How To Deal With Hard Times

This post is going to be REALLY, REALLY LONG. I apologize in advance ha.

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This article is going to be broken down into two segments. The first part is going to explore how you can deal with tough times while you’re chasing your dreams. The second part is going to focus on how to stay motivated when you’re not seeing any results.

Part 1: How to deal with hard times

“The depth of your struggle determines the height of your success.”

Hard times are inevitable. You are bound to struggle in life. Life is not all sunshine and rainbows, but you already know this.

Life is like a game of cards, you are bound to be dealt with some horrible cards every now and then. There is no changing this. However what you should focus on instead is how you go about dealing with the struggles that life puts in front of you. Your reaction to these struggles will determine if you crumble or if you flourish.

However before we begin to focus on how we can overcome hard times, lets examine how hard times kill peoples dreams.

A lot of people let hard times defeat them. This is pretty normal in fact. The average fall victim to this predicament everyday. For instance, a death of a loved one usually leads to the average person giving up on his/her dreams because the death has robbed them of all hope. Chasing your dream is no easy task and hence hard times are known to crush the motivation that a lot of people started out with. This happens every single day.

Everyday someone gives up on their dreams because the hard times they were dealt with proved to be too much to deal with and hence they threw in the towel.

What I just explained is how the MEDIOCRE deal with tough times. You are not average and hence you will not deal with hard times the same way. The price associated with this method is too high.

Remember how I stated, your reaction to difficult times determine it all? Well if you’re reading this, chances are you’re not average. Instead you are destined for something much more greater. By putting in the effort to learn, you are showing the opposite signs of mediocrity. You are showing signs of greatness. Hence if you are chasing your dreams, you shall not fall victim to the same predicament that the average fall victim to.

Instead of letting hard times destroy you, you’re going to let hard times motivate you to achieve your dreams. We’ll get to how you can achieve this shorty, but before we do I have a question for you…

Have you ever wondered how some people rise above and succeed even though they were dealt with some horrible cards? Well the reason why these people succeeded regardless of their circumstances was because they learned how to channel their emotions in a constructive way.

You see, our actions are determined by the emotions we feel. The reason why some peeps never take action in life is because they’re not emotionally invested and hence they remain stationary.

When you realize this, you can begin to see things in a different light.

When you realize that your actions are the result of the emotions you feel, you’ll come to the conclusion that hard times are actually a blessing. The reason why hard times are a blessing is because hard times characterize you with emotion and these emotions can in return motivate you to achieve success if channeled correctly.

People that don’t struggle in life are rarely ever motivated. For instance, people that get everything handed to them in life (ie. kids of celebrities/billionaires) never really go on to succeed in life. Instead they just live off their parents success. The reason why this is so is because they never got the gift of struggle. And since they never struggled, they were in return never motivated to make a change and succeed.

(All this will make sense shortly. Just keep reading).

Hence you need to view hard times as a blessing. Think of hard times as a vehicle that can actually move you towards your dream.

Now the way you go about doing this is by doing the following…

You need to combine all the negative emotions that you’re feeling as a result of the hard times that you are currently facing and in return use these emotions as motivation.

For example, hard times are known to make people feel fed up. Although this may be viewed as a negative emotion, you can actually use this as motivation.

For instance, this feeling of feeling fed up with your current circumstances should motivate you to get on your grind and work harder than you’ve ever worked before so you can change these circumstances by achieving success in life.

The pain that being fed up brings to you can be eliminated by achieving your dreams. On the other hand if you give up, you’ll feel this pain forever.

Hence the emotions that hard times bring forth can last for a short while or they can stay with you your entire life. If you want those emotions to be short lived, you have to succeed. On the other hand if you want to feel down your entire life, give up on your dreams.

Hard times are just a test to determine if you are capable of succeeding. The weak will quit and the strong will continue. Which one are you?

What I just explained is the pain and pleasure principle. This principle states that we humans tend to take action that moves us away from pain and towards pleasure. Hence you can use this principle to get through the hard times.

All you have to do is associate massive pain to your current circumstances and associate massive pleasure with your dream. Therefore you’ll be inclined to take actions that move you away from your current circumstances and towards your dreams. Your motivation will remain strong.

Now that was just one way to survive hard times. There’s also another quite simpler method.

This method is centered around one question…

“What is your why?”

Why are you doing what you’re doing? Why are you chasing your dream? Why do you want to create your dream life? Why are you chasing greatness?

The answer to the main question above should motivate you to overcome any hurdles that are in your way.

In order to understand this concept, I highly recommend you watch this video: ET- What is your why? RIGHT NOW before reading the rest of this article.

So to summarize, hard times are going to occur, but you can get through them if you keep fighting. That’s all it really is, you can get through anything in life. You need to use what you’re feeling as motivation. For instance if the struggles you are feeling are a result of losing a loved one, use that feeling to soar you to new heights. Take responsibility to succeed not only for yourself, but for the loved one that passed away. They’re watching from above so march on. Don’t quiver, don’t shake, don’t fold, don’t break. Keep at it. You’ll eventually find the light at the end of the tunnel. Nothing worth having comes easy so if you’re going through hell, keep going.

That was the first part of this article, now we shall examine the second half…

Part 2: How to keep pushing on when you don’t see any results

Success is broken down into phases. The hardest phase is the beginning. This is where you will be put to the test. I like to call this phase the foundation phase because during this phase you won’t be seeing any results. Instead you’ll be expected to work non stop and remain motivated while not seeing any of the outcomes you desire. Hence this phase is also a huge test that determines if you have what it takes to succeed.

In order to illustrate this concept, I will be using the example of constructing a building.

If you look at any skyscraper, you’ll notice that it’s very high in length and is one dominating building. Lets label this success. This is what we want. This is what we desire. However the skyscraper doesn’t reach this status overnight. Just like Rome wasn’t built in a day, the skyscraper also isn’t going to be built in a day. Before the results manifest, the ground work has to be performed and the foundation has to be set which in return will support this massive building. If the foundation is not set, the ground will not be able to support the building.

Hence the first thing that those that go about building a sky scraper do is they begin with the ground work. They dig underground, they work on this for months and months. However you’ll never notice this when you’re looking at a skyscraper.

The same occurs when you are trying to create your dreams. Before you achieve success, you have to get the ground work right. This foundation phase is characterized with hard work and dedication, however the most important thing to remember is during this phase you won’t be seeing any positive results. Results will be very rare. Hence this period is usually the toughest because you’re doing all this work, but you’re not seeing any of it pay off.

However in order to overcome this you have to possess faith. You have to believe that eventually the results will come if you keep at it.

Alluding back to our skyscraper example, after the framework is done, the building is built. The building is the end result.

Hence your job is to be consistent and to keep at it and eventually the results will manifest.

This is true for any endeavor. Take this blog for example. It took a very long time before I started to see the results that I wanted. It seemed as if I was my only reader. I was writing for myself because in the early days, I had no readers. Nada. Not a single one. It stayed like this for quite awhile. However, I realized that this was the foundation phase and I would have to work without results. Hence I continued to pump out one article each day and eventually after the foundation was set, I began to attract readers.

From then on the results continued to come. However, if I had stopped in the early days when I felt discouraged because I didn’t see any results for months on end, you wouldn’t be reading this article right now.

So the moral of the story is you have to stick to it. Keep at it. Keep clawing away. Accept the foundation phase and put your nose to the grindstone so you can fully build the foundation which in return will support your success.

The foundation phases length is different for every endeavor, however it will eventually pass if you just keep working. Seeing no results can be tough, but if you realize that it’s only temporary, you should be able to muster up the strength to continue.

If you continue, you will eventually get pass this phase and you’ll eventually be granted with the gift of success. Consistency is key.

On a side note sometimes we become unmotivated because what we’re trying to accomplish is too big of a mountain to climb. Hence it appears to be very difficult. So what you should do is break that dream into bite sized chunks. This will make it much easier to accomplish.

Well there you have it. Those are my two cents on the matter. I hope you can take this information and use it to change your current circumstances/to stay motivated when the going gets tough.