What Drug Dealers Can Teach You About Success

Let me start this article off by stating the obvious…

Drug dealing is bad and it destroys lives so you should never go down this path. Not to mention, it only ends with two options, prison or death.

However, be that as it may, it’s apparent that life is not all sunshine and rainbows. For some, when their back is up against the wall, the only viable option for them is to hit the block and serve the streets. I’m not here to judge, what I am here to do is shed light on how ex drug dealers/criminals have gone on to become serial entrepreneurs.

It’s important to realize that drug dealers are entrepreneurs in their own right.

They’re illegal entrepreneurs; however the same stuff that goes down on the street, goes down in every business venture as well.

From perfecting your product to dealing with competitors, there are tons of similarities between the drug world and the corporate world.

People such as Jay Z and Stephen French show us that the rules learned on the streets can be an asset in the corporate world.

As a result, put street smarts together with the ambition to succeed legally, and you have one hell of an entrepreneur.

Ironically, the same traits that make up a successful entrepreneur/dream chaser also make up a successful drug dealer.

Hence the purpose of this article is to get you to change your thinking. It’s time for you to see things for what they really are.

There are commonalities in everything, if you want to make it to the top; it’s time for you to take some pointers from big time drug dealers.

Below I characterize the traits that have made up the big timers. By ‘successful’ I mean folks who made a killing financially. Of course, their lives ended with prison or a violent death so again I’m not advocating this path, instead I’m just stating what you can learn from these folks as well as what you can use to increase the odds of seeing success in your own life.

Well let’s get to it.

1. Your product is everything

You could F everything else up, but as long as your product is top notch, you’ll be just fine.

The product is the key to success.

If you’re in business you know this, what you sell or the service you offer is what determines how much dough you rake in. If the people love it, you’ll rake it in.

If you’re not in business, you may not see the importance of this tip, but you should because you yourself are a product.

Every day you’re promoting yourself. Every time you meet someone, you are putting yourself out there for the world, you are a product.

If you’re a musician, your product is your music.

If you’re a comedian, your product is your collection of jokes.

You have to perfect your product. After all, it’s the product that makes people successful.

No drug dealer made it to the top by flooding the street with a half ass product.

If you’re a fan of the phenomenal TV show, Breaking Bad, think of Walter White and the ‘product’ he cooked up, that’s the level of excellence you need to strive for.

2. You have to beat out the competition

Successful drug dealers learned that an immediate threat to their dream was the competition created by other dealers.

Hence, they strove to eliminate the competition by resorting to violence.

Of course, you can’t nor should you do the same, instead you should learn the importance of beating out the competition…by busting your ass.

You’re not the only one with a dream.

There are millions of people just like you and it’s your job to take it to them, it’s your job to outwork them, to out compete them, to outsmart them.

3. In order to advance, you have to take risks

Every drug dealer that went on to become a king pin, took risks.

They in fact took major risks, risks that put their life on the line.

You need to do the same (to a lesser extent of course).

Realize that in order to make it to where you desire to be, you have to take risks.

Are you willing to fall flat on your face for your dreams?

Are you willing to take risks?

Are you willing to put your fears away and embark on the journey of a lifetime? 

4. It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it

Just like there are tons of dealers, there are tons of folks who aspire to be what you aspire to be.

It’s important to realize that it’s not what you do; it’s how you do it.

Success is only reserved for a select few.

Be strategic. Use your mind. Leverage yourself. Control your own ship.

5. Aspire to be the best

If you’re going to do it, do it.

If you’re going to devote time to something, you might as well become the best to ever do it.

It’s not easy to become a king pin, it took a lot of work, a lot of strategic thinking and planning was required and most importantly, execution was the key.

Regardless of what major drug dealer you read up on, you’ll learn that they all had the desire to be the best. They wanted to be at the top of the top.

You need to see things in the same light.

Don’t just be another mediocre person in your line of work, strive to become the best.

To put it simply and briefly, in a black and white world, you should strive to BE A VIBRANT COLOR.