I Confess…

I confess that the shit that I’ve posting recently has been sub par at best. In fact, most of it has been material from the past.

The truth is I was busy engaged in other ventures so I neglected this blog.

Now I’m back and better than ever.

I’ve got new experiences, new stories, and new tips you can use to transform yourself from ordinary to extraordinary.

I’m tired of uttering the same generic advice so I vow to deliver fresh, practical, and informative advice that you can actually put to use right away.

I will only preach information that truly fucking matters, information that actually creates change instead of giving you a motivational high that disappears in twenty minutes.

It’s time to take this blog and your life to the T-O-P.

Before we do that, I just want to bring your attention to the new rules that I will be following when it comes to blogging…

1. I will only post articles when I have grade A content to share.

I will not be posting every single day.

I mean, I will try my best to post every single day, but if I don’t have anything superb to spread, I will not waste your time with generic bullshit.

If you want generic bullshit ass advice such as “follow your passion” or “If I can do it, you can do it” go elsewhere. Right now. Be gone.

Filling your mind with generic advice doesn’t do you any good…because you’ve already heard it so much that it has lost its meaning.

Therefore, I refuse to write mediocre posts full of mediocre advice.

2. I’ve noticed that stories create change so I will for once put myself out there and will share more of my personal stories.

I’ve been hesitant in the past to fully expose myself and my stories, but I am hesitant no longer.

Shit’s going to get personal.

3. Everything posted from here on out will be raw, real, and to the motherfucking point.

Blunt. Honest. Raw.

The qualities that will make up each and every post.

If you’re not with these new rules, thank you for the time you spent on WTPOLA and I wish you luck on your future endeavors.

If you’re with it, I will see you next time.