Dear Adults…


Remember when we were kids and we would laugh?

I don’t think any of us thought life was going to move this fast.

One moment we had the world at our front door and the next second we got children of our own.

Throughout the years, we faced it all.

We saw ups. We saw downs.

We saw planes disappear and drones deploy.

We saw Suzzie get married and Uncle Ben get divorced.

The older we grew, the more alienated we became.

We lost something.

We lost the zest for life.

They told us to grow up.

They told us to be mature.

It was a lie.

I mean, how’s adulthood and maturity working out for you?

Did you “grow up” and lose the zest for life?

I know, I did.

In today’s world it seems like children are the only ones who retain the zest for life.

Children love life.

Everyone else seems to be just getting by. Going with the motions so they can retire the day by watching a rerun episode of Seinfeld.

What happened to you, my friend?

What happened?

How did life end up like this?

It wasn’t supposed to be like this.

Remember when you used to dream with eyes full of conviction?

Remember when you used to run out of bed before the sun rose because you were just that excited for life?

Where did that zest go?

Where did that person go?

Did he die?

He must have, because now look at you.

You’re scraping to get by.

Your face hasn’t seen a smile in days.

Belly laughs are a thing of the past.

You can’t even muster up the energy to get out of bed.

But you got bills to pay and kids to raise so you wake up, but you leave the little bit of zest you have in bed.

You walk through the motions.

Your friend asks you how you’re doing and you say “good.”

He doesn’t believe you, but he doesn’t investigate further because shit, he got problems of his own.

You’re dying inside.

You try to convince yourself you’re fine, but you’re not. The lifeless face in the mirror is not “fine.”

But you bury the thought in the depths of your mind.

You got bills to pay so you put on a fake smile, greet your boss half heartily, and turn on your computer.

You work…and work…and work.

But no matter what you do or don’t do, every day seems to be a replica of the day before.

Your life has become a movie.

A movie you started watching, but wish you didn’t because it’s fucking brutal.

Oh so fucking boring.

Zero excitement. Zero passion. Zero zest.

The next time a child does something wrong and you start yelling at him.


He still has the zest for life.

You don’t.

So maybe the child isn’t wrong after all.

Maybe you’re wrong…and you’re the one who has been lying to yourself all these years by saying you’ll reclaim the zest for life “one day.”