just posted. No offense Bob. It’s not you, it’s me.

So I deleted everything.

If you had me on Facebook or followed me on Twitter, you may have noticed you can no longer find me.

If you want to stay in touch with me, just email me at so I can read your email and not reply. Ha.

I deleted the Facebook page and twitter page for WTPOLA too. Maybe I shouldn’t have done that. Maybe that’s a bad business move. Whatever. I just wanted to get away from technology.

It feels good to see something cool and enjoy it with my own two eyes without constantly feeling the need to grab my phone and tell people who don’t even care about it.

Life is simpler and more enjoyable without social networks…at least for me.

7. I made the decision to love myself

If I had one wish, it wouldn’t be wealth. It would be if we could just love ourselves because everyday it seems like we kill a million dreams and everybody is on different teams.

I wish I could take credit for what I just typed, but I can’t. Those words are actually lyrics to a rap song that has been stuck in my head all day.

To be honest, if I had one wish, I would probably wish for McDonald’s to deliver. That would be my wish. Pretty pathetic.

But nonetheless, I made a decision to love myself, respect myself, and to put myself first.

How do I do that?

I just repeat, “I love myself” all day long.

That’s it.

I read it in a book one time. Love yourself like your life depends on it. Amazon it. Check it out. Short and interesting read about a dude who overcame depression, bad health, and shitty relationships by just repeating, “I love myself.”

8. I decided to stop trying to live like it’s my last day and instead start living like it’s YOUR last day

Self help books tell you to live like it’s your last day.

What the hell does that even mean? Beats me.

Does that mean you chase after every pretty brunette and confess your love?

Does that mean you piss on your bosses shoes?

Does that mean you spend all your money on strippers and booze?

I don’t know. It would be awkward if you did all that and then it wasn’t really your last day. That’s the problem. Statistically speaking, it’s probably not going to be your last day and you know that so you can’t really act like you’re going to die tomorrow.

At least I cannot.

But what I can do is I can act like it’s your last day.

It’s everybody else’s last day.

Whether it be the mailman, the homeless person, or the cashier ringing up my groceries.

I act like it’s their last day on earth.

I try to make their last day special.

They’re going to die today, what can I do to improve their last day and make it memorable? That’s what I ask myself and then I try to do it.

Sometimes that means just smiling at them. Sometimes it means cracking a joke and making them laugh. Sometimes it means paying for someone’s food because they forgot their wallet at home.

It doesn’t matter.

Only thing that matters is it puts me in the right framework to respect and love everybody.

In the end, that’s all that really matters.


Here’s a joke to make you smile:

A child asked his father, “How were people born?” So his father said, “Adam and Eve made babies, then their babies became adults and made babies, and so on.” The child then went to his mother, asked her the same question and she told him, “We were monkeys then we evolved to become like we are now.” The child ran back to his father and said, “You lied to me!” His father replied, “No, your mom was talking about her side of the family.”

I hope that made you laugh. I hope that improved your day by 1%.

If so, I’ve done my job.

Thanks for reading. I appreciate you more than you could ever imagine.

Peace and love.