Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson On How To Make Something Out Of Nothing

Photo courtesy of superstrong.ch

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is everywhere today, whether it be on the big screen or on your television set, he has truly perfected the grind. However, it wasn’t always like this.

There was a time when he was on the decline; there was a time when his life was characterized with failure after failure. Hence although he is a major icon today, there was a time when he was just another nobody with a dream.

But what separated him from the masses was he didn’t let anyone or anything get in between him and his dream.

His story is one of hard work, dedication, and a desire to become the best that he could be, regardless of what he was currently up against.

Study the greats and become great yourself.

Dwayne was no different from you and I, the only thing that made him unique was he made a decision to win.

His story goes to show that it doesn’t matter where you come from; the only thing that matters is where you are going. It doesn’t matter if you’re from the ghetto or from the suburbs, you got a dream? You chase it.

Making something out of nothing is hard, but it’s far from impossible.

Hence with that stated, below Dwayne Johnson gives his tip on how you too can create something out of nothing…

“In ’95 I had $7 bucks. By ’96 I was wrestling in flea markets for $40 bucks a night…to #25 on FORBES Top 100 Most Powerful. Some of you out there might be going through your own “$7 bucks in your pocket” situation. Embrace the grind, lower your shoulder and keep driving through that motherfucker. Change will come.”

Dwayne took $7 and transformed it into $70 million, if that doesn’t inspire you to get off your ass and make something out of yourself, nothing will.

You have to learn that success is a cruel process, it will take everything you have and then some, but you have to be willing to get bruised up, you have to be willing to take the hit.

If you never take the hit, you’ll never succeed.

You have to put yourself in uncomfortable situations, you have to swallow your pride and put your dream on the line.

If you’re going to do something, you have to go all in. Half stepping it will get you a half ass life.

The marathon of success has a lot of contestants at the starting line, however only a few cross the finish line, this is because only the strong and the bold flourish whereas the weak get stomped on and destroyed.

As a result, you need to be willing to die for your dreams; you need to be willing to put your dreams above everything else. You need a certain level of commitment…wait, scratch that, you need an insane amount of commitment in order to bring your dreams to the forefront.

It’s no accident that Dwayne is where he is today, everything he did was designed, he knew he was going to be where he is today far before it ever happened.

Hence you too need to possess a vision. You need to know where you are going and how you want your life to play out.

Most importantly, hang on to your vision especially when things are not going your way.

That’s what differs the kings from the pawns.

An average person would’ve quit and would have strove for something small if he/she was in Dwayne’s shoes. An average person would’ve never turned $7 into $70 million because they would’ve let the doubter within them take over, they would’ve gave in to fear and they would’ve never believed in their ability to create a major change.

Dwayne didn’t do this.

Although he was in a crappy situation, he possessed the mind of a great individual.

It doesn’t matter what your current circumstances look like, it doesn’t matter if you’re average or below average, make the decision to see things from the eyes of someone who is destined for greatness.

Every single day there is a question of what makes someone great and what makes someone average, people ponder this thought all day long, however they never face reality.

The reality of the situation is if you want to be great, you have to characterize your entire life with greatness.

You have to kill the pussy inside of you.

You’ve been a pussy for far too long; it’s time to be bold and great now.

Dwayne could have been just another mediocre person if he had thrown in the white towel when he didn’t see the results that he desired, however he was a man, he wasn’t a punk. He was going to make his dreams a reality or he was going to die chasing them. THAT’S IT, he didn’t have a back up plan. No plan B. Plan A OR NOTHING.

With all of that stated, you need to realize the following…

In order to achieve massive success, you have to first risk becoming a major failure.

The person that succeeds BIG is the same person who could have failed big.

Average people quit when they realize that the possibility of failure is so damn high, whereas great people realize that it’s a key component of the process.

Hence be prepared to fail. Be prepared to look like a fool. Be prepared to be laughed at. Be prepared to live on the edge of your comfort zone.

If you can take the criticism, if you can handle the doubts, and if you can deal with seeing no results for a while, you can and you will go on to achieve massive success in due time.

Keep the faith alive and keep pushing, every dog has its day. If you keep the fight alive, one day will be your day.