The #1 Thing You Must Endure If You Want To Be Great…

Before you can become one of the greatest to ever do it, you must first realize that greatness takes time.

No one becomes a legend overnight.

It takes decades of practice and dedication to your craft.

Before you can succeed, you first have to pay your dues.

Before you reach the top, you first have to start from the bottom.

It could take decades and decades to reach the top.

Therefore, the number one thing you need to endure in order to characterize your life with greatness is you need to endure boredom.

That’s right, boredom.

The race to the top is going to be boring. It’s going to be boring because greatness requires you to perfect your craft. Greatness requires you to spend countless hours perfecting a simple action.

Greatness requires you to do the same thing, over and over again.

“I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who had practiced one kick 10,000 times.”- Bruce Lee

Unfortunately, in today’s world it’s tougher than ever to become great because we tend to have a low tolerance for boredom.

With so much available to us, we are quick to find a solution to the boredom we feel.

Hence, the boredom that comes with honing a craft is the type of boredom that most people can’t handle.

They can’t stand doing the same thing over and over again, hence that is why people rarely go on to become great.

However, if you want to do away with mediocrity, you have to learn to handle boredom. You must make it through this stage because on the other side is where greatness resides.

You may not be doing the most exciting thing in the world, but if you want to become great at it, you have to perfect it.

Perfecting and honing your craft takes dedication.

Let’s face it, perfecting your craft isn’t all sunshine and rainbow. Don’t get me wrong, it’s going to be exciting at times, however you will get bored.

You will in fact feel like doing something else. You will feel like taking a break. You will feel like what you are doing is not going to pay off. You will feel lazy and you will procrastinate. But if you can continue to do what you do regardless of these feelings, you will in fact succeed.

You will succeed because the ones who are fit for greatness are the same ones who can pick boredom over activities that present one with short term gratification.

After all, it takes dedication to choose honing your craft over the party your buddy is throwing. It takes dedication to choose honing your craft over watching TV. It takes dedication to choose honing your craft over hanging with your boys.

Therefore, on this road to riches and finer things, you have to view your days to be investments.

What you do now, you will reap tomorrow.

If you just waste your time aimlessly, you will live an aimless life.

If on the other hand, you buckle down and you can handle the boredom that comes with working, you will in fact characterize your entire life with greatness.

A great example of this is Michael Phelps.

This dude makes it look easy when the time comes to shine, however you must realize that in order to make it look easy, he first had to dedicate years and years of his life to his craft.

During the prime of his career, he stated that he didn’t take a day off for five years. Not one day off. That’s five years of relentless work.

Every single day he would wake up and go hard.

Don’t you think he got bored with his routine? Don’t you think he got bored doing the same things, day in and day out?

You bet he did. But did he stop? Nope…and that is why he is great today.

So many people could go on to become great; however they stop when they get bored.

When their work no longer fuels them, they call it quits.

This is the wrong action to take because you must realize that boredom is a key component of the process. If you can’t deal with the boredom that comes with perfecting your craft, you will never succeed. It simply won’t happen.

(In order to further strengthen this message, peep this video, Robert Greene: 90% Of Your Actions Come From Boredom)

So the question that remains is…

Are you willing to endure the boredom, the struggle, and the downtime that goes into making an average person, great?