Dale Carnegie: 5 Ways To Make People Like You

A vast majority of the quality of life one has is dependent on the quality of relationships they have. Life is all about making connections with other people. A person can have all the success in the world, but still feel like a great chunk is missing if they do not have meaningful relationships.

Seeking quality relationships should definitely be high up on your list. Not only do solid relationships create a great support system, but they also make success more likely in certain professions as the old saying goes, “It’s all about who you know.”

With that all stated, Dale Carnegie has been recognized for his tremendous work as he has written tons of books on the subject of human relations. His words remain true to today’s time as they did when he was wrote these books decades and decades ago. His books have remained on the bestseller lists for more than seventy years. Impressive feat by far so lets get to exploring his wise words.

Five Ways To Make People Like You

1. Do This And You’ll Be Welcome Anywhere 

“You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.”

People are interesting creatures. People are mostly selfish and they always want to be talking about themselves so with that noted you can truly use this to your advantage by always taking an interest in the other person. People love talking about themselves hence if you truly want to become a person that is admired by others you can accomplish this easily by genuinely being curious about others. The key word being genuinely. It’s quite easy to determine who’s faking it and who’s taking on a serious interest so be genuine. People have tons to offer so learn from them. You can learn from anybody and everybody so begin your quest to learn from everybody you meet.

2. A Simple Way To Make A Good Impression

“The way to make a good first impression is so simple that we sometimes forget it: smile. When you smile, people will feel that you are glad to meet them. They will feel accepted and get a good first impression about you.”

A simple smile results in others relaxing their guard as well as the other person getting all warm and fuzzy inside ha. So smile. Let it be known that you’re a kind and well hearted person. A simple smile goes along way. Flash em with your billionaire dollar smile that stretches ear to ear 😀 .

3. If You Don’t Do This You Are Headed For Trouble

The most important word to a person is their name so you need to make sure you remember their name. Since people put tremendous importance on their name you can truly become a likable person in their eyes by simply using their first name. Warren Buffett does a great job of this. He has even stated that he picked that up from this book. He has got even the hardest and toughest people to open up and sell him their companies and/or services by simply becoming a likable person by remembering their name.

A great way to make a horrible impression is by forgetting someones name so make sure you remember it.

4. An Easy Way To Become A Good Conversationalist 

If you want to become a great conversationalist you can accomplish this really really easily. The secret to being a great conversationalist is not about how well you talk, but how well you listen. It’s all about your listening skills. Like I stated before hand, people mostly just care about themselves so if you get them talking about themselves once they leave they will feel as if you two had a great conversation. So listen and ask questions regarding the other fellow and get them talking.

5. How To Make People Like You Instantly

The secret in making people like you right off the bat is you need to make them feel important and you need to do it sincerely. Everybody has the desire to feel important. Everyone wants to be a somebody and nobody wants to be a nobody so you should aim to make them feel important. A great way to accomplish this is to congratulate them on a job well done even when the job at hand was a small tasks. Get them feeling good about themselves and do it genuinely.

By following the five tips above others will greatly appreciate your presence and in return you will form much more meaningful relationships.